Friday, April 13, 2018

"A Vision of Gemstones Available to Us" Michael Van Vlymen, Carmel, IN

These past few months, the Lord has been speaking to me of a need for His people to walk in greater measures of wisdom and revelation. The kind of revelation that is overwhelmingly supernatural and life-changing. The kind demonstrated by the patriarchs who've walked before us. The kind of wisdom and revelation of Biblical proportion. I believe that the Lord has been saying that we need this so that we might fulfill those things He has called us to do.

Unsuspected Interpretation

A couple weeks ago as I was speaking at a conference, people I was working with came to pick me up for breakfast. As I settled into the car and buckled in, they didn't pull away but rather sat there for a moment. They proceeded to give me the meaning and revelation of the dream I'd just had that night. As they had only just come to collect me, I had not even shared my dream or even that I'd had one. We spoke about this as we drove along, agreeing that we need to walk in the kind of revelation that Daniel had. We need to walk in the kind of revelation where we know the meaning of the dream before we even hear it. We agreed that this was a word for everyone and prayed it over the people.

"But as for me, this mystery has been revealed to me, not because of any wisdom that I have more than all the living, but in order that the interpretation may be made known to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your mind." (Daniel 2:30 ESV)

Vision: The Gemstones

Just several days ago, I awoke to find myself sitting in a very large open courtyard with a Bible on my lap, and I was getting ready to read from one of the prophets. There were people around me in the distance, but they were not really paying any attention to me. I looked down at the open Bible and saw ashes covering the pages. I thought, "How can I read this if it is covered in ashes?" I then brushed them away so that I could read. However, just as I started to read, a very strong thought came into my mind: "There is a gemstone here somewhere." I have always loved gemstones since I was a kid, so I got very excited.

I looked over the top of the Bible toward the floor, searching for this gemstone that I just "knew" was there. After a short time of searching the area, I found a small but beautiful gem, pale blue in color. I immediately thought, "There may be more." So I continued looking. I found another gem and then another, each more beautiful than the previous one. As I searched out these gems, I suddenly realized what was happening. As I would pick up a gem, another would appear in its place, sometimes even two or three or more. It seemed that the very act of finding the gem caused more to manifest right before my eyes.

It felt like I was set upon a trail as it were, finding gem after gem, each brighter and more colorful than the previous one and they seemed to also be getting larger. Joy overwhelmed me! I thought to myself, "Can I really take these? Is it OK? After all, there are other people around who also might like to have them."

I filled my pockets with these gemstones; my hands were also full. I realized that there was an endless supply and I could come back for more. I could hardly contain myself at my good fortune!

However, the more excited I got about these gems, the people around me in the distance began looking at me as if I was crazy. They could not understand why I was so excited and I could not understand why they could not see this treasure that was available to them to share in the excitement. I came out of the vision with the sense that I still had these gemstones with me and I waited on the Lord to explain this to me.

Revelation: Seek and You Will Find

The Lord told me the interpretation was two-fold. First, the need for the removal of the ashes was the Lord's appeal to us to remove what kept the fire from re-igniting. He longs to breathe upon the embers and rekindle our passion for His Word, but we must work with Him to accomplish this. Which leads to the second meaning of the vision. As I brushed off the ashes, this was reflective of my determination to keep the altar burning by refusing to allow the fire to go out.

"And they shall take away the ashes from the altar, and spread a purple cloth thereon." (Numbers 4:13 KJV)

The gemstones were symbolic of the deeper revelations inherent in God's Word. He willingly supplied them as long as I kept seeking them. Then, as I was diligent to honor the small things, they came in greater measure. Likewise, the more we lay hold of and remain faithful to the revelations we receive, the more they become foundational in our lives. Walking in revelation and wisdom enables us to become conduits through which God can carry out His will to minister to those around us, just like Daniel.

"And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones." (Isaiah 54:12 KJV)

"His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." (Matthew 25:21 KJV)

Finally, the people I saw who didn't understand my excitement were the ones who neither sought after, nor held onto the revealed Word. The ashes had quenched their passion and they seemed content to remain that way. Some were even resentful of my zeal and suspicious of the revelation. We must pray for those around us to hunger for the things of God, but they won't share in our excitement until they seek it for themselves. Seek and you shall find. Keep praying for them.

I believe the Lord is saying that if you have a desire to walk in wisdom and revelation like you never have before, He is making it as simple and as exciting as picking up gemstones from the ground. Get in the Word and allow Him to show you how revelation can flow and increase. Ask Him for greater passion for these things. Ask Him to re-kindle the fire and the excitement of your first love. Then watch it come to pass. Yes. This is for you! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

God bless you!

Michael Van Vlymen
River of Blessings International Ministries

Michael Van Vlymen is an author and speaker who teaches about the supernatural things of God. It's Michael's passion to share that everyone can learn to see in the spirit realm and walk in the supernatural. Michael travels the world sharing and teaching the revelation God has given him and equipping Believers to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Michael is the author of several books including "How to See in the Spirit" a best-seller on the subject of spiritual sight.

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