Saturday, March 26, 2016

"A New Season for Many Believers – Releasing the Holy Spirit and His Power!" by Jay West, Omaha, Nebraska


This Week into Spring! Releasing the Holy Spirit and His Power!

I am personally so excited about this week, and the ones to follow this spring. I believe that many are going to take faith-filled risks and trust God in new ways. Some who have read and heard reports about "praying and/or encouraging strangers in public" are going to step out and try it. Others are going to invade the enemy's territory with the Kingdom of God, and the gates of Hell will not prevail, in fact they will back away, they will break down, as some friends and acquaintances who don't have a relationship with God will find themselves wanting and desiring a new interest in getting to know Jesus.

The power to heal is going to be released this week and next leading into Easter with sustained power, boldness, courage and great success as many offer to pray on the spot and see people get well supernaturally right in front of them.

This week launches a new season for many Believers who have been content in the past to be inactive, passive and non-aggressive when it comes to releasing the Holy Spirit and His power. But the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. There is a new hunger and desire forming for righteousness coupled with an even greater desire to "know Jesus" in a deeper way and be known in Hell as one who is now in God's military and engaged in battle to see and experience victories on many fronts.

Many will now suddenly start to get "words of knowledge" and "wisdom" and download prophetic words to others that will literally set many captives free. This is a week of sustained victories that pushes the enemy backwards, as so many draw near to God, that the enemy of our souls has no choice but to flee.

Darkness is decreasing and Light is increasing, and the anointing is growing, and the power to save, do the miraculous and provide supernatural assistance, is going to bear lasting fruit. This fruit won't spoil or rot, but provide spiritual food for those whose appetite is now turning towards a Kingdom menu.

A New Wave of God's Presence!

For many churches, this is going to be the greatest Easter season that they have ever experienced, because it won't be a one-day event, but rather an increasing life-time process that moves mountains with anointed momentum that extends life to so many with joy and peace as by-products. Prayer will also increase this week with hundreds taking the time to spend time with the Lord. Other distractions will take a distant backseat to this new wave of God's presence that is drawing so many into the river of God.

Watch out! A new wave of God's presence is about to hit. Revival is coming and the Kingdom of Heaven is definitely at hand. This is but a pre-taste of things to come, but should not be missed thinking that the main meal is better than the appetizer. The right appetizer sets the tone for the meal to be thoroughly enjoyed, adding flavors that enhance and promote the ambiance.

There is a Kingdom ambiance that is now permeating many and that atmosphere is being released over many cities as this new wave of God's presence begins the process of seeing the high tide come into our cities ushering with it for the Church to gain influence and spiritual impacts that are sustained. This is a season not to be missed with attitudes of doing things as usual. The unusual will become the new usual.

Jay W. West
Anointed 2 GO MdM and Kingdom Encounters
Websites: |

Pastor Jay West has ministered in over 1700 churches in 64 different denominations along with many schools and marketplace locations. He frequently spends time with business, medical, educational and political leaders including Governors, Congressman, and Senators. Jay moves in healing seeing over 7000 people healed in a very low key and un-hyped way, plus he gets many accurate words of knowledge. At age 59, Pastor West is also a frequent guest for youth and student events, seeing amazing results as the students in Junior and Senior High School plus college age, responding in anticipation of personal revival and renewal.

Jay is the pastor of a new church plant in Omaha Nebraska called, Kingdom Encounters – A new way not to do Church ( Jay and his wife Diane have been married for 37 years and they both serve as the Nebraska Representatives to the United States National Prayer Council appointed by Pastor Ted Rose.

Jay is an author, having published four books, including Downloads from Heaven Willing to Yield, Kingdom Encounters & Well, Well, Well. Willing to Yield was endorsed by Jack Taylor and highlighted by Shawn Bolz in a word of knowledge at a Bethel Church Leaders Advance in Redding. Jack Taylor also wrote the foreword for Kingdom Encounters. Sid Roth, Steve Shultz, Sam Hinn and Randy Clark endorsed the book Well, Well, Well, which is a blend of medical and miraculous healing.


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