Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Embracing the Winds of Change" by Luc Niebergall, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


A few months ago, I experienced a very interesting prophetic sign from the Lord, which I feel speaks to something that He is currently doing in His Church globally. A few months ago, I was ministering at a conference in Canada, and Holy Spirit whispered to me the word of the Lord. As I spoke, the Lord had me publicly release this word, "The winds of change are blowing." 

Right after the service finished, an unusually strong wind began to blow over this particular city. In fact, the winds were so strong that my wife and I could not sleep that whole night because they were blowing so strong. 

I also had a dream recently where I was standing in the Garden of Eden, looking upon the Tree of Life. All of a sudden winds of change began to blow upon the tree throughout the leaves. These leaves then began to descend upon the nations, bringing great healing. 

Revelation 22:2: "In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." 

I feel that the Lord is declaring that the winds of change are blowing over the Church right now. God is breathing transition over much of the Body of Christ. I have met numerous people recently who have told me that God has been moving them and realigning them in this season. There are a vast amount of people in times of transition right now, whether that is them physically relocating, whether there is a shift in vision concerning their ministry or work, or that the desires of their heart are realigning.

Many new-unexpected doors have been opening for people, as well as many doors of past seasons have been closing. God is doing divine aligning with His people for what He is about to do on the earth, so that we can properly receive what He is depositing globally. As the Church embraces the divine aligning that God is doing, we will begin to experience the leaves of the tree of life descending, bringing healing to the nations in a new way that we have not yet seen. 

Winds Fan Into Flames

I have also been talking to a lot of people where God's winds of change have been blowing in their lives, yet their circumstances have not yet fully shifted. If you are in a season where you feel extremely restless, it could be that God is preparing your heart for transition. You may feel this way because even though you are still dwelling in your present season, God is declaring new things in your heart, which will give you courage to step out of the old and into the new. God often transitions your heart before He transitions your circumstances.

As God's winds of change are blowing over the Church, I believe that these winds are going to begin to also fan into flames the fire that God has placed in our hearts.

I had a vision a while back of God's throne over the nations. In the vision there were two rivers flowing from the throne. However, the rivers were not rivers of water; they were rivers of fire. The first river was named, 'The Fire of Revival'. The second river was named, 'The Refiner's Fire'. As I was looking upon the rivers of fire flowing to the nations, Jesus then spoke from His throne saying, "You cannot have one without the other."

As God's winds of change are blowing over the Church, I believe that He is not only going to cause transition to occur in people's circumstances, but He is also decreeing a realignment and order in hearts. We are living in a time where God wants to fan into flames the fire of revival, however, we also need to be embracing His winds to fan the Refiner's fire as well. The Refiner's fire comes upon the hearts of God's children to burn away the chaff of orphanship, therefore revealing refined sons and daughters. It aligns hearts, so that what God wants to release over the Church will be able to be stewarded healthily and orderly.

Character of God

Much of what I do in the church as I travel is training the global Church in how to move in the things of the Spirit, such as the prophetic ministry and healing. However, recently God has been shifting my training sessions to teach a lot more on thecharacter of God. The reason why I now focus so much on training and equipping, having a healthy soul and how to have Godly character, is because these things are what sustains a move of the Spirit.

Character and wisdom are the backbone for gifting and power. The power of God will give shape to a movement, but wisdom and Godly character establishes what was birthed so that it can be sustained. Most revivals that ended throughout history, ended because gifting far outweighed character. People's spirits were actually more mature than their souls, so therefore their souls got in the way of the Spirit's expression. God wants to bring us to a place where when God pours out, what He releases will be properly sustained because the Church has let God equip them with more than gifting; but we have also allowed Him to build into the core of our being. This is how the fire of revival and the Refiner's fire are to function together. 

God is calling the Church to embrace the winds of change that He is blowing, whether He is realigning our circumstances, vision and direction, or whether He is bringing shifts within our heart as He brings fresh order. God is blowing His winds of change so that the leaves of the Tree of Life will bring healing to the nations. He is fanning into flames the Fire of Revival and the Refiner's Fire, so that we will not only be able to catch what the Lord is releasing, but that we will also steward it with longevity. 

Be courageous. Be humble. Be whole. 

Luc Niebergall
Royal Identity Ministries

Email: Info@royalidentity.org
Website: www.royalidentity.org

Luc Niebergall lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Sophie. He is the founder and director of Royal Identity Ministries. Luc functions as an itinerant minister and extensively trains and equips the Body of Christ in many topics such as, leadership, the prophetic ministry and the miraculous. Having a high value for the prophetic ministry, Luc serves the Body of Christ as a prophetic voice and develops healthy prophetic cultures where God can move and speak. Luc is also the author of four books, Reigning as Royalty, A Letter to Forerunners, A Timeless Journey andDemystifying Spiritual Warfare.

Luc Niebergall's Itinerary:

May 4, 2016
Royal Identity School of Ministry
First Assembly Church, Calgary AB


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