Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"A Season Marked by the Fiery Joy of the Lord Exploding in Your Life!" by Daneen Bottler, Portland, OR

As we step into August, we step in with exceedingly great joy! Over the next five months, from August to December, we will begin to undergo final preparations in our hearts and the positioning of the Body of Christ (the laborers), for gathering and receiving one of the greatest harvests that is going to be reaped on the earth.

New Realms of Authority

August will be a month where we come into new realms of authority as children of God. New realms of authority are realized only as new depths of intimate relationship with Christ happen. We will begin to see the Father do a special work of identity reinforcement in His children. The Lord gave me a picture of the foundations being shored up in the hearts of Believers. Some needed completely new sections of foundations set in to replace old and worn ones, while others needed reinforcements and new footings poured. However in every heart, in every son and daughter, there was a deep work happening. God is establishing His sons and daughters in the land and they are beginning to occupy.

The month of July was a month of discovery and exploration. As we entered into this new season of what God is doing, we started to explore the new land and territory we have come into and we began finding treasure in the fields that the Lord has already given us. These discoveries began to happen as many people experienced the breaker wave of the glory fire of the Lord. This was just the beginning. The breaker wave is the precursor wave to the sets of tsunami waves of His glory fire. This glory fire is a fresh and deep awakening in the Body of Christ to the very multifaceted character and nature of God, and it will come not just once, but in wave after wave until all things are transformed by His glory.

Awakening to the Awe and Wonder of the Lord – You Are Being Enlarged

As we went through the month of July, we saw the people of God begin to awaken to the awe and wonder of the Lord. They began to make the Lord their trust and in Him they discovered dreams and hopes, resources and promises that were not accessible before in any other season. Sons and daughters of God began to explore what the Lord has given them and they began to move into a place of possessing the land of the new season.

Now we enter into August through September, a time of occupying and settling into the land of the new season and transition into beginning to have authority and dominion over it. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Isaiah 54 where the Lord says:

"Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; strengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes." (Isaiah 54:2 NIV)

Our capacity and character are being expanded and stretched into His likeness at an accelerated pace. The Lord is expanding us in such a way that we might be able to sustain the accelerated pace of growth we are beginning to walk in and have capacity for the greatness of the harvest that is on the horizon. Fruitfulness comes after the land has been tilled, cultivated and watered. The Holy Spirit is coming to teach you how to extend your borders, break up the fallow ground, and cultivate the land. Stretching out can be hard at times and you might feel like you can't stretch any farther, but the Lord is saying:

Don't Quit!

"Don't quit, don't give up, lean into Me. For I am releasing over you a fresh measure and understanding of My joy, so that even in the stretching and the expanding, I AM your delight and strength in this season. There will be a knowing deep inside your heart, that as you are extending out your borders, as the very fabric of who I have made you to be is being stretched and expanded, I AM establishing in you new footings.

"I AM bringing you into new realms of authority and expanding your understanding of how to increase and multiply and how to bear fruit and reproduce Me into everything you touch. As this happens you will see things that appeared to be dead come alive and awaken to Me, Christ in you, the hope of glory. I will set you as a light on a hill and the kings of this world will be drawn to it, for they will see the bounty and richness of your land and want to know the way in which this transformation came about."

Fiery Joy of the Lord!

This season will be marked by the fiery joy of the Lord exploding in your life as you begin to respond to His voice and His leading. While the enemy has dispatched foxes to attempt to ruin the vineyard, the Lord will be faithful to reveal the places where they are hidden so that you can take them out. There is a new sound of rejoicing – a breaker sound that will shatter and thwart the plans and schemes of the enemy. This is the sound of joyful triumph that goes forth as you begin to see the transformation of the land from a place of barrenness and desolation to a land of fruitful bounty.

August is the month of turning. Set your gaze fully on the Lord, for He will sustain you. The wind of the Spirit is blowing upon you, the radiant face of the Lord is shining upon you. The Lord has anointed your head with the oil of joy and set the river of His refreshing and life right next to your tent for you to draw from. It's time to occupy, increase and multiply! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Daneen Bottler
Ty and Daneen Bottler Ministries
Email: info@tyanddaneenbottler.com
Website: www.tyanddaneenbottler.com

Daneen Bottler is a recognized prophetic voice for this generation. She and her husband, Ty, serve as the Senior Associate Leaders at Father's House, in Portland, Oregon, where she also oversees the prophetic and prayer ministries. Her passion is to see the glory of God displayed through His sons and daughters walking in their God given power and authority, seeing transformation happen everywhere they go. She and her husband recently released the worship album, Revealed, which is a prophetic call for the Church to rise and shine with the glory of God. Daneen has had the privilege of speaking and ministering at various churches and conferences throughout the Northwest, lending her prophetic voice to bringing unity within the Body of Christ, and seeing His Kingdom come.


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