Thursday, October 27, 2016

"God's Renaissance: A Shifting of the Ages Begins" by Mike Ferry, Redmond, OR


God's Renaissance is Emerging!

On September 15, as I was waking up, I heard Holy Spirit's voice declare,"God's renaissance is emerging." Needless to say that statement grabbed my attention. I had no recollection of how the Renaissance impacted the world.The term "Renaissance" means rebirth. It has been described as a cultural bridge between the Late Medieval ages and Modern Age history, roughly the 14th - 17th centuries.
This rebirth affected all aspects of cultural life, mainly impacting European countries—beginning at its birthplace in Florence, Italy. From there its influence spread to Northern Europe, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, and Russia and beyond. The cultural aspects which showed a measurable change were in education, art, science, music, religion, self-awareness, and philosophy in general.
As I contemplate and unpack the emergence of, "God's Renaissance," I believe that this rebirth will bring an impact in similar fashion. I believe this Renaissance will bridge the Church age and the Kingdom age. The mountains of influence which currently direct our culture will soon be faced with revelations breaking forth by Holy Spirit.

The Beauty of the Emerging Church

The vision I had of "The Emerging Church" was that we have been like aperiodical cicada, which is an insect that emerges once every seventeen or thirteen years. We have been underground for a period of time, hidden from view and lacking influence on creation. In nature these creatures spend years underground feeding off of the fluids within the roots of trees.

Once they emerge they are extremely different from the flying insect that they will become. They normally crawl up a nearby tree and shed their exoskeleton, then begin their life in their adult form while buzzing their mating song. As the Church emerges, we may not look like the final form, but the transformation from immature to maturity will be astounding! Our songs of love for God will shift atmospheres, move Heaven, and release Kingdom realities.
God's Renaissance, like the earthly Renaissance, will have "Renaissance men."These individuals will carry divine influence and favor with all mankind. This "new man" (see Eph. 4:24) will be a carrier of Christ-likeness which has never before been established within the Church as a whole. We have had glimpses of men and women of God in times past but nothing on the scale of the fullness which is being released to impact our current generation.

A "Critical Mass" Generation

A refreshing restoration is breaking upon the new breed of Believers who are walking in powerful manifestations. The Body is being equipped to do the works of ministry like never before! God is releasing a "Critical Mass Generation" that despite its size, carries an anointing to answer today's challenges.

Critical mass is defined as the minimum amount of fissile material needed to maintain a nuclear chain reaction. We carry the minimum amount of faith material that will maintain a Kingdom chain reaction! Imagine what God will do with these Renaissance men and women. Those who experience this release will walk in revelations, authority, and power only hoped for by former generations. This outpouring will leave those who hadn't believed before, speechless.
God has declared this emergence as not just a promise but a call to awaken and come forth. God will not pass this generation by because of any unfaithfulness.He has renamed us and spoken to our deep giftings and callings to come forth from the earth. He will reveal who He has always seen us to be and He will be glorified! This is the Renaissance new birth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Pastor Mike Ferry
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship


Pastor and author Mike Ferry is the senior leader of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship of Redmond, Oregon. Mike and his life-long friend and wife of over thirty-six years, Patty, pioneered Cornerstone on 1/1/2010 following nearly thirty years of ministry together. Mike's heart is for everyone to awaken to who they are in Christ, as well as who Christ is within them. His book, Of Life and Godliness: The Journey, explores 2 Peter 1:3 and its impact on the believer's life. Mike is currently on a quest to see the city-wide church of Redmond, Oregon impact his city across denominational, cultural, and governmental lines.


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