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"Living in Wonderland - Sometimes You Get to Be the Sign" by Kathie Walters, Macon, GA


Wonder Land

I recently returned from NZ and Australia - countries and people that I love. After my last meeting in Auckland, NZ, I was surrounded by a small group of excited people. God had blessed everyone - it was great. As we were leaving, a lady spoke to me something that left a deposit in my spirit. She said, "You remind me of Alice in Wonderland." It was the "Wonderland" that caught my attention. Alice, by the way means, "Noble."

Well we came on out of the building, and I repeated what the lady had said to me, to my friend Margaret. As I repeated it though, something began to happen. "Alice in Wonderland"...WONDER LAND...and my mind began to realize what I said. Wonderland, a land of wonders. Wonderful! Wonders all around! Wondrous! I seemed to see these flashes of light, like colorful stars all around me. At the same time, I felt like I was lifted off the ground and floating. It was delightful and wondrous! I almost skipped to the car, but I was too tired to try skipping right then.

The Lord began to nudge me. I always tell people, "Don't ever lose that childlike ability to enjoy God - that's His favorite thing about you." You see, if you are childlike, it means you are dependent on God. It also means you enjoy and take pleasure in who God is and what He does. If He IS, then He must DO, because love always brings action. Love starts in your heart and the manifests through your hands, or feet or mouth (in words).

God has many, many attributes, but this time we are talking about His wonders because this is the word He gave me right now and He demonstrates His wonderful and generous nature. God desires us to live in Wonder Land. His wonders, because He is wonderful. He wants our lives to be wonderful!

Trance Encounter

Actually you are a wonder. Sometimes you become a sign to make people wonder. I was with a pastor friend of mine, ministering in her church in the mid-west. After the meeting, we went to Denny's restaurant to get some coffee and apple pie. We eventually went to pay the bill and leave. Shirley, my pastor friend, went to the register to pay.

Now to get to the register you had to go around a long, glass counter full of beautiful creamy cakes. Around the other side on another counter was the cash register. I waited while Shirley went around to pay the bill. She was just putting her wallet back in her purse when she suddenly got "frozen" in the spirit. You may not know what I mean by that, but often when God's Spirit is moving strongly, the anointing can come on you so strong and the presence of God comes over you, it feels like you are encased in His presence.

You really can't move, in fact, you don't even think about moving because you are only aware of Him and what He is doing at the time. You are usually caught up with Him in the spiritual realm. Sometimes people in trances are taken into Heaven and sometimes they are taken to other places and countries. The apostle Peter went into a trance in Acts 10:10 and Acts 11:5, and Paul in Acts 22:17. I was just standing by the counter there, as there was nowhere for me to go - she had the car keys.

I know from experience that when that happens to someone, it could be 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 days, so I just waited, After a while, a small group of people came out and stared at Shirley, and looked at me, "What is she doing?" they asked me. Even an unbeliever can see that is not a normal thing and can sense something supernatural. I wasn't sure what to say. I wanted to say, "I don't know I've never seen her before," but I didn't, instead I said, "Well, she's talking to God or something like that."

They just looked at me and went to sit on the bench and wait. Other people asked me and I said the same thing. Then the manager asked me if I could move her over (because she was in the way of people who were trying to pay). I said, "No, I can't; you move her over." He thought for a while and then he went to the parking lot and came back with those thin red cones and put them all around the counter and behind where she was standing, so people knew they could come around and pay.

After 55 minutes (I always time things like that), I saw that she started to move a little. The anointing lifts off you very slowly, not all of a sudden. So I went and stood next to her until it was lifted all the way. By this time there were about 15 people standing by the bench. She noticed the people and said to me, "What's happening?"

I said, "Well, you've been gone about an hour."

"Oh," she said, "I had a vision..."

"I think you had more than a vision," I replied. She never did tell me where she went that 55 minutes.

Sometimes You Get to Be the Sign

Pastor Shirley is smart - she went over to the group of people and started to talk to them. She prophesied to some and got two to three saved, and then got a few healed. So Pastor Shirley became a sign that made those people sit there for an hour and wonder! As I said, sometimes you get to be the sign that causes people to wonder.

We are meant to live in wonderland with a wonderful God and a wondrous place of grace and beauty and power. "Great God of wonders, God of grace," as the old hymn says. God is supernatural - He lives in that realm of the heavenly places where miracles are normal and signs and wonders are part of His ways.

How do we live there then? It's not hard. There is nothing to earn and strive after. Just believe God's realm is for you and you are already IN. Years ago, David and I wanted to come and live in America. We went through the proper channels and eventually we were told, "This is your home." So now I am not trying to live in America - I am already here. It's the same with you. It's your inheritance. You don't have to try and live where you already are…or get something you've already been given. Just believe it.

When Jesus died and rose again, He took away our sin and crucified the old man (our old nature), so that by faith we can live in the new man who is already created in righteousness and holiness (read Romans chapter 6). But He also made it possible for us to live in His wonderful realm, the Holy Spirit realm. It's our inheritance. It's a marvelous place full of His glory and abundance of life. It's delightful, because He is there.

"Great God of wonders! all thy ways
are matchless, godlike and divine;
but the fair glories of thy grace
more godlike and unrivaled shine."

His grace is rich and free and is all yours.

Kathie Walters
Good News Ministries


Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to "qualify." She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.

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