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"When the Holy Spirit Comes in Like a Flood" Edie Bayer, Houston, TX


A Flood in My House!

Has your washing machine ever overflowed? Mine did recently. Not too long before it flooded, it was unbalanced in the spin cycle, and started "walking" across the room. My husband moved it back, but the drain hose had partially come out of the wall, and he didn't see it. So when it went into the drain cycle on the day it flooded and water went everywhere! We had a bona fide flood! The water ran through the door of the utility room and under the wall into my front room, flowing toward the front door.

When this happened, I had been making preparations to house fourteen traveling ministers that weekend. I was busy working, ministering, cleaning the house, making beds and doing laundry, etc. I had many balls in the air, trying to juggle them all at the same time. So, when I walked into the front room to face the flood on the floor, I almost panicked! I knew the floor needed to be mopped, but not today! I was too busy!

I grabbed a bunch of towels and threw them down to create a "dam" and to start to soak up the water. As I was cleaning up this monumental, Noah-style mess, the Holy Spirit started to show me some things. While He was speaking, I realized that there was a lesson in this for us all.

When the Holy Spirit Comes in Like a Flood

I don't know about you, but our utility room is a hard-working room in our house. It is part laundromat, part storage shed, and part chicken-hatching-chick-brooder area. It is a multi-tasking room. We have a second refrigerator and our freezer in there too, not to mention a whole cast of items that we only use occasionally. These were tucked away, hidden in the corners of the room—you know, "out of sight, out of mind." As I pulled them all out, one after the other, mopping up the flood from our tile floors, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He simply said, "WHEN the Holy Spirit comes in like a flood..." (Photo via Wikipedia)

The Bible says, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him" (Isaiah 59:19). We all know this Scripture, and in my personal circumstances the Holy Spirit showed me a different meaning. Years ago, I heard it preached otherwise as well. The Holy Spirit confirmed it to me today. I heard it preached that the comma is in the wrong place, and that passage of Scripture should read, "When the enemy comes in, like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him" (emphasis mine).

That is what I believe the Holy Spirit was saying to me when the flood in my house happened. That He is coming in like a flood against the enemy! And as He does, He will simultaneously uncover and cleanse what it is that He reveals—like a flood!

Recently, I had a "cleansing" dream. Cleansing dreams usually involve toilets or showers. If we are fortunate, we are alone in the dream. In my instance, it was in my front yard and in the neighbor's yard! So, I knew some cleansing was coming—but I didn't know that He meant literally!

What is the Meaning of the Cleansing and Clean-Up Process?

Now, as I was mopping up the mess with my many bath towels, Holy Spirit showed me a number of things that He is cleaning at this time in our lives, beginning with me:

1. Things that are tucked away and "hidden" in the corners: We have a wide variety of things in our utility room, things that we almost never use. There is an extra vacuum cleaner and a dehumidifier, some wire shelving, and numerous other items "hidden" and "tucked away"— things we only pull out and use every once in a while. Holy Spirit showed me that these equate to actions and attitudes that we have. (Photo via Wikimedia)

What are some things that you only pull out and use occasionally? Does a "censored" word "just slip out" every once in a while? Do you "bite" when you get mad, however rarely? The Holy Spirit will be working on these attitudes in His children. God's people must walk virtuously, because holiness = wholeness! We need to be whole in order to walk through the days to come.

2. Dirt: The Holy Spirit showed me all the dirt that was piled up in the corners of my utility room, under the washing machine and the sink. I was ashamed! There is a lot of dirt that we don't ordinarily see, because it is hidden behind, and under, these items that we so seldom pull out and use! Holy Spirit showed me that this dirt is the underlying causes of our actions and thought processes.

What kind of dirt do you have hidden? As an example, there was a man who drank himself to sleep every year on Super Bowl Sunday because he lost his daughter one year during the game. Ironically, she was hit by a drunk driver, and he never forgave himself for her death. His unforgiveness punished him, year after year.

Another example is when someone "snaps" at us, or is vicious. It's because we have unwittingly walked into their unhealed wound. They "bite" back, because it hurts! This means that they (Okay, we) simply need healing. Holy Spirit, our Comforter and our Guide, will lead us into all truth (see John 16:13). People who were abused in some way whether physically, emotionally or verbally, usually carry shame. He wants us healed of all that! He will show us what we need to be healed of and the very best way to get healed, so that we don't have these characteristics (or dirt) anymore.

3. Irregularities in the foundation: There were puddles of standing water on different areas of the tile floor in my front room. There were high areas that the water had flowed over, seeking lower ground. The floor slants a little too, because it used to be the front porch before we closed it in and made it our front room and home church space. Our house was built many years ago, and although the owner/builder was a decent carpenter, our foundation is not perfectly flat.

As a result, as I was moving the water, using the towel as a squeegee, the Holy Spirit showed me the irregularities in our house's foundation. Holy Spirit showed me that these irregularities are faulty belief systems that we have acquired in our walk. We have some good beliefs, but we do not have all truth!

What kind of irregularities do you have in your foundation in "your house?" Do you think that God is mad at you? Or worse, that He gave you a disease? Do you only go to church on Sundays, just showing up, but never getting involved? Do you always tithe and give offerings? I am not judging anyone. I am simply implying that there may be some "cracks" in your foundation. God is a "foundation God." He will give you foundational beliefs, and build upon them. He cannot build on a faulty foundation—so I encourage you to seek Him to uncover your irregularities in your foundation.

You must know that the Holy Spirit will be seeking to level out all the high places in your walk with the Lord. He will simultaneously be seeking to fill in all the low spots. Holy Spirit is looking to train you up properly. He will make sure that your foundation is solid so that God can continue to build upon it, precept upon precept (see Isaiah 28:10).

4. The house looks solid, but there are gaps under the walls: As the water was trying to find the lowest possible level, it also seeped into the closet in the next room, which fortunately was also tile. Because there are irregularities in the foundation, the wall doesn't make full contact with the floor. It appears to be solid, but there are gaps under the wall. The Holy Spirit showed me these gaps will cause issues in our walk.

Do things just look good on the outside? I know some people which whom appearances are everything. They would never let you know that there is something wrong with their world. When asked, they are always, "Blessed and highly favored!" I would like to propose that God wants us to walk in truth, all of it—the good, the bad and the ugly. He already knows it! So who are we hiding it from? (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

Even though your wall (walk) looks solid, if there are gaps between it and your foundation, you will eventually have structural issues. A building can only go as high as its foundation allows. Allow the Holy Spirit to build and rebuild your foundation. Allow the Holy Spirit to come in and fill in the gaps. Let Him teach you what you do not know and the things that you will need to get to the next level. Let Him work on you to change your mind sets and preconceived notions of what the Kingdom Age truly is supposed to be. Learn to lean on other Believers because iron sharpens iron (see Proverbs 27:17). Get involved in a community of believing Believers!

5. Things are out of place, just when I thought I was done: I finally got all the water mopped up and drained out the front door. Turning around, I saw two large, plastic tubs with my husband's music books in them. They don't belong in the front room, but they had not made it to their permanent home yet because they are large and heavy. I moved them, and underneath was more water! I still wasn't done. The Holy Spirit showed me that there are some things that are currently in our lives that He is still working on—in my life and yours.

What in your life is out of place, something that doesn't belong where it is? The key here is to look at your life through the lens of the Holy Spirit because that is exactly what He is doing. He looks at our lives, at the things that do not belong there, and He gently nudges us to move them or helps us to remove them. He is already at work in you. He is already working on revealing and cleansing those thoughts and attitudes, those people and circumstances, those issues, and helping to move them out of your life.

If you have not been able to move them because they are too large and too heavy, like my husband's tubs of music books, fret not! The Holy Spirit is incredibly strong! All things are possible for those who believe (see Mark 9:23)! Just believe.

Romans 8:28 in the Amplified says, "And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose."

It turned out that the flood water made the room smell great! It was all fresh and clean, symbolic of the washing of the water of the Word (see Ephesians 5:26). The Holy Spirit breathed on me through this set of unfortunate circumstances, which He turned around for my good and for yours. He gave us all a lesson through this message. The Holy Spirit showed me that His water cleanses with the Word. It makes everything smell fresh and great! (Photo via Flickr)

If something in your life "stinks," call on the Holy Spirit! He is here to assist. He is your Paraclete, Him Who Comes Alongside, your Helper, your Comforter. He is the Spirit of the Lord! Jesus sent Him to us to help us, to lead us and guide us into all truth. He is our Helper. Lean on Him! He will be more than happy to point you to Jesus and glorify the Father!

The cleansing is a continuous process: Even after taking all that time to clean I still saw two little puddles of water by the front door...

Blessings in your cleansing! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Edie Bayer
Kingdom Promoters


Edie Bayer is co-founder of Kingdom Promoters along with her husband Darryl Bayer. Edie Bayer ministers as a prophetic preacher and is an author, a speaker, and travelling minister. Edie's primary call is to promote others that are ministering in the Kingdom of God, creating unity instead of a spirit of competition. Edie believes that we are to "complete and not compete!" Edie works diligently to create public and private events and invite other ministers to speak at them, helping to promote them and gain public exposure both for them and their ministries. Edie and Darryl reside on a small homestead north of the Houston area. They raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, and have two cats. Edie has two children and three grandchildren.

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