Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"I Am the God Who Works Wonders! A Mighty Rushing Wind and Fire From Heaven Will Fall This Season!" by Mark Chironna, Orlando, FL


Prophetic word given by Mark Chironna at Church on the Living Edge in Longwood, FL on August 28, 2016:
"I have seen the fatigue and the battle weariness of My people from one end of this nation to the other. I have heard the cry of the faithful redeemed who have asked of Me to send the rain in the time of the latter rain. I have seen the affliction with which the enemy has afflicted the righteous. I have heard the groanings of My people as they have cried out in their sufferings.

"And I am going to come down and deliver them in this season in unexpected ways for I am yet the God of surprises; I am yet the God who reigns from Zion. I am the God who works wonders and a mighty rushing wind is going to begin in this season and fire is going to fall from Heaven and My power is going to be seen in Zion, and Zion will rejoice again," says the Lord.
"I will bring assurance to the uncertainties that plagues the hearts and minds of the multitudes. But it will not be by political jockeying. I am raising up a company of men and women who unashamedly will declare that I have installed My King, My Son on Mt. Zion and His righteous scepter is in His hand. And I am going to move.

"Be not surprised as the uprising of the kings of the earth as they rebel against My authority. I am laughing from My position above it all, but watch as I am about to move for weather patterns in the natural are going to change, and winds are going to be stirred up as a sign that a fresh wind is going to fall from Heaven.

"I Am the God of the Breakthrough!"

"And you will hear a sound in the spirit, and when you hear that sound you will once again experience a fresh infilling of My Spirit and you will lift your voices first in praise and then in proclamation. And you will once again discover that the weapons of your warfare are divinely powerful; and there will be signs, there will be wonders, there will be miracles, there will be breakthroughs, for I am yet the God of the breakthrough. Command ye Me the work of My hands and watch what I will do in this season, "says the Lord.
"I am going to tamper with the economy," says God. "And I am going to expose corruption amongst the wicked who have taken the wealth of the nations and forgotten the needy. But for the righteous, this interruption and tampering will be for a great transfer of resource for the proclamation of My Gospel.
"Get ready for economic breakthrough, for it is going to come as I establish again My covenant in the earth."

Zion shout! Rejoice! Somebody give Him a shout!

Mark Chironna
Mark Chironna Ministries | Church on the Living Edge

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Mark J. Chironna has been in the people-helping business for more than four decades. With a media presence spanning almost 175 nations, his message of wholeness through the integration of the spiritual and psychological is heard across the globe. He is a theo-semiotician, and has a father's heart for emerging generations and serves as the Presiding Bishop of Legacy Edge Alliance, a worldwide fellowship of senior apostolic leaders and churches. Bishop Chironna is regarded as an influential leader whose global reach, clarion voice, and prophetic insight are respected by leaders and followers alike. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wagner College, a Master's Degree in psychology from Saybrook Graduate School and University, and a Doctoral Degree in Applied Semiotics and Future Leadership Studies from George Fox University, and is the founder and senior pastor of Church on the Living Edge in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife Ruth have two adult sons and three grandchildren.

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