Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"A Gold Rush of His Glory is Coming to the Nations!" Ben Lim, Los Angeles, CA

Eyes to See

There is so much gold to be discovered. The earth is filled with His glory! (Isaiah 6:3) There is more of Jesus' beauty to discover compared to the fleeting darkness of this age. Where are our eyes turned to? Are we prone to searching for the dirt or are we intently searching for the gold?

The "Gold Digger" Anointing

We are in a season where the Lord is anointing us to be "Gold Diggers"! That's right: Gold Diggers! People who know how to dig. People who know where to dig. People who have the tenacity to dig. People who are willing to dig and bring out the best of the worst situations!

God is raising up people to be gold diggers. We must dig to find the mantles, the anointings, the things of God that are deep and hidden from the eyes of the public. Regular passersby may not see it, but because you're a gold digger, you will recognize a gold mine when you see it.

The Center of Discovery

Last week I went whitewater rafting for the first time with friends. Interestingly, we went whitewater rafting in the South Fork of the American River, which is near Lake Tahoe.

"The cracks, holes, and crevices of our lives are the perfect setting of gold fillings! The places of insecurity, pain, and the battle scars and war wounds of the soul, will be filled with the grace of God. It will be filled with God's gold of perfection."

We started our rafts off at Discovery Center. This was the exact place where the first gold miners accidentally found gold! This was where a simple man named James W. Marshall, accidentally stumbled into discovering this precious gold! In fact, he tried with all of his abilities to keep it a secret because he was consumed with his vision to create a large agricultural business. However, the news of this gold discovery soon spread fast. Very fast! It changed everything!

Here I am, whitewater rafting for the first time in the exact same place where gold was first discovered! Is this a coincidence? Definitely not! Here, the Lord began ministering to me and speaking to me about finding the gold!

The California Gold Rush!

The most famous quote during the boom of the Gold Rush was of a gentlemen named Brannan. He frantically scurried through the streets of San Francisco, holding a vile of gold, shouting "Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!" (Bancroft, Hubert Howe (1888), pp. 55–56.)

There is gold that is waiting to be found in the American river! There's gold in the rivers of America! There is gold waiting to be discovered in the rivers of the Holy Spirit! Where the rivers flow, the gold goes. Where the rivers flow, the gold and glory of God is! The Lord is flooding the rivers of America.

Every state in our nation will be flooded with the rivers of God's glory! The economy of Heaven is bursting forth through our entire nation! America, get ready! The rivers are about to flood gold!

When the gold was originally discovered, word spread quickly! Very quickly. Good news will always travel fast and far. This finding of gold brought around 300,000 people to the state of California in the next few years. People came from all across the world. People left everything in the hopes and search of this American dream. (Photo via Wikimedia)

The news articles and the good news of gold went across the oceans. People from the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), Latin America, China, Europe, and even Australia, came across the seven seas to find and try to discover this gold for themselves.

This sudden influx of gold and immigrants migrating to California, actually helped the whole economy of the United States! The United States began to prosper as California prospered. Even today, the nations are coming to California! The nations are still coming to find the gold and glory of God in this Golden State!

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from. This gold is for everybody!The glory of God is for everybody! Christ's riches are for everybody. Everybody and every nation is meant to have a part of this inheritance. This bursting of glory is meant to affect and prosper every single corner of the earth. There is a rushing of gold!

Dense Gold is Found in the Depths

As we were rafting, our instructor shared how gold will fall to the very bottom of the river. Because gold is so dense, heavy and weighty, it would naturally fall to the very bottom of the rivers.

The heavier gold would fall into the bottom of the streams and rivers, which could only be dug up by bulldozers or heavy machinery. It takes heavy duty equipment for the greater gold to be dug up from the foundations of these rivers. Many times, it would take scuba divers to properly take out the gold from these low places.

The dense gold falls and sinks into the cracks and crevices of the river floors. Gold will settle into any rough or irregular bedrock surface. Smooth and polished surfaces don't trap gold well. Potholes in the bedrock are the perfect traps for gold. Now isn't that something?

The greater glory is harder to find because it is hidden in the depths of the traps and holes which are the places of vulnerability, splits, breaks and chips. It is in these places of weakness that the gold loves to fall into!

The cracks, holes, and crevices of our lives are the perfect setting of gold fillings! The places of insecurity, pain, battle scars and war wounds of the soul, will be filled with the grace of God. It will be filled with God's gold of perfection.

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us." (2 Corinthians 4:7 NIV)

Seasons of Suddenlies!

"God is raising up pioneers who will travel and travail across all distances of difficulty, pain, and ankle-staking trials, to reach their God- given destiny and destination."

"When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from Heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting." (Acts 2:1-2 NKJV)

Get ready for the suddenlies! You may have been waiting for your whole life, but suddenly your breakthrough is arising. You may have been digging and digging for countless seasons of days and weeks, but suddenly, you will find the gold! Your suddenly will shift everything!

Boomtown San Francisco!

San Francisco was a small settlement of barely 200 residents, but it quickly blew up to a thriving boomtown of 36,000 people by 1852. In a short span of six years, this little town became hustling and bustling with pioneers from all across the world. San Francisco became the apostolic core and center of the gold mining pioneers.

Roads, churches, schools, hospitals; establishments began to be built. Business and commerce began to flourish as people gathered around the discovery of gold. People will gather around the gold. People will camp and gather around the glory.

You see, whatever you discover will bring hope to others. Your discovery, though it may seem small, minuscule, and insignificant, may just be the treasure that will attract all the earth. The gold on the inside of you and hidden on the inside of your communities, may just be what the world has been waiting for.

The Lord is wanting to build communities thriving with commerce and camped around the presence. The Lord is wanting to build sustainable cities which influence the nations and are thriving as hubs of trade of wealth, resources and ideas. The Lord is building communities upon the child-like revelation of discovering the wow, the wonder, and the awe of God. (Photo via Flickr)


God is raising up pioneers in this hour. Pioneers such as James W. Marshall, who is recognized as the original discoverer of gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. It all starts with one! God is raising up pioneers who will travel and travail across all distances of difficulty, pain and ankle-staking trials, to reach their God- given destiny and destination.

God is raising up pioneers who won't stop no matter what the cost. Pioneers who will blaze the trails and risk it all in the hopes of discovering the greatest finds of gold! They won't sleep and stop until they fully reach and possess their Promised Land. The Lord is releasing a pioneering spirit over you so that you can discover the gold in yourself, in others and in your region, to bring forth Kingdom transformation.

There is a gold rush coming! There is a rushing wave of glory that's about to sweep California, USA, and the earth once again. It's time for you to discover your gold! Let the gold rush in! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Ben Lim, Senior Pastor
His Way Life Church


Ben Lim is a dynamic Millennial leader, who currently serves as the senior pastor of His Way Life, in Koreatown, Los Angeles. He is the director of Open Heaven Cry, a missions and revival network, and is a highly sought out international speaker. He is the CEO of Ben Lim TV and is the author of the book Men of Valor. He loves to live life in the fullness as a son of the Most High.

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