Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Wisdom, Clarity and 'New Ideas' Are Knocking at the Door" by Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Adelaide, Australia


A number of weeks ago, I had an encounter where I saw two large angels standing in my home. The first produced a red ruby, which I knew represented wisdom. It was in his right hand and then I saw a second stone, a beautiful clear diamond, which I knew represented clarity, and this was in the second angel's right hand also. I watched as they both held the gemstones out in front of my face as if they were presenting them to me. I heard the voice of the Lord say:

"Wisdom and clarity will help you to steward 'new ideas' and strategies that I'm releasing, Daryl."

It's Raining Gemstones!

Then, in a flash, I found myself in an encounter high above the earth where I watched as the same two angels then started to throw thousands and thousands of these gemstones into the sky, creating a beautiful pink tinge to the sky itself and then a hailing effect into the nations on the earth below.

I watched first the rubies, and then the diamonds, as they flooded the sky and then became bound together as if being married or blended and/or fused by a divine jeweler. They became pink diamonds! They began to rain down onto the earth and I watched as they appeared, from this height, as though they were coating homes all around the world with PINK dust.

As soon as I heard and saw the hailing gemstones/pink diamonds touch the homes, I could hear the sound of them landing like the patter of big fat raindrops landing on a roof. As I inclined my ear further, the sound actually started to resemble someone knocking at a door.

I heard and felt a Scripture run through my spirit: "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him." James 1:5, NKJV

The words "gives to all liberally" were quickened to my spirit and as they were, I looked over to see the Lord standing watching me. He smiled as He said:

"Wisdom and clarity are knocking at the door, Daryl. Can you hear them knocking?"

I answered immediately, "Yes Lord, I can hear them but how do I let them in?"

He looked at me smiling again and said, "Just say 'yes,' Daryl!"

Breakthrough, Restoration and Kingdom Wealth

As I continued to watch on in this phenomenal vision, I began to understand that many Believers from many places around the world could expect to receive new ideas and/or strategies teamed with this wisdom and clarity to assist them in the year ahead.

I understood too that these strategies were being released in order to usher in personal breakthrough and restoration at unprecedented levels in 2017 and beyond. That being said, I did also feel that a primary manifestation of this release would be seen in new levels of entrepreneurial expression throughout the entire Body. I felt that many Believers would be given brand new opportunities to steward revenue streams and Kingdom entrepreneurial endeavors specifically designed to help bring in harvest and advance the Kingdom globally.

This will then, I believe, begin to lift the overall financial prosperity of mass numbers of Believers all over the world.

The Rise of the Prophetic Strategist

Lastly, I saw that in conjunction with this release, many congregations this year would see the rise of many prophetic people into strategic and/or consulting roles both in and outside the Church. Within the Church, these people will work with incredible wisdom and insight to help others implement intricate and detailed blueprints for thousands of new heavenly businesses. This, I believe is a new model that the Church is being introduced to and is a significant part of the divine strategy from Heaven to bring in and disciple the end time harvest!

Wisdom and clarity are knocking at the door...can you hear them knocking? (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Daryl Crawford-Marshall
DCM Ministries


Daryl Crawford-Marshall is a prophetic equipper, writer, and revivalist. He and his wife Belinda live and work in South Australia where they are the Senior Coordinators for Global Fire Australia and equipping Pastors at Field of Dreams Church, Adelaide. Daryl is a man of encounter with a passion for teaching others to recognize the voice of God, engage with Heaven, and to move in supernatural signs and wonders. Daryl has a love for the harvest, working in evangelistic crusades all over the world, winning souls and releasing the miraculous. He is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and also works to release the prophetic in churches, supernatural schools, and conferences both in Australia and the nations.


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