Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"In a Vision a Voice Boomed Behind Me and Said: 'Choose'" by Shirley Seger, Maricopa, AZ


I would like to share with you a revelation that turned my life upside down and sideways.

In Revelations 3:15, Jesus said to the Laodicean church, "I would rather you be hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm I will vomit you out of My mouth." This verse always perplexed me until the day I discovered firsthand what it means.

As an executive at a major Hollywood studio, I had need of nothing. I was known to many as being on the "God squad" but my faith had become lukewarm over time through many compromises made in pursuit of advancement.

A Vision: "Choose"

One morning, I awoke to a vision: I found myself walking on top of a "lukewarm" fence that separated two entirely different ways of life. On the left side of the fence was a typical Hollywood party, full of glamorous people hobnobbing around a swimming pool, whom I thought I would like to meet. On the right were two people sitting by a body of moving water, peacefully sipping ice tea and reading the Bible. The body of water on the right captivated me, it seemed to pulsate with life and hummed a beautiful song. Flashes of stunning "pure" light danced atop its gentle waves.

Behind me boomed a voice, "Choose." I have since learned that our choices are spiritual commodity deeply coveted by both good and evil spiritual powers. At the time, my faith had become so numb that I didn't have a clue who was speaking to me.

Again the voice boomed, "Choose." Apart from a burning curiosity about the body of water, my choice seemed obvious. I wanted to join the Hollywood party. I prepared to jump off the left side, when a hand stopped me and said, "Look closer."

Suddenly the "glitter" faded and my eyes opened. I watched a beautiful young actor dive into the swimming pool. As he emerged from its depths, the water parted and I could see that this man was unaware that he was swimming in a sewer full of poison and death. I turned my gaze to a woman taking a line of cocaine, and as she inhaled her beauty melted off her face.

Life-Giving Water

My choice was now crystal clear. I leaped off the fence into the pure and life-giving body of water. What I experienced in that plunge changed my life forever. Fully immersed, I watched dark filth filter out of my arms and legs. The water penetrated my entire body, purging out the consequences of a lifetime of bad choices. Absorbed in the presence of Jesus Christ, I knew I'd never leave Him again.

When we fully immerse ourselves in God's ways, we find everything we need and desire. Lukewarm complacency and not accepting God's love and grace, rob us of power, love, life and liberty. The river of God's love and grace is available to every one who believes. Jesus prepared it for our restoration, healing and growth. It gives light, life and supernatural power to everything it touches.

If you're still on the fence like I was back then, take the plunge with God. You'll discover that the "glitter" will fade on the things of this world that only bring heartache and death, and you'll experience the pure love of Jesus Christ, a love like no other! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Co-Founder /CEO of, Shirley Seger is a seasoned creative specialist in entertainment program development and distribution network models. She produces the enormously popular half-hour talk show Everlasting Love with Patricia King. The show is in its 13th season of broadcast with over 500 episodes produced. While in Hollywood, Shirley worked to develop cable network strategies for MGM Studios and was mentored by leading entertainment industry figures who played key roles in the start-up of MTV, Sci-Fi Channel and the Football Network. Shirley's prophetic creative concepts spearheaded the formation of the New Media Division at MGM Studios where she created program formats on new and emerging technologies.

Shirley Seger, Co-Founder/CEO

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