Friday, July 7, 2017

"You Are Not Forgotten - I've Saved the Best for Last!" by Amy Meyer, Kihei, Hawaii

God says: "Not long from now, I will open the vats and cellars I've had you in. I know you thought you'd be stuck in there forever. I know many of you even thought I'd forgotten you, the words I gave you, and that I had passed you by and given them to another. I am reaching in; I am reaching into the depths of what I've cultivated in you.

"Wine is never meant to be left in the cellar permanently and neither are you. Yes, you have learned how to rest, to let go, to even let go of things I've given you. You have been stripped down to completely trusting Me, and now that you're completely stripped down, I can rebuild things My way.

Lay Aside Presumption and Follow Me with Gumption

"Nothing has been wasted. It's all been training and development, but now in this season, I am asking you to let go of the final fragments of what was – of your own efforts. No longer will My people do things for Me, but with Me. Sons and daughters, you are learning to adapt to My ways. You cannot cling to the old of what you know, thinking it is wisdom. What I desire is for you to always leap forward with childlike wonder and faith to receive what I am doing now, not yesterday. What you think you know is about to change, so remain pliable and excited. I want you always dependent on Me. In eternity, one does not age. Faith accompanies all who keep a childlike, flexible heart.

Expand Your Hearts and Expectations

"Are you open to what I have next for your lives? If the answer is yes, then I will come get you and usher you in; but you must be willing to take those first steps when I beckon you to come. Fear not the unknown – look at the new bright steps as opportunities.

"What do you want them to read about you in Heaven? You must choose to look at life from an eternal perspective. This 'playing it safe game' will get you nowhere. You weren't designed to 'play it safe,' you were designed to adventure out with Me, out into the deep and expand My Kingdom in the Earth! Return to the valiant warrior you are! You've had your time to rest from the battles of the past, now shake off the dust, scrape off the rust, and begin to move again! Ask me for My oil of ease. Let me lubricate your joints.

"A fresh, new wind which renews your youth is coming to you now. Take it and receive it by faith! It is not a feeling but a choosing. Choosing to embrace all that I am telling you, right now. It's time to get back in the game, My children. Sidelines are only for a break. I'm calling you back into the game!

"Come with Me, choose to enter in again! It's a new game with a new game board. All records of the past have been wiped clean – good or bad – you're starting anew, afresh, in this season. Now, give Me your heart and let's run again. I'm going to put in your spirit the joy to play again, but you must choose to engage first in order to pop this open. It's all waiting for you, just engage again. Stop waiting for it to come to you! Run out and embrace it. You know I've been calling you out on the field to play again! Rise up! Stir yourself and let's do this!

Renew Your Mind and Run Your Race

"Again, there is fresh oil, fresh vigor, and fresh energy as you engage. The scoreboards are clear and it's time to play a new game. Come on, let's have fun, the best is still yet to come. Look not at your age, for I am looking at your heart and faith. Surely that is what pleases Me. Act upon My promptings and I will back your faith, line things up, and take care of the rest. All I need are your steps of faith.

"Your race is still yet to be won. Set a new mindset, get back on track and embrace everything I'm calling you to. Not from an old mentality, but a new one. Seek Me, even in this moment, and allow Me to cast forth before You My vision and where we are heading together next. I love you! Time has not passed you by, for you are a well-aged wine, full-bodied and delicious to all who are about to partake of you next.

"I am uncorking you, so don't hold on to the cork and don't hold back! I know you've adapted to your familiar surroundings, but I am stirring you and shaking you! You're about to come out with an explosion! With a celebration! You will soon feel My hands wrapped around you, pulling you off the shelf and offering what I've cultivated in you, to My hand-picked guests.

"Be willing and go with Me, that's all I'm asking. Let Me hear your 'Yes' and see your vibrant beauty willingly flow into their glasses. The best is yet to come! Let's get this party started! My celebration is hitting the Earth! Come host with Me and serve up your best, for I have saved the best wine, for last! Yes, I've been saving you until now and the world is about ready to declare, taste and see just how amazingly good I am!" (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Amy Meyer
Thriving Culture and Meyer Ministries


John & Amy Meyer are the Overseers of Thriving Culture and Meyer Ministries. They have been ministering prophetically together for years and are both published authors. They enjoy seeing people discover the beauty and wonder of Christ and the assignments He has for their lives. They have a passion to help people prophetically navigate their journey through writings, teachings and art. They love to see people fall head over heels in love with Him in such a way that causes others to come alive with burning love that is tangible and contagious.


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