Thursday, August 10, 2017

"The Lord Says, 'Laugh at the Enemy'" by Wanda Alger, Winchester, VA

Unexpected Breakthroughs

I had a recent experience where the Lord broke through unexpectedly to highlight a key weapon in our arsenal against demonic attacks. This will be especially encouraging for those who have won battles in the past but have found themselves confronted with that same battle again. In order to move into the NEW TERRITORY that God is giving us, the Lord wants us to know how to respond to the accuser's attempts to keep us locked in our past.

I had been processing a situation with an advisor who began to question my intentions and motives with a situation. Though he was simply asking for clarity, I began to feel a pressure come upon me. I began to doubt myself and wonder if maybe I had done something wrong. It was a familiar feeling to me as I had similar experiences in my past where I felt hemmed in and caught in a trap that sought to disqualify me with accusations of wrong-doing. I began to feel those same fears of being caught in doing something displeasing to the Lord. I was so preoccupied by this sudden onslaught of confusion that I couldn't even hear what my advisor was saying until I heard him ask, "So, what do you think the Lord would say about that?"
At that moment, as I looked at him and considered his question, I suddenly let out a LAUGH. It wasn't premeditated – it just happened. Then, after another moment, it came again, only with great force and a deep sense of joy, relief, and victory from the depths of my spirit. It continued for a few seconds and it totally took me off guard! It also took my advisor by surprise, as well as my husband, who was sitting close by. I immediately felt something break in the spirit as I let out this laugh and could tell that the Lord was behind it.
Laughing Through the Battles

After I caught my wits and considered what just happened, I looked at my advisor with a smile and said, "I guess that's the answer to your question!" All I knew at that moment was that God caused a holy laughter as I was being falsely accused. The Lord was saying, "That battle is already over!" I felt a major victory through this break out of laughter.

"The wicked plots against the just and gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him, for He sees that his day is coming." (Psalm 37:12-13 ESV)

"He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision." (Psalm 2:4 ESV)

As many Believers are being called into new and unfamiliar territories, the enemy is trying to hold us in our past. He will bring back old baggage, familiar struggles you once overcame, previous battles you fought, all with the intention to keep you in constant turmoil, process, and defeat. These familiar spirits try to make you believe you are not truly free. When confronted with attacks, the Lord says to LAUGH!
You Are a Victor!

Because the enemy has no access to the true joy of the Lord, this is a powerful weapon to defeat his attacks. The only thing the enemy can do is MOCK, which is a counterfeit of God's JOY. When the enemy tries to make fun of you and even curse you, your response can be to LAUGH at his feeble attempts to make you a victim, when in fact, you are a VICTOR!
I believe this is a tool for us personally, as well as corporately. As we are being confronted with a spirit of MOCKERY in this nation, the sound of our JOY and our PRAISES can be powerful in dismantling the attempts of the accuser to defeat us.

Regardless of the mocking voices in media and news, we can lift up a sound of joy and victory knowing that the battle has already been won. When we respond in the spirit like this, the enemy cannot touch us nor can he ever defeat us.

Maybe THIS is that SOUND that is being prophesied over the Body of Christ in recent days. It is the sound of laughter, joy, victory, and praise from sons and daughters who know their King. It is the sound of laughter from His kids who are caught up in His presence rather than the enemy's pressure.
The next time you feel cornered or trapped, consider laughing at the enemy and see what happens. Rather than trying to defend yourself or entering into a needless battle that's already been won, perhaps the quickest path to victory will simply be – to LAUGH! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger is a recognized Five-fold Prophetic minister with Dove Christian Fellowship International and is on staff with Intercessors for America as a staff writer and editor. She ministers alongside her husband, Bobby, at Crossroads Community Church in Winchester, Virginia, which they planted in 1998 after serving in the central Shenandoah Valley for more than fifteen years. Wanda has been a worship leader and music teacher for many years as well as author of two books, Exposing the Religious Spirit in the Contemporary Church and Making Room for His Presence.


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