Friday, February 3, 2017

"Rick Joyner: Bob Jones' Media Prophecy Coming to Pass Before Our Very Eyes" by Jessilyn Justice via Charisma News


Photo of Bob Jones

As the anniversary of Bob Jones' passing creeps up, friend and fellow prophet Rick Joyner shared one of Jones' last words via Facebook.

"On Feb. 14, it will be three years since he passed, which he did with some of the most spectacular works of his life coming in his last few hours," Joyner says. "One thing Bob told me often was that the most dangerous terrorist organization was the media. He's proven right on that one, too.

Since November's election, the mainstream media appears to have launched a full attack on President Donald Trump.

FOX's Sean Hannity says the recent media reports cause the networks to de-legitimize themselves. 

For Joyner, it all fits into Jones' prophecy:

Steve Shultz"The present unrest was started by the media and is fueled by it. Let the media not cover it for a single day and it would die out. The media coverage is purposely inflammatory, and ... mostly very exaggerated and sensationalized. We also have a generation conditioned to believe it and respond to it," Joyner writes. 

"So, how do we counter this? You kill a fire by either depriving it of oxygen (don't worry about it or talk about it), or you throw water on it, which is the truth. Most of those trying to inflame the present protests are being revealed as hypocrites by their own previous statements about how we need to do what Trump is now doing." (Photo of Rick Joyner, MorningStar Ministries)

Joyner believes the tailspin of the media could ignite a great revival:

He concludes:

"We can expect this kind of outrage for a while. This is revealing how desperate the left is now, and also what their true nature is. It will eventually die out because those supplying the oxygen for these fires, the exaggerations and sensationalism, are shrinking. As they get more desperate and more shrill, know that their end is getting closer.

"At the same time, those providing the water, the truth with integrity, are going to grow and be able to put out such fires with increasing skill and speed and turn the fires of outrage into fires of revival." (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Used by permission via Charisma News


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