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"Healing Breakthroughs! You Were Set Free for Such a Time as This to Release His Kingdom!" - Onakoya, London, United Kingdom

One of the ways the enemy tries to ravage and destroy the Body of Christ is through sicknesses and infirmities. Behind these attacks is a strategic plan of the enemy to stop destinies from being fulfilled. The unrelenting attacks have caused some to experience hope deferred. Many faithful Believers are crying out to the Lord as they pray for breakthroughs.

I see the Lord raising up an army of love and power. Because of the Lord's love for His Church and the desire to have an army who is healed and whole in every dimension of their lives, He is on course to restore His Body in every dimension. I see individuals rising from a place of brokenness, healed in body and mind, as they rise up to release His glory on the earth in these last days.

The Lord spoke to me about various ways He will release breakthroughs.

Spontaneous Healing Moves of God Will Occur in Unexpected Places

Spontaneous healing moves of God are breaking out in churches, on the streets, and in homes. His glory is being released to restore healings and wholeness. There is going to be an increase of these moves of God, which will not be confined to places where there are already signs of revival taking place. There will be glory break-outs in unexpected places.

One of these such moves of God happened in March 2014, in a town in Norway called Fosnavag. On March 6th, I arrived at a Lutheran chapel to minister. The Lord had told me before the meeting that He was going to shift the atmosphere of religion in the place and bring a move of His Spirit.

As I entered the meeting, I felt such a wave of healing fire that was beyond what I could imagine. I was planning to preach a message, but the Lord told me to call out the sick immediately. Many came forward, and in that fiery presence of God, they were slain in the Spirit. As they got up, they found they had experienced significant healings, breakthroughs, blood pressures normalizing, diseases leaving, freedom from addictions and sins. The Lord was to continue this move of the Spirit that started in this quiet Lutheran church to several churches in Norway over the next couple of months and year as He had me visit again and again.

The healings continued as Jesus healed deaf ears, eye problems, and many other conditions. Some of those healed, whom I came to know personally, began to be used mightily by God to release His Kingdom as they were set free. What joy that people can be healed to serve the Lord without being held back by the limitations of their circumstances!

Renewal of Faith and Strength in the Heart of the Believer: "I Have Already Given You the Power to Destroy Cancer"

The Lord longs to crush strongholds of sicknesses by releasing faith and strength into our hearts. He will renew minds so that healings will come forth not only through spontaneous moves of healing but through the personal faith and authority of the Believer.

I want to encourage you with this testimony of how your heart can be revived through the renewal of faith in your heart. In 2013, I had a visitation from Jesus in a vision when I was grieving the death of a loved one and several others whom I knew had died of cancer.

This vision was significant in that it formed a backdrop for several events even up till now.The Word of the Lord carries an impartation for us to manifest what He's revealing to us. Isaiah 55:11 says, "So is My word that goes out from My mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." I believe what the Lord shared with me is also a message to the Body of Christ.

In September 2013, I returned from a trip to Israel to London and heard the sad news that a Norwegian pastor I and others had been praying for had died. He had cancer. He was like a father to me and many others. I also heard of others who had lost their loved ones to cancer. I laid on my bed that day thinking of the news.

I cried out to the Lord, "Jesus, give Your Church the power to destroy cancer!" Scripturally, I knew He had already given us the authority to destroy sickness, but it was an emotional cry from my heart in response to the grief I felt. I felt the Church needed increased authority to destroy cancer. The disease seemed like a giant that had destroyed so many.

Suddenly, I saw a vision of Jesus on the Cross. His body wounded and bloodied, the nails in His hands and feet, the crown of thorns on His head. I looked into His eyes. The conviction and truth was piercing. He said, "I have already given you the power to destroy cancer." On the Cross, it was done.

He did not say much. He did not explain why certain people died though they were Believers. I understood that what happened on the Cross is the reality in Heaven. When Jesus declared, "It is finished!" before He gave up His Spirit, Heaven saw our redemption as accomplished.

I believe Jesus is extremely compassionate when Believers lose their lives to sickness, but our circumstance does not negate the reality of what was accomplished on the Cross. To understand the mystery of what took place on the Cross is to have a revelation of the arm of the Lord that is Jesus Himself. Isaiah, chapter 53, talks about the wounds of Jesus. Our transgressions, sins, and sicknesses were all dealt with by that ultimate sacrifice.

We have delegated authority from Jesus to heal the sick, according to Mark 16:17-18. The Cross is not only a place where our sins, transgressions, and sicknesses were dealt with, but it is also a place of divine exchange. When we become sons and daughters of God through faith in Christ, we also receive full authority to destroy sin and sicknesses on this earth.

When Jesus told me in the vision, "I have already given you the power to destroy cancer," I believe He was not just talking to me personally but to the Body of Christ at large. The authority He gave through His death and resurrection was not to one but to all.

How Do We Partner With the Lord as We Receive Faith in Our Hearts to Walk in Our Authority Over Sicknesses?

So, how do we partner with the Lord as we receive faith in our hearts to walk in our authority over sicknesses?

I will share with you what happened shortly after I had this vision. After I had the vision, I suddenly felt led to visit an old man in London I had led to the Lord a year and half before, who had told me he had cancer. At the time, I had also prayed for him to be healed and had kept in touch with him a few times to encourage him regarding his new faith. When I visited him, I was amazed to see him looking so healthy. I wondered aloud to him how he could look so healthy when he had told me a year and half before that he had only six months to live.

I asked him what happened after I prayed for him. He told me he went to the doctor and they gave him the all-clear that his body was free of cancer! I declared to him joyfully that Jesus had healed him. It's amazing that we sometimes walk in authority we are not aware of. At the time I made that emotional plea to Jesus to give His Body the power to destroy cancer, this man had already been healed!

I hear in my spirit an encouragement from the Lord as He renews your mind through this word to go deeper in the river of God.The river of God in the Book of Ezekiel, chapter 47, brings life wherever it touches. We can partner with God to bring healing to all by going deeper in this healing river. The anointing increases as we go deeper in His presence. Our authority increases as we walk in obedience to the Lord. The healing or breakthrough we receive from the Lord will often act as a catalyst to the healing of others through our lives.

I found that the healing breakthrough I experienced with the man healed of cancer was merely a catalyst for others to be healed of cancers. The word of the Lord had ignited faith in me to see others with cancer healed, and so I continued to pray for those with cancer. How Heaven rejoiced as others got healed in 2015.

Two of those were from Norway. One had cancer of the colon, and the other had leukemia. After the Lord healed them at meetings I ministered at, they respectively went for checkups with their doctors and they were told their bodies were clear of cancer. Another woman was healed of suspected breast cancer with all tumors disappearing after prayers!

Not everyone I have prayed for with cancer or illnesses has been healed, but I am pressing in to live out the power and authority He has given us on the Cross. So can you, dear friend. We can all walk with the God for whom nothing is impossible.

Your Affliction Will Not Rise Up a Second Time

Lastly, I want to share how the Lord longs to restore many to healing through breaking the stronghold of fear.

The Lord is raising up a Joshua generation who will not only enter into their inheritance, but who will learn to occupy their place of inheritance. As He heals us, He wants us to remain in the freedom of healing He has given to us. He wants to free us of fear and doubt of recurring illness.

I believe the Lord wants me to share this word for those who have been healed of an illness but are afraid of returning symptoms. The Lord is saying, "Once the enemy has been driven out, be diligent not to give place to him as he seeks to return."

I want to encourage you how the Lord helped me to break free from a recurring symptom of illness I was healed of.

In March 2013, the Lord healed me supernaturally of serious eye conditions that could have potentially caused blindness. Despite meditations given by the doctor, I got worse, until I felt the Lord's presence in my room one day as I was wracked with pain. Jesus told me He had healed me, and within a week, I was given the all-clear as I went to the hospital for a checkup.

A year later, the symptoms seemed to have returned. The Lord reminded me from Nahum 1:9 that affliction will not rise up a second time. It was His promise to me that when He heals it is permanent, and that the enemy was not allowed to reintroduce an affliction that I had been healed of. With faith, I declared this Scripture over myself, and within a week all symptoms had disappeared; and till today I remain healed and medication-free.

I encourage you to occupy your place of healing and allow the faithfulness of God to be your defense against the tactic of the enemy to re-afflict you!

It is my prayer that you have been encouraged that the Lord is on the move to reverse setbacks the enemies have planned in your life and to bring you victory.

I pray for those needing healing to receive healing in Jesus' name. In the name of Jesus, I decree a release of creative miracles for new organs to replace diseased ones, and for incurable sicknesses and diseases to be healed through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Be encouraged to release His healing glory and salvations wherever you go to those who need it. You were set free for such a time as this: To release His Kingdom!

Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is a full-time itinerant minister and author based in the UK who has been travelling for several years to preach a message of revival and awakening to Believers in churches; she also preaches the Gospel to the lost and unsaved in many parts of the world. The ministry also aims to equip, activate, and disciple Believers in their calling to do the works that Jesus did.

As an evangelist and prophetic revivalist, Ella Onakoya travels and ministers extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK, and in America with God fulfilling His words with signs and wonders as she speaks at crusades, conferences, church revival meetings, and equipping schools. Various moves of God have happened where she has ministered in the nations. Many have also experienced personal breakthroughs, salvations, and healings in these meetings. It is her vision to see the mandate of Jesus fulfilled in every nation, in every life.

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