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"Dreams of the Revival of the Fishermen, the Beverly Hillbillies, and Fathers Taking the Wheel!" - Jo Ellen Stevens, Connersville, IN

The Beverly Hillbillies Dream

I had a dream while at the hospital with my brother a while back, and in the dream my family was in the "Beverly Hillbillies automobile" that they drove from the Hills to the sophisticated city of Beverly Hills after becoming wealthy through accidentally discovering oil on their land. In the dream, my father pulled us up to an automatic car wash and went driving in with the top down. As we went in there was such a refreshing feeling as the water washed over us! When I woke up from this dream I was actually laughing in the spirit! The joy was overwhelming!

The Lord then told me to look up what year and model this "Beverly Hillbillies" car was. I found out that it was a 1921 Oldsmobile. He then told me to see what revival happened that year in 1921. I found out that it was called "The Forgotten Revival." Douglas Brown, a Baptist minister from London, England, was called out of his church by God to go evangelize, and when he finally obeyed God, thousands were saved and many other ministers began to join him in this. You can read more about this here.

The Fishermen's Revival or Forgotten Revival

This was a Revival in which Baptist minister Douglas Brown and many other ministers began to obey the call of God and come out of their denomination and begin to evangelize outside of the church. Many young people as well as older people were saved, and finally it moved into the fishing villages. It spread to other countries. This revival was called the "Forgotten Revival."

As I read about it, it seemed to have been because there wasn't just one man who started it, but God used many ministers, who came out of their pulpits, to bring the lost, who did not attend church, into the Kingdom of God! It finally ended up in the fishing villages and has also been called "The Fishermen's Revival."

"I Am Going to Ransom the Old Men and Release Them to be Fathers"

So, what are you saying in all of this, Lord? He began to speak to me about all of this immediately, but also has given me many pieces over the last few weeks. The Beverly Hillbillies are those people who came from poverty to riches because of the father (Jed Clampett) discovering black gold (oil) on his land!

God is about to take some families and churches from poor to very rich in the Spirit and many in the natural, because fathers are going to discover the oil of the Holy Spirit of God, or the anointing that flows from the head down (see Psalm 133).

They are going to understand that when they take their place (the wheel) as the spiritual head of their home or their churches, that there is great treasure in their families and in their church Body! This, in turn, will bring great joy and refreshing to their families and churches!

These fathers are going to take their families in these Oldsmobiles through the car wash, and they are going to begin to wash them in the water of the Word again!

Oldsmobile was founded by Ransom E. Olds. When I saw this, the Lord spoke and said, "I am going to RANSOM THE OLD men from their old ways and cause them to walk in the old right ways, when men were the head of their families, and they were the spiritual stability in their families and churches, as they washed them in the water of the pure Word and spoke blessings over them on a daily basis! I will turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children, and the hearts of the children back to their fathers."

The definition for ransom is "a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity."

And the Lord said, "I am releasing them from their old ways, for I have paid the price for My men, and I will have an obedient people in the day of My power! My plan from the beginning was the family."

Malachi 4:5-6 (ASV) Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of Jehovah come. And He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

The Families Will Go Out Like Abraham From Their Homeland and Go into the Highways and Byways

I hear the Lord saying that, "As Jed Clampett went out from his own habitat and from what was familiar and comfortable and took his family with him, so shall many heads of churches and heads of families go out of their comfort zones into the highways and byways and compel those fishermen, or harvesters of the harvest, to come in.

"They will discover the oil in their own houses and churches and begin to see that which is in their families and churches as treasure to win the lost! I will begin to cause circumstances to happen in the earth that will awaken hearts and turn stoney hearts to flesh. I am preparing them for the Great Reaping! The harvest is ripe!

"These will be those that have been forgiven much, therefore they will love much! These fishermen that will be coming in will be released into the harvest for the greatest outpouring that the world has ever seen!"

Joy Will Return and the Fishermen Will be Raised Up

First of all, as these fathers begin to wash their families in the water of the Word, there will be ecstatic joy that will come upon them and a refreshing for the ministries that they will begin to move into. There are ministries that will have the anointing like the 1921 Revival to bring in the fishermen. These fishermen will be the harvesters for the great harvest that is coming upon the earth!

The Lord is saying, "There are many ministers who will leave their comfort zones to begin to bring in the fishermen. These fishermen that will be coming in will be released into the harvest for the greatest outpouring the world has ever seen! Family businesses will be raised up to be wells of salvation."

I saw family businesses being raised up to not only be hubs where people will come in and be brought to the Lord through whatever gifts and talents are in these families, but they will also be a part of showing these that will be saved what gifts and talents that they have to use for the Kingdom to evangelize!

The Lord is getting ready to bring some great surprises into the lives of many who have been saying, "When, God? When?" I see Him looking excited because He knows that He is about to say, "NOW!"

I see many getting ready to unwrap a package that God is about to give them; it will be one that they have waited long for! Ministries are about to increase and grow on a scale that will exceed anything that they have ever seen! Doors of greatness and influence are about to open wide because of the necessity of the times! I see fathers taking the wheel again, both spiritual fathers in the Church and natural fathers.

A Second Dream About Fishing

I had a second dream a couple of weeks after the first one about all of this. In the dream I was sitting in what seemed to be a conference, and I was sitting in the hotel lobby on what seemed to be a large centerpiece for beautiful decorative plants. A Man came walking up to me with a beautiful smile and eyes of love. He had a dark beard and dark hair. I realized this was Jesus, and He spoke to me in this dream and said, "You are number six in Field and Stream Magazine and in Outdoor Life Magazine."

Number six is the number of man. When I woke up from the dream, the Lord told me to look up the covers of these magazines, and there were titles like:"Catch the Biggest Fish Ever!," "The Big Catch," "Catch Giant Fish," "Catch Big Bucks," etc... You get the point.

He was saying, "You will be fishers of men." It was as if the Lord was speaking directly to me through these magazines.

The Lord then spoke to me about when He came and His disciples were fishing and they had not caught anything all day, but at His word they caught so many that their net broke! He said that we will be catching some"big fish" that would in turn catch other fish!

Then He gave me these two Scriptures about the deer on the front of these covers:

"As the deer pants for water, so I long for You, O God" (Psalm 42:1 TLB),

And then this one: "He makes My feet like hinds' feet, and sets me upon my high places" (Psalm 18:33).

He then said, "You will be teaching these fishermen that as they pant after Me with their whole heart that all of that which they do will come out of the overflow of our relationship, and I will make their feet like hinds' feet upon the mountains of societies and they will reign in life with Me!"

They will be those in Psalm 24 that "ascend into the hill (promotion) of the Lord" and is said of them, "(These are they), that seek Thy face, O Jacob."

The Sign We Received a Few Years Ago

Lastly, a few years ago, around 2008, a fish (Ictus) appeared on our bedroom door! Just before this Patricia King had prophesied that there would be a season of unusual signs and wonders. When it appeared it was iridescent and rainbow colored. It did not move positions on the door when we would move the door. It was there day and night. We have a bad picture of it, but we do have it. It looks nothing like what it truly looked like.

Many people came to our home for a church service then, and they all saw it also. Then, just a year or so ago, my husband took pictures of one that appeared above our kitchen door for a while. The first one stayed for many weeks; the second one for just a while. I believe now that these were signs of what God is about to do with us in this season.

I believe that this is the generation that is about to see the greatest harvest that the world has ever seen! This is the beginning of the greatest Fishermen's Revival that the world has ever seen and that "The knowledge of His glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!" It is time to go outdoors into the fields and catch men!

Arise, shine!

Jo Ellen Stevens
TCIC Ministries


Jo Ellen Stevens is a prophetic speaker, author, worship leader, and intercessor from Connersville, Indiana. She has ministered with her husband for 23 years, pastoring, teaching, and leading prophetic worship. She operates in a prophetic anointing with words of knowledge and words of wisdom. She believes that every Believer should be hearing the Lord's voice and resounding His heart out of their intimate relationship with Him. She also believes God called her many years ago to encourage the Body of Christ to arise and shine with the glory of the Lord for such a time as this, no matter what their age, background, or social status! She believes that God has given us each a platform to use the gifts and talents that He has given us to bring those who do not know the Lord out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God, and that social media will play a great part in covering the earth with His glory!

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