Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Women – Break Off the Chains and Arise! It's All About Kingdom Transformation!" by Katie Barker, Tweed Coast, Australia

For the last few months, the Lord has repeatedly been speaking to me about the importance of women arising and stepping into their destiny in God. I have felt a weighty significance of this time and the need for women to arise and take their place. The Lord has had me interceding for women to arise. Now more than ever before, God is calling His daughters all around the world to arise, as they have a pivotal role in the plans that the Lord has for their sphere of influence as well as for the nations of the world.

It's All About Transformation!

Recently, the Lord gave me revelation of the reason there is such a need for women to arise. One night, I was woken by the Lord and I began praying and seeking God's heart. Suddenly, an angel appeared in my bedroom. I knew he had a message for me and I asked the Lord, "Why is the angel here? What message does he have for me?" The Lord said, "It's all about transformation!"

I had an immediate knowing that what I had been interceding for, with regard to women arising, was linked to transformation. I then heard the Lord say, "Watch what I will do in this hour as women arise. Now is the time, now is the time, now is the time to arise."

I felt the Lord's heart that women awakening to the importance of their destiny, and stepping into the purposes the Lord has for them, is an important part of His plans for transformation of families, workplaces, regions and nations.

A Vision of Restrictions Breaking Off

I then had three visions, which I share below. In the first vision, I saw multitudes of women with molds or casings around each of them. These casings were so constricting and they were preventing the women from moving freely. I noticed they were also bland and dull in color. These casings were boxes society had placed them in and the lies and schemes of the enemy that had held back their advancement. They were also hindrances and chains that were restricting them due to the incorrect mindset they had of the importance of their destiny.

I then saw a great shaking and rumbling in the earth. I could see the ground shaking with great force. Suddenly, the casings around the women began to crack and break open. Casing after casing was breaking. As each casing broke open, the woman originally bound by the casing arose and stood with such authority, grace, joy and boldness. As the restrictions and hindrances were breaking off, the women were arising and taking a stand. They were arising with a level of authority and freedom they had not known before. As they arose, they radiated with color and life.

The Lord was showing me that multitudes of women across the world don't know their true value or the importance of their destiny. They are restricted from walking in the fullness of the plans the Lord has for them, as they have believed they are of little value and they don't feel they have, or can have, much impact. The Lord is bringing a shaking to the Body of Christ and this shaking will see multitudes of women arise. The shaking will remove mindsets and ways that are not in-line with God's plans or ways.

As women arise they will have great impact in their sphere of influence and this movement of women arising will effect nations. The Lord showed me His daughters will begin to see themselves the way He sees them. They will walk in a new level of clarity and revelation. The words they speak will reflect the change of their hearts and minds, as they describe themselves and their destiny in words that emanate worth.

They will realize the power of their prayers and intercession. They will realize the importance of what God has entrusted to them. Their head knowledge that told them they were of value, and their destiny was important, was now becoming heart knowledge, and this will ignite them to rise up in boldness to step into the next level of their destiny. The enemy's tactics of instilling fear, worthlessness and discouragement will no longer have a hold on them as they will rise up in authority to overcome the enemy's tactics!

A Vision of Angels Blowing Trumpets

In the second vision, I saw multitudes of angels blowing trumpets. They were announcing a call from Heaven for women to arise, to know the importance of their destiny, and step into their calling. All of Heaven seemed to be involved in sounding the call. I felt the significance and urgency on the call, as now is the time for women to arise.

There is such a great expectation for the plans the Lord has in store. The enemy is terrified of women awakening to the importance of their destiny and rising up to take their place, as he knows the impact this will have in the world. The enemy knows the transformation that will result.

A Vision of Women with Swords

In the third vision, I saw some women with swords, and these women had their swords held high and their swords were united. They were united in announcing the word of the Lord for women to arise. There was power in their united stand. They were united in carrying the Lord's heart to see women arise. They had the same revelation on the significance of this time in history. Their desire was to raise up many other women to understand their identity and authority in Christ and to know the importance of their destiny.

In the vision, I saw multitudes of women rise up behind them, women of all ages and from nations around the world. The Lord was showing me that there will be women across the world who will proclaim the word of the Lord on women arising. These women will lead the way in raising up multitudes behind them as the tactics of the enemy that have held women back are exposed, and the truth of God's heart is revealed.

Rising With Authority Influence

The Lord is calling women to arise to bring transformation to their families, workplaces, spheres of influence, region and nations. The rise of women will not be at the expense of men, for as women flourish in the Kingdom, men flourish too as they complement each other and both are needed. Every son and daughter needs to walk in the plans God has for them. Women are arising with a new level of boldness, perseverance and unwavering faith.

Now is the hour that women are arising with an authority influence that will transform societies. The Lord is raising up passionate women filled with faith who can bring forth God's purposes in the nations. These women will conceive the new move of God. If women begin to pray in accordance with God's plan for their family, region of influence and nation, we will begin to see God's plans manifest.

This is a time of awakening for the women of God. The Bible tells us of many women who transformed their world. Deborah was such a woman who was awakened to God's purposes and was used as an agent of transformation. In Judges 4, we read of Deborah, Israel's judge and prophet, who joined with Barak, Israel's general, to defeat the Canaanites. Deborah accompanied Barak in accomplishing God's purpose. Deborah brought restoration to her land.

Warrior women are arising like Deborah for this significant time. We are also seeing women prepared and positioned like Esther. These are obedient women who are being positioned by God to have impact, advance God's plans, and overthrow the enemy.

Daughter of the King, now is the time to arise. You are pivotal in God's plan to transform your area for His Kingdom. Arise in the power of His Spirit. Believe who you are in Christ and know the importance of your destiny. Exercise the unique gifts the Lord has given you and step into the calling on your life at this strategic time in history. Arise for this is your finest hour! It's all about transformation! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Katie Barker
Bring the Fire Ministries
Website: www.katiebarker.com.au | www.bringthefireministries.com

Katie Barker is the co-founder of Bring the Fire Ministries, along with her husband Aaron. They live on the Tweed Coast of Australia with their four children. Bring the Fire Ministries is about bringing revival fire to the nations. It is about ministering to others through the power of the Word of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Katie has a heart to encourage Believers into a deeper relationship with the Lord and see them walk in the fullness of their identity and inheritance in Christ. Her desire is to see Believers understand their Kingdom authority and position, use the spiritual gifts they have been given, and impact their areas of influence for the Kingdom of God. She also has a heart for revival and to see the Body of Christ united and awakened.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

"Australia Shall Lead in the Healing Of Nations" by Stephen Powell, Fort Mill, SC

The word of the Lord came to me saying, "Prophesy My son to the nation of Australia, for now is her hour to arise and shine as a global light for good, for shelter, and for the healing of nations. For out of the south of her land shall arise a mighty fire of healing revival which shall not be quenched as it travels north through the land. Lo, it has been resisted not once, but twice in this respect, but what I am bringing is an Acts 6 anointing which cannot be resisted, for My servants shall arise and speak forth the wisdom of God in the south to the north. They shall declare it as a trumpet to the north, and the north will have to listen and heed, because I, the Lord, will back these words coming from the southern prophets. They are My oracles, My mouth pieces, they will be My Moses and Aaron to the nation, for they will speak and prophesy and I, the Lord, will perform through their words. They shall herald the trumpet of God in Australia for a new day, a resetting of the clock of Heaven in this land."

Healing for the Nations

I see the Lord balancing this nation on a dial...as a plumb-line message emerges to turn the nation back into its proper alignment before God. I see the nation turning and burning with fire, even an unquenchable fire which shall come from the south, for out of this land will come healing for the nations.

"People have left, people will leave, and these are the leaves for the healing of the nations. It began here with My servant Alexander Dowie, and when he left and was released as that wind from out of the south, there came forth the anointing for the healing of the nations, and it will yet cycle back around from this place again, an anointing for the healing of the nations. It shall shoot into Asia, and it shall burn with a fire, and this fire shall rise in prophets and healers as they go forth, and they shall heal lands with fire to the north; but they shall also prophesy against the powers of the evil one that has ruled over lands to the north for many generations.

"But behold, I, the Lord, have declared that it is time to address the iniquity to the north and address the spirit powers behind it. For there is a people whom I will have for My Bride, cleansed and spotless and purified from these roots of deception, the demonic filthiness going back generations which is in these lands like latent webs entangling its people in iniquity. But behold I shall burn through these lands like unquenchable fires, and behold they will not be able to hold back this force from Heaven which I will release out of southern Australia, for it is healing for the nations, cleansing for the nation.

"I will cause crooked pathways to be straightened, even across the sea, for you will see that I, the Lord, visit the distant islands, and stretch forth My hand with authority, and in one day I change what you have not been able to change in all your prior seasons of toiling. You will see that I, the Lord, will change it even in a day. For you have endured fishing all night and have caught nothing in these waters for all your toiling. But behold I am releasing My word for strategic apostolic harvesting, for you, Australia, shall go out with My harvesting angels.

"You shall be My sent ones, and as sent ones you will go into places at strategic times, and in those times I will open to you the floodgates of Heaven to overwhelm the enemy in these lands. It will be My suddenly which I give to you, and it will be a blitz, a suddenly thrust upon the enemy, which he will not be able to scramble quick enough to counter effectively. Behold, I have determined harvest in these lands, and these harvesting winds will flow out of southern Australia. I am the Lord.

"Leaves for the healing of the nations, it's written in your land from the beginning. You are a balm, a people of healing for nations. You will be a part of healing Korea, hear My words. You will be a part of healing Europe, hear My words. You will be a part of healing America, hear My words. I will send soldiers out of Australia, armed for war, and they shall go into places which I, the Lord, will open up for them to go. They shall be a part of a coalition to fight evil in this day, and they shall be My soldiers on the frontlines of a conflict which I intend to bring healing through," says the Lord.

I Will Make You Famous in Your Day

The Lord says, "There is a healing angel to the north with a large sickle and he is waiting for the movement to join him from the south, and from the south will come the thrust which has been needed," says the Lord. "I have cultivated something in the south...a secret weapon for the nations.

"Get ready Australia, for I will make you famous in your day, Adelaide...you will be made famous in your day. It will be like the word which says that the Lord's name was made famous through Judea, Samaria, and all those lands as the blind eyes were opened, as the cripples walked, as those with epilepsy were delivered, and as the maimed grew limbs back in the glory.

"I have storehouses of Heaven full of creative supply for the working of miracles in this new day, a day of healing, a day of wonders, a day to capture the attention of all people groups, for from this place I will bring glory to the name of Jesus, even with great power and with great fame," says the Lord.

"Be prepared to leave, be prepared to lead, for these are the leaves of healing for the nations. Your preparation is almost complete. You shall be released in this day, you shall drop down the heavens over darkness and Hell itself in My world, and you shall be a stream in dry places. You shall be that healing I've purposed you to be." (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Stephen Powell
Lion of Light Ministries

Email: info@lionoflight.org
Website: www.lionoflight.org

Stephen Powell is an Itinerant Minister commissioned under Steve Toliver of "Abundance of Rain Ministries", and is an Associate Revivalist through "Fresh Fire Ministries" under Todd Bentley. When he was a teenager God began to visit Stephen in powerful encounters in the Secret Place during extended seasons of fasting and prayer which has released a deep and tangible anointing in his life! Stephen's passion is to perpetuate revival culture wherever he goes and continue to walk in greater demonstrations of intimacy, power and glory with Jesus! He currently resides in Fort Mill, South Carolina with his wife and four children, and serves on Todd Bentley's Senior Apostolic Board.

Stephen Powell's Itinerary:

September 20, 2017 (6:30pm)
Breakthrough Pennsylvania
Lake Erie Church
1565 West 38th St, Erie, PA 16508

September 21-22, 2017 (7pm)
Breakthrough Pennsylvania
Kingdom of Life Ministries
129 Park Ave, Lock Haven, PA 17746

September 23, 2017 (7pm)
Breakthrough Pennsylvania
The Great Island Presbyterian Church
12 W. Water St, Lock Haven, PA 17745

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Rosh Hashanah 5778: Heaven's Opening the Gate of Revelatory Knowledge" by Angela Greenig, Auburn, WA

As we are transitioning out of the Jewish year of 5777 (the year 2017) into 5778, one thing is for certain: the mandate is still very much about harvesting a culture of "revivalists" trained to hear the sound of Heaven. I hear Him say, "Come up here." But even in our ascent from earthly places to heavenly places, we must remain mindful of the crosscurrent outpouring from Heaven to earth. Heaven's vaults will be opened, pouring forth angelic assignments to the Body, and opening the gate of revelatory knowledge.

A Great Awakening
On Rosh Hashanah, the sound of the shofar blows. I saw a vision of a shofar from the viewpoint of Heaven, rather than on earth. I then saw the Lord with clouds all around Him, holding up the shofar. As the Father blows the shofar sound, I believe it is to announce that a Great Awakening has begun. I see tens of thousands of faces, old and young, and of every color and ethnic group. Just as sound waves move, we will hear the shofar blast and we will move with Him. Just as in Genesis 1:2, I saw God's ruach (His very breath of life and wind of His Spirit) being blown through the shofar, and a violent awaking is taking place. Church, rise up! This is our finest hour!
God has announced His verdict in the courts of Heaven; the petition has gone forth, and the orders will be executed on your behalf. God's people have journeyed to Bethel and Gilgal (Bethel means "a Holy place", and Gilgal is the Hebrew verb galal, meaning "to roll"). After Joshua had circumcised Israel, God said that He had rolled away the reproach of Egypt, and the place where He had done this was called Gilgal ever since (Joshua 5:9). Now God will execute judgment against Jericho, and will demolish all assignments in the natural and spirit that have kept His people bound in chains. Soon when you hear the shofar blast, you will shout and the walls of Jericho will come down. The walls of defeat, discouragement and doubt are coming down!

Keys for the Year 5778
When the shofar blows, many of you will feel a shaking on the earth, for He is shaking the heavens with a radical love that will reverberate from Heaven to earth. A revolution will sweep the lands, and you will be given keys for the year 5778. I feel there is prophetic significance in highlighting 5778 in two parts: 57 and 78. This is a year to storm the gates (57), and to tear down the false idols, false gods, and false religions of man (78).

I hear the Lord saying, "It is time, for I have blown open the gates to the cities. You will see a great revelation of My Spirit. What once held you back behind those high walls will come crumbling down as the shofar blows. The rubble from the tearing down of these walls will become a stepping stone into your freedom. Go and possess and enlarge your territory, for I have now taken back the land markers that the enemies encroached on and stole. I have called you for this hour, and I will open up new gates before you."
There are two passages of Scripture that are beautiful illustrations of what I feel the Lord has been speaking/showing to me:
The first is Genesis 28:10-19:

"Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Harran. When he reached a certain place, he stopped for the night because the sun had set. Taking one of the stones there, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep. He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

"There above it stood the Lord, and he said: 'I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac. I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying. Your descendants will be like the dust of the earth, and you will spread out to the west and to the east, to the north and to the south. All peoples on earth will be blessed through you and your offspring. I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.'
"When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, 'Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.' He was afraid and said, 'How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the Gate of Heaven.' Early the next morning Jacob took the stone he had placed under his head and set it up as a pillar and poured oil on top of it. He called that place Bethel."

The second passage is Revelation 3:7-13:

"And to the angel (divine messenger) of the church in Philadelphia write: 'These are the words of the Holy One, the True One, He who has the key [to the house] of David, He who opens and no one will [be able to] shut, and He who shuts and no one opens:
'I know your deeds. See, I have set before you an open door which no one is able to shut, for you have a little power, and have kept My Word, and have not renounced or denied My name. Take note, I will make those of the synagogue of satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet and make them know [without any doubt] that I have loved you. Because you have kept the word of My endurance [My command to persevere], I will keep you [safe] from the hour of trial, that hour which is about to come on the whole [inhabited] world, to test those who live on the earth. I am coming quickly.

"Hold tight what you have, so that no one will take your crown [by leading you to renounce the faith]. He who overcomes [the world through believing that Jesus is the Son of God], I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God; he will most certainly never be put out of it, and I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which descends out of Heaven from My God, and My [own] new name. He who has an ear, let him hear and heed what the Spirit says to the churches.'"

We have all gone through hardship, but it often prepares ordinary people to do extraordinary works for the King. Let's rise up and storm the gates and recover all from the enemy's camp.

Father, may we be that face in Your Shofar and as You blow, we get up and GO!
Till the End (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Angela T. Greenig
Angela Greenig Ministries International

Email: angela@angelagreenig.com
Website: www.angelagreenig.com

Angela Greenig is a seasoned seer/warrior for Jesus Christ and a leading force in deliverance ministry. Her teaching and insight comes from years on the front lines of spiritual warfare, with a heart of welfare for the salvation and deliverance of people. Angela and her husband Larry call Washington State their home, and since Washington consistently ranks as one of the most unchurched states in the nation, they are very aware of the desperate need for Christ in their region and abroad. For over 30 years Angela has been responding to the needs as a defender of the faith and a voice for those who have no voice, traveling the world, preaching, and training the Body of Christ. Throughout her travels, Angela has built and contributed to ministries in multiple cities across North America and nations throughout the world.

Angela Greenig's Itinerary:

September 23, 2017 (6pm-10pm)
Ezekiel 37 Church
1175 W 11th St, Tracy, CA

September 24, 2017 (All Day)
Folsom Street Fair
Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA

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Friday, September 15, 2017

"Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Fires & Floods: Is This Judgment?" Doug Addison, Los Angeles, CA

We are praying for people all over the world who are suffering right now. The earthquake in Mexico, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, fires in the western United States...and across the earth, there is a sense of anxiety about terrorism and violence.

People are asking me if there is a prophetic message in it all. My answer is that this is not judgment, but the birthing pains of a coming revival that is going to be the biggest move of God in history. It is upon us now and is already starting.

The enemy wants you to look at the storm and not God.

Let me encourage you though: Jesus spoke of this very season we are in. People have been expecting the Second Coming of Christ, but that cannot happen without the Billion Soul Harvest happening first. Let me show you in the Bible.

"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains." (Matthew 24:6-8 NIV)

These words spoken by Jesus are a direct reference to what is happening in the world right now. We are seeing catastrophic events of Biblical proportions. This is a time to be encouraged!

"Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." (Matthew 24:12-14 NIV)

A key phrase here is "the love of most will grow cold."

The end of the world is not necessarily going to happen the way we might think. Revival and the glory of the Lord is first returning to the earth.

What is important right now is that you are not in fear and you do not let your love grow cold. Keep the faith and trust God during this time.

On Christmas Day 2016, I heard God say to me that something new was being conceived in the spirit. It is now September, 9 months later, and the baby that represents this new move of God is going to be birthed. September is also the time of the Jewish New Year and the Day of Atonement, and God is releasing something new in this season. It is not the Second Coming of Christ in the way we might think.

Yes, Jesus is coming again, but first it is in a revival.
We are praying that God will open the heavens and release the floods of His Holy Spirit and the fire of His presence upon us all!

We are praying for the victims of all the recent tragedies and for repayment of all their losses. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)


Doug Addison
InLight Connection
Email: respond@dougaddison.com
Website: www.DougAddison.com

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug's message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerful, positively funny teaching style and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God's supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.

Doug Addison's Itinerary:

September 16, 2017 (2pm)
Beverly Hilton Hotel
9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
For more info click here

October 4, 2017 (6pm-7pm)
Spirit Connection Webcast
To join online click here

November 1, 2017 (6pm-7pm)
Spirit Connection Webcast
To join online click here


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Repost: “What I Learned From Kim Clement On Warfare and Worship” - Lance Wallnau, Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas

Kim Clement in Other Dimensions

One night I was with Kim at a meeting in Detroit and watched as he sat at the piano. Kim was a rare combination of "classic pianist" and "prophetic voice" with an uncanny word of knowledge. He was playing furiously (so furiously at times that there was blood on the keys), and on this night he seemed to sound like Chopin improvising a movie score for a battle scene. Little did I know that somewhere in the midst of this concert, his body kept playing but his spirit man was ascending up through a demonic realm that was screaming with agitation and protest. They were filled with terror that a redeemed saint was driving through their dimensional wall.

When Kim broke past this realm, he entered another dimension – a heavenly realm where he heard other languages that sounded to him like angels speaking in other tongues. We should remember that Paul said that "though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels" implying there is an angelic language. When Kim came back into his body, he finished up his prophetic concert quickly and turned the meeting over to someone to wrap up.

Seeing in the Spirit

What happened next was most unusual. He had ascended into a place where, upon his return, he could see everyone's spiritual condition superimposed over their natural man (hard to explain, but I will try). He looked at people and could see almost a three-dimensional projection of some quality about them that amplified what was developing in them spiritually. (Photo via Lance Wallnau)

For instance, on one person he saw large eyes, which spoke to him of great perception. On another the garb of a mystic or monk, implying some deep quality of spiritual depth. On another a wreath of thorns, which suggested to him they were giving into a spirit of false martyrdom because of rejection (remember Jesus bore the thorns so you don't have to).

He didn't want to speak so we quietly slipped off into a car. The snow had freshly fallen and the ride was remarkably quiet as the fresh blanket of white rolled under our tires. Suddenly, Kim lurched away from the passenger door and yelled, "What was that!? Something hit us!" We assured him that nothing had happened, as there were few cars on the road. For the first time, both I and another member of our team exchanged worried looks as we wondered what was going on with our friend. We drove on another 10 minutes and were shocked by what we saw as we turned into our hotel.

Police lights whirled amidst broken glass as an ambulance was busy working to tend to a wreck that had happened exactly when Kim heard it and thought our car was hit – 10 minutes earlier!

As Kim had been in a very different state than we were accustomed to, we gave him extra time to come join us for our traditional late night debrief in the hotel. When he came downstairs, he told us what he experienced and marveled that he was able to play the piano while seemingly being on a spiritual journey (remember Paul saying, "Whether in the body or out of the body only God knows"? see 2 Cor. 12)

I asked him if God showed him anything about himself and he said, "Yes, I was hardly expecting anything but as I went to splash water on my face, I looked and my features were altered. I had a large jawline and had to look twice." I suggested that this was because he was at that season in particular, demonstrating the voice of the Lord, and serving as a prototype of the Last Days prophetic community that Joel describes as a company of young "sons and daughters " who prophecy and elder folks who dream supernatural dreams.

Invading Realms Through Worship

It is interesting to me that this whole transaction took place while Kim was ministering to the Lord in worship. I believe that music and worship wrapped in prophetic intercession is about to go to another level for those who are pure in heart. You shall see God's realms and see others with God's eyes in a way you've never seen before.

It is the hour of the SEER in a new capacity. This will effect your job and career because God intends to take His people into the realm where we penetrate the power structures of nations and slice through the resistance put up in second heaven.

As Kim talked to us about the realm of second heaven, we explored further the area of spiritual resistance and demonic occupation. It seemed as if these spirits were shouting and shrieking that someone was invading their domain. They love to invade earth undetected but hate having traffic driven through their own courts.

Message to Warriors

Understand that the higher up you go on the Mountain of the Lord, the closer you get to your assignment on earth. The closer you get to your assignment, the closer you get to invading that second heaven realm of demonic resistance. Your job is to show up at the Gates of Influence in your assigned sphere. It does not matter that you are not well-known on earth at these gates. What matters is that you are well-known in Heaven. When that happens you will be respected in the gates.

Remember what the demonized said to the unauthorized exorcists? You would expect them to know who Jesus was, but they knew Paul also, saying: "Jesus I know and PAUL I KNOW, but who are you?" (Acts 19:15).

Now that Kim is gone it is inevitable that people will say, "What happened to Kim?" Well, I will tell you three things:

1. Kim squeezed more out of life and lived more fully and gregariously in 60 years than the average Pentecostal squeezes out of 90 years on earth. I mean that quite literally. (Photo via Lance Wallnau)

2. Jesus said, "I finished the work you have given Me" (see John 17:4). He did his assignment in 3.5 years of ministry and went to a perfectly timed departure at 33 years of age. While long life is a promise for the average Believer, God has specific plans for individuals that fall outside the norm. Martyrs for instance. The secret for all is to remember "life is a vapor" and we must "number our days."

3. When you depart you engage the next level of your heavenly assignment. The Government of Jesus is never ending: "...of the increase of His government there shall be no end" (Isa 9:7). We are all part of an eternally expanding building project. Many lives have two stages: on earth and afterward. Following Jesus ascension, the Holy Spirit was poured out and Jesus was multiplied. As Elijah went up the double portion landed on Elisha. This explains the mystical bond between martyrs and the expanding Church.

"Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone, but if it dies it yields much fruit" (Jn 12:24). When Stephen was martyred it was as if God said to the devil – "THAT ONE IS GONNA COST YOU." The next thing that happened was Saul got converted, and some would say that he took Stephen's place and wrecked 10-fold havoc on the devil. The same thing happened with faith healer John Osteen, as his son Joel Osteen was the unexpected harvest.

Likewise, Kim Clement was a Samson-type or Elijah-type. As it was said of Samson it will be said of Kim, "He slew more in his death than in his life" (see Judges 16:30); which is why I am chronicling these stories. I believe they will become a book and a vehicle to multiply Kim's impartation to the Last Days army of the Lord. Share this post as I'm talking to Kim's daughter about getting these remarkable stories out to you and others. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Lance Wallnau
Lance Learning Group
Email: lance@lancelearning.com
Website: www.lancewallnau.com

Dr. Lance Wallnau is a catalytic thought leader. An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, he is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains. He delivers his message of transformation with relevance, wit, and intensity.

Lance has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology. Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance's intuition inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action. His students represent a tapestry spanning nations and spheres: from CEO's and HBO comedians, to professors and pastors, to one of Donald Trump's winners of The Apprentice. Lance is dedicated to the task of meeting with principal leaders in key sectors to bring transformation to nations.

He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas with affiliate offices opening up in Europe and the Philippines. Lance sees patterns in the chaos and brings strategic focus for maximized outcomes. He believes that unprecedented economic, political, and social shaking will create extraordinary opportunities for leaders willing to climb to the top of their mountain, leverage the platform God has given them, and advance Kingdom interests.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

"The Doorway Stands Open Before You" by Daneen Bottler, Portland, OR

Recently, the Holy Spirit brought me into a vision of an open, grassy field with lots of wild flowers growing in it. Right in the middle of this grassy field stood this wooden doorway. It was made of a simple wood-frame and had a wooden threshold without a door attached to it. You could see from one side to the other, as well as all the way around it. There was nothing ornate or special about this doorway. It was very simple without any extra decorative features. I then heard the Lord say, "The doorway stands open before you. The threshold is waiting to be crossed."

A Vision of the Door on the Doorway

The vision shifted and I saw a crowd of thousands of people. All of the people stood together in this field and simply stared at the doorway; it was as if they were paralyzed in fear. Then after a couple of minutes, a some took a couple steps toward the doorway, but were hesitant to go any farther. A couple brave ones then managed to get up close to the threshold of the doorway, yet couldn't bring themselves to cross it and retreated back to their place in the crowd.

Many started to discuss the doorway. Some thought this to be a strange place for a doorway to be, so they didn't think it was a good idea to cross it. Some thought that its design was too simple to be of any significance, so they didn't want to bother with it. Others were scared of it and they thought to themselves, "I think this is a trick. The land seems to appear the same on the other side." Some decided that this doorway was too good to be true; they questioned, "How did it get here? What is its purpose? Who made this doorway?"

As these conversations and different kinds of thinking were working their way through the crowd, I watched as they created a big door that attached itself to the open doorway and then closed. The enemy had used their fears of the future, with unbelief and critical thoughts against them, by tricking them into creating a door to attach to and close the doorway, so that the threshold could not be crossed. The door on the doorway was of the crowds own making, and they were deceived into thinking that the doorway was now closed.

The Lord again drew my attention to the simplicity of the doorway. As I looked at it closer, I realized that this doorway was made of the material from the Cross, His Cross. As this realization hit me, I knew what this doorway was; it was the doorway of simple, yet powerful, mountain-moving childlike faith. It was rugged not smooth, simple not ornate, hidden yet revealed; yet once the threshold of this doorway was crossed, everything changed.

Childlike faith not only believes that the impossible is possible, but it trusts the Father without explanation and obeys the Father's voice with love as its motivation, not fear. It is not ruled by finite thinking or past experiences, it is not weighed down by the values or problems of the world, but it operates out of the realm of love and eternal perspective, while completely tied to a deep trust in God, a loving Father, who delights to give good things to His children.

The Doorway is Open!

I heard the voice of the Lord again, "The doorway is before you and it stands open. No man can close what I have opened. The threshold is waiting to be crossed. Cross the threshold."

This new move of God, this glory fire awakening that God is doing in the earth, is something we have never known before. The Lord is bringing us into new understanding and encounters with His nature. Our minds and mindsets need to be renewed by the Spirit. The culture of the day has begun to influence the way many see, think and feel, and the Lord is recalibrating us to see, think and feel as He does, and to bring us back to our first love. He wants to remind us of who we are, who He is, and the mission of seeing the earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord and being completely reconciled to His heart.

Be strong and courageous, beloved! Renounce any agreement with fear, unbelief or a critical spirit. It's time to step out of the crowd and cross the threshold into this new place with the Father. The land on the other side of the threshold is rich and bountiful, and it is yours to live in. You are invited to live in the realm of, "With God ALL THINGS are possible," and you are invited to walk in complete surrender to the Father just as Jesus did.

As you cross the threshold into childlike faith, you will begin to become the history makers – the ones who move mountains, raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons, discover new inventions and Kingdom solutions, and even change the course of nations. You are about to step beyond your limitations into His fullness.

Receive what the Lord is saying to you, "The doorway is before you and it stands open. No man can close what I have opened. The threshold is waiting to be crossed. Cross the threshold." (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Daneen Bottler
Ty and Daneen Bottler Ministries
Email: info@tyanddaneenbottler.com
Website: www.tyanddaneenbottler.com

Daneen Bottler is a recognized prophetic voice for this generation. She and her husband, Ty, serve as the Senior Associate Leaders at Father's House, in Portland, Oregon, where she also oversees the prophetic and prayer ministries. Her passion is to see the glory of God displayed through His sons and daughters walking in their God given power and authority, seeing transformation happen everywhere they go. She and her husband recently released the worship album, Revealed, which is a prophetic call for the Church to rise and shine with the glory of God. Daneen has had the privilege of speaking and ministering at various churches and conferences throughout the Northwest, lending her prophetic voice to bringing unity within the Body of Christ, and seeing His Kingdom come.

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Repost: “There Is a Harvest Coming Like This Earth Has Never Seen”– Prophesied by the late Kim Clement

Prophesied on July 11th, 2015 - From the Den:

For there is a harvest coming like this earth has never seen. There is a harvest coming to the remnant of God like this earth has never seen. There are a people about to arise and they arise from the wombs of women that have painfully sought the Lord in the womb; the womb that has been desecrated by the very legalism.

And God says, "The legislation of that which has said, 'We must destroy the children,' and he tried to destroy the children during the time of Moses but the Savior and the Deliverer arose. He tried to destroy the children during the time of Christ, but yet the Savior and the Deliverer arose. And even now as he has sought to destroy the children, there is the sound of deliverance throughout the earth. There is the sound of salvation throughout the earth."

God says, "They have desecrated the most holy place and that is the womb where there is a child. Yet these children shall be born in this generation and they shall arise," says the Lord,"and when they arise they shall take the earth by force and they shall bring restoration and they shall raise the dead and there shall be resurrection in their mouth. There is a remnant about to arise that will take the Kingdom and it's the best that's ever happened," says the Lord.

Highly Unusual, Extraordinary, Exceptional, Unimaginable, Unprecedented Favor

He spoke these words. He said, "This is what is in My head – highly unusual, extraordinary, exceptional, unimaginable, unprecedented favor."Do you want to know what's in the mind of God? "Highly unusual; I want to perform the things that I did over the centuries that for some reason My people have grown cold towards. When the Apostle Paul was in the upper regions of Ephesus, some highly unusual things began to happen. From his body, aprons and cloths began to heal the people."

Where is the day of unusual miracles? Where is the hour of the opening of the heavens and for God to pour out His light upon the earth? If you want that, lift your hands all over the world and raise up and say, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I hear the words of spirits: "What is this people speaking? Have we not stolen light and hope and vision? Have we not taken and stolen and here in the dungeons where we have gathered to celebrate a generation of people that are void of vision. And yet we hear the sound throughout the earth of people saying, 'We're taking it back.' And we are not allowed to do this?"

"What is that sound? The Spirit moves throughout the earth. My Spirit shall not strive with mankind forever. And yet I speak now – in this hour the rulers of this age shall do as foolishly as what they did in My day. Had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord on High. And when they touch you," says the Lord, "they touch Me."

He said, "I will do something unfamiliar in your house and when I give it back to you, that which was stolen, it shall come with seven times more than what it left with,"says the Lord of Hosts.

Prophesied on July 25th, 2015 - From the Den:

"I'm Taking It Back!"

The Spirit of the Lord says, "I hear what you are saying. I hear you are saying... you will take it back. But do you realize that I'm taking it back?" says the Lord. "It's not just you, but it is I that is taking it back," says the Lord.

"For yes, I've watched as the soil and the elements of this nation and the world have rebelled and said, 'We wish to erupt; we wish to shake.' And I have stopped them, for there has been one that I have stopped the latter part of last year," says the Lord, "that would have destroyed buildings all up the Pacific Northwest, all up the Pacific Northwest. But I stopped it. I said, 'No, you will not.'

"For there shall arise leaders that shall speak the truth in this nation and I will give them one more chance," says the Lord. "And because of that, I have extended My period of grace and I will remove from this office those who have corrupted the truth and lied and spoken to their enemies at the gate as if they were their friends. This has insulted Me," says the Lord.

"Therefore, I will give you peace, I will give you righteousness, and there shall arise men and women that shall pray in the White House and they shall bring the latter rain into this nation and onto the earth," says the Lord. "All I want you to do is shout and these walls will come down," says the Lord.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center

Email: hope@kimclement.com
Website: kimclement.com

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