Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Then, Suddenly! A Tsunami of Suddenlies Are Heading Our Way!" by Dana Jarvis, Richlands,VA


Recently, the Lord gave me a vision. In this vision I was looking out at the ocean and the waters were reasonably calm and smooth, but as I looked at the sea, I said out loud, "Something is about to happen! It is perfect conditions." The atmosphere over the waters became what I would call super-charged. There was a sense of something about to happen in the air around me. I noticed a greenish tint in the sky. Again, I said out loud, "Something is about to happen, it is perfect conditions for it."

Some people I could see standing around me simply scoffed and laughed saying that was ridiculous since clearly the weather was calm and sunny, and even though the waters were a little stirred, they said, "That's just not going to happen right now." However, I kept thinking to myself, "It will happen quicker than you think!"

God's Tsunami of Suddenlies

Suddenly as I watched the ocean, a wind began to swirl, the waves rose up and what started as just larger than normal waves, suddenly became HUGE tsunami waves hitting the shores. Wave after wave hit the shore and flooded the land. Many were running up to high ground. There was an urgency to run.

This move will leave many saying, "How did this happen so quickly?" I could see everyone then on high ground as we ran into the mountain, for in Him we are safe. Myself and the others who had gathered, watched as these waves crashed onto the shoreline.

Then I heard the Lord say, "I am calling My children up into the high places with Me. I am calling them up into the secret place where they shall partner with Me in prayer decreeing the season shift that is upon you. It's time to decree over the land for I say, Yes, the conditions are right for a nation shifting revival."

Stand and Decree

Waves of revival are suddenly going to hit our shores and for many it will be unexpected, sudden, quick and consuming. His glory is going to break and turn everything around! Many are going to run into the Kingdom. Conditions are perfect for suddenlies despite how the natural may look. Conditions are perfect for sudden acceleration and shift. This is a season of tsunami waves of awakening and great harvest. Decree to your circumstances, family, city and to this nation...it is time for the suddenlies of God to break out, and turn things around.

Then, Suddenly!

Many are looking around right now and asking, "How can things possibly turn around?" I hear the Father saying, "Watch and See; Watch and Decree." We are in a season that is set to see a sudden and dramatic turnaround. Even as our circumstances and nation look void of hope and seem to be not fertile for revival, as we pray I see sudden change. Heaven is responding and I see many reflecting on this recent hard season and saying with joy, "Then, suddenly, God changed everything."

Dana Jarvis
Hezekiah's Wall

Email: abundanceofrain03@gmail.com
Website: www.hezekiahswall.weebly.com

Dana Jarvis is the Founder of Hezekiah's Wall Ministry. She is a Prophetic Teacher, Intercessor, Christian Life Coach, and mainly a Spirit-Filled Daughter of the Lord, speaking forth His words of fire and passion. For her it is all about tearing down the walls and all the while shouting His Name. Dana is married and has one child.


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