Friday, June 17, 2016

"Breakthrough Word for June 2016" by Russ Walden, Branson, MO


2 Chron. 20:20 says, "BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER." The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word. In this prophetic word for June 2016, we speak to the Christ of God in you and destroy the illegitimate authority that seeks to impede your destiny.

The Father says, "I am calling up prophets to the nations. I am calling up nation-confronting prophets who will confront the nations with My mercies and confront the nations with My goodness and confront the nations with My lovingkindness.

"The prince of the power of the air is being disenfranchised and My glory is being unsealed over the nations of the earth. The rain of My presence is being felt in the land, even the rain of My glory.

"Announce My goodness and annunciate My goodness, for it is My goodness that brings men to repentance," says the Father, "Let My goodness be in your mouth and My anointing will break every yoke and cause wickedness to be removed from the earth and the righteous to be established and remain in it.
"I am about to demonstrate My sovereignty in the earth," says the Father. "I am about to demonstrate My sovereignty by signs and miracles and wonders that My people will be unable to marginalize and the nations will be unable to ignore.

"So be called up into your mantle. Be called up into your moment. This is the moment that the mantles in the earth are being released, activated and commissioned and that includes you.

"Be a Father pleaser this day. Refuse to be afraid of the faces of those who do not believe and will never believe. Attach yourself to My purposes and do not turn to the right or to the left, for a shift has been called for in the Heavens and you are My herald to make it known in the earth!

Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden
Father's Heart Ministry


Russ Walden is a prophet and marketplace minister with over 30 years of service in the Kingdom of God. Russ and Kitty founded Father's Heart Ministry in 2007 and since then have prophesied to thousands in 78 countries and all seven continents. Russ has served as a full-time pastor to several congregations. In the early 90's he assisted in the oversight of a group of 400 churches before founding an IT business in the Mid-west. Russ and Kitty converted the business to a marketplace ministry model and out of that Father's Heart Ministry was born. The ministry that Russ moves in is not just talking "about" Jesus but manifesting and activating the demonstration of Spirit and the demonstration of power. Each day Prophet Russ releases a powerful prophetic word that encourages thousands. Russ has written a book "Face to Face with the Father: a Chronicle of the Men and Women who saw the Face of God and Lived".


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