Thursday, February 4, 2016

"2016: The Year of the Embrace!" by Jacob Biswell, Bryan, Texas


Receive the Embrace of Many Ways!

And the Lord says, "2016 shall be the year of the Embrace! This is the year My people begin to embrace My promises. They begin to embrace My Kingdom and I begin to embrace them in new and fresh ways. This is a year of mutual embrace where My Church begins to embrace those around them and they begin to embrace Me as their Father."

And the Lord says, "In this year there will be different levels of embrace. Embracing of promises – even in this time you will begin to embrace the Kingdom. You will begin to embrace the "NOW" and you will not have to wait for another season to embrace your promises; but I am bringing a paradigm shift unto you to shift from a futuristic mindset to a Kingdom now mindset. I am causing you to embrace a now season. I am causing you to embrace My Kingdom which is at hand! If you will embrace the now season – you'll embrace your inheritance!"

"If you'll embrace My Kingdom now – you'll embrace Me. This is the year I seek to have you embrace all that I have given you. Notice that I have said, 'I have given you the keys to the Kingdom.' It is something I have already done. It is nothing to come – no – it's a done deal. They are yours for the embracing! Just walk out the embrace of the Kingdom."

"This is the year you embrace your family. I am even bringing about family restoration. A familial restoration," says the Lord. "I am bringing families back together and there will be a family embrace. Households will be restored. You will embrace your family.

"This is the year you will embrace your finances. I want you to take ownership for the misdeeds and the misgivings of your finances. But you will also embrace My provision. There will be an embrace – a God kind of kiss on your finances," says the Lord. "I am even going to cause finances to alight upon you. You will embrace finances in a new way. You will even embrace ownership of stewardship. You'll become stewards of heavenly finances. At your hand others shall be blessed," says the Lord.

"This is the year you will embrace healing. You'll understand what healing truly is. I am releasing a new rhema of healing. You'll experience the fullness of healing. Great healing. Great restoration.

"This is the year you will embrace flight. You will begin to take flight into destiny! Embrace destiny! Embrace your Prophetic Words! Dust off the cassettes. Crack open the journals. Revisit the words and embrace them like never before. If you will embrace them you'll embrace destiny! If you'll write them plainly you will run with them! This is the year you embrace destiny!

"This is the year you embrace vision. Without it you perish – with it you will thrive! I am releasing the Hosea 12:10 anointing – the multiplied visions – the seer anointing. You will begin to embrace a realm of seeing like never before. See! See! See!" says the Lord.

"This is the year you will embrace Me as the Lion with fire in My mouth! You will begin to embrace correction and discipline in a new form and fashion. An embrace of My holiness! You will begin to embrace My roar and even from your mouths will come a roar and a fire that will devour the enemy's plan against your destiny! Receive Me as the Lion and you will walk in boldness and righteousness.

"This is the year that you will embrace the wounded. However, you must use wisdom in how much time and attention is given to the wounded. It is the enemy's plan to wear you out.

"This is the year that you will embrace the secret place. There is a call to return to the secret place where I dwell. I am calling and asking you to come and dine with Me. Will you heed the call? If you will embrace the secret place, I will begin to pour out more of a demonstration of power in the open arena of the world around you!

"This is the year that you will embrace unity amongst the brethren. Man's concepts of order and unity are often very different from the Lord's. The Lord makes every snowflake different, every tree is unique, and so is every person. The highest unity of all is realized when all of the different pieces come together like a puzzle to form the whole picture.

"This is the year that you embrace power from on high. It is a 1 Corinthians 4:20 time – 'For the Kingdom of God is not in mere talk but in power!'

"This is the year that you embrace the Light. For many have been in a dark night of the soul as it would seem, a disparaging time of great disappointment, but this year the Lord is releasing light and a sound of hope from on high that will cause you even to rise up to your high calling and see great fulfillment of the things that you have been believing for. You will embrace a new season of hope and the dark night of the soul for which you have been standing in will come to quick end," says the Lord

This will be a time in which you embrace visitation from the Lord. The Lord says that the Church is going to have a KAIROS time. A divine appointment with God.This visitation will produce fruit, more fruit, much fruit and lasting fruit (John 15). God will "visit the camp" so to speak with a great army and take the spoils. There will be an unprecedented number of souls saved and some of the people you thought would never respond, will.

There will be an embrace of the "go." I saw in a dream an eagle come and begin to take the down out of the nest. The nest has become uncomfortable, and it's a strange time. There's kind of an anxious time; an anxiety that's kind of surrounding this season.

But the Lord is wanting you to move out into new territory. That's what's going on. He's wanting you to get out of the comfort zone and He's just using His ways and means to help you get there. He's setting us up for a change.

"Embrace the Change! Embrace My heart! Embrace 2016!" says the Lord!

Jacob Biswell

Bio: As a prophetic voice, Jacob has served on multiple ministry boards providing apostolic insight. He is a highly sought after speaker both nationally and internationally. He speaks at conferences, churches and other events activating and empowering people to enter their destiny, grab hold of their dreams and receive their healing. Jacob flows with the Holy Spirit to wreak havoc on the Kingdom of Darkness and strengthen God's people. Jacob has not only traveled extensively on his own, but he has served several ministries including Dr. James Maloney, author of The Dancing Hand of God and The Panoramic Seer. Jacob is also Senior Pastor of Living Word in Bryan Texas. Most importantly, He is husband to Anna Katheryn and they're expecting their first child.


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