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"My MarketPlace – My Monday Morning Miracles" - Mickey Freed, Bedford, TX

As I was walking through my home last week, I heard the Holy Spirit say this: "My marketplace. My Monday morning miracles." Not having a full understanding of what He was really trying to tell me, I turned around and went back into my office and listened intensely.

As you begin to read, this may have seemed like a familiar message that you have heard before, but keep reading! See it! Grasp it! It's a word for the Body of Christ in the workplace.

"Good morning, Holy Spirit, but what are You trying to tell me?"

Suddenly, He began to tell me that every person who works in the marketplace (workplace) is a minister for Him. This comes with the understanding that we must be born again in Christ. This was not a new concept to me. So, I wondered briefly why He was talking to me about this. Even though I have been preaching and teaching marketplace ministry for several years, this was a voice of purpose.

As the Holy Spirit began to speak, it was a voice that was intense. It was direct. It was powerful! I have heard His voice many times before, but not like this. It was as if He were standing beside me shouting in my ear. It was a message that He really wanted me to get.

The more He spoke, the more information He revealed. It was a release to us all in marketplace ministry to use our talents and abilities to win souls for Christ.

In the natural, it seemed as if He spoke for ten to fifteen minutes, but spiritually it was only a few seconds. If anyone has ever encountered an angelic visitation, it was much the same. I have encountered angelic visitations before, but this voice was distinctive. This was a spiritual voice with an extremely higher level of authority. I instantly knew that there was spiritual business that needed to take place.

This voice was the same voice that spoke to me a few years ago when I wrote the book Regaining Vision. I had lost hope and vision, and, suddenly, this voice spoke a clear message to me to regain my vision and gave revelation and explanations you can read in the book. But, I can tell you, this voice of the Holy Spirit, both times, was tenacious, persistent, and directly from the throne room of God. It was like my high school teacher telling me to get my homework done or else! This is probably an inadequate example, but at the moment it was tense. God is speaking and I needed to get this on paper.

Three Things God Wants Us Know as We Work and Minister in the Marketplace

The Holy Spirit started with three distinctive points.

The first point spoken was very directive. When we are in the marketplace, we are to watch, listen, and focus. In the marketplace, we as Believers are to watch what was going on around us; listen to what was being discussed or spoken; and lastly, we are to focus on the atmosphere around us so that our influence in this particular "mountain" could be changed.

I used the word "mountain" purposefully because of the teaching of the seven mountains. For more information on the "seven mountains mandate," you may want to search for Lance Wallnau products and resources on the Elijah List click here. He has an incredible teaching on this that you will want to get. If you are familiar with this paradigm, you know that the Church is in the "religion mountain," but there are six others. For those who don't know what the seven mountains are, I will list them for you. Besides the religion mountain, the other six are: Economy, Education, Family, Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment. Most of our lives are involved in or around one of these "mountains."

To continue, it was very apparent that the Holy Spirit was speaking a word of evangelism to the workplace. We all know that opportunities exist to introduce Jesus to others in various venues outside of the church, but this word – "Monday Morning Miracle" – was not only for me, but a word for us all to increase the use of our abilities in the marketplace to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

Again, the words reverberated in my ears. Watch! Listen! Focus! Watch! Listen! Focus! I don't believe that the Holy Spirit was telling us to run to the malls and be religious or to force our doctrine on others in the workplace. Religion can cause others to reject Christ and what we have to say if our approach is wrong. Although I do believe that an experienced person in evangelism can evangelize without being religious or offensive, many need help in this area. Some have a heart and passion for evangelism and need no training to spread the Word and know how to not be religious at all. Although we all should spread the "Good News," and many of us go to great churches, many only know the basics of being saved (see Romans 10:9-10).

A Word For Us to be Alert

Part of this first point was, I also believe, to include a word of alertness. How many of us go out to eat in a restaurant or take our family to a sports event and never "size up" into what type of atmosphere we have walked into?

Watch and take notice of the things that are going on around us. Be a good listener of the noise around you. I am not talking about eavesdropping on others, but being aware of the types of sounds that exist around you. Is it peaceful, noisy, loud, unruly, or uncommon? I know that we are not trained to do these things, but I believe that if we listen, watch, and focus when in the marketplace, whether it's our workplace or other locations, these three things can be of value to us if used. Otherwise, the Holy Spirit would not have mentioned them to me.

They Don't Know Who They Are!

The second thing the Holy Spirit spoke to me was this: "The marketplace ministers don't realize who they are." I pressed for clarity. He said that we can be "spiritual" in church, but we must be wise in the marketplace. He said we can be theological in the church, but we must be tangible in the world. He explained that many are using the same "religious dialogue" in the workplace as they use in the church, and it is turning people off!

While calling each other a brother or sister may be appropriate in the church to show togetherness, in the world it is not applicable. Can you imagine a person that does not know Christ in the marketplace being called a sister or brother? Or, often, some Christians are talking the religious talk at work, but their co-workers are not seeing diligence or productivity in their work and actions. Stop and think about this. We must realize what we learn in the confinement of the four walls of the church and the world does not understand that type of dialogue nor do they often want to understand our way of thinking.

We must realize who we are! Before we confessed Jesus as our Savior, our philosophy was much the same. Sometimes it does us good to think back and remember our worldly experiences. Thank God for HIS grace! Even though most will not admit it, we used a language that needed to be changed. Before being saved, some of us were around religious people who seemed to be very strange and we didn't want to be in a group of people that were not being real. We had all kinds of viewpoints of people who went to church, and we definitely didn't know the doctrinal differences of the churches due to our lack of involvement. We just did not understand church.

Why would anyone give up their lifestyle of worldly fun and pleasure to go to a building down the street that preached the Gospel? Since we did not know the lifestyle of the church, we assumed that the atmosphere was stuffy with lots of guidelines. And, those that did talk to us about Jesus were very nice people, but had issues themselves. We thought that since they were going to church, their lives were perfect. We didn't realize that they were going to church to maintain what they had learned. Let us just admit it: Before we received Christ, there were a lot of thoughts that went through our minds. But now that we are born again, we are realizing who we are and what we represent.

The Holy Spirit was echoing the words of Christ: "Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations..." (Matthew 28:19). A good rule to remember when ministering in the marketplace is this: Remember how we used to be and minister from that strategy, but always remember how much grace that God gave to us.

Stay Spiritually Focused!

Thirdly, when the Holy Spirit said, "Stay spiritually focused," there seemed to be a charge in His voice. It was very directive. It not only was a voice giving information, but a command. Let me explain. He began to say things that I already knew, but was reinforcing the fact that I was not using what I knew. This commanding voice said, "Tell them about the goodness of God. Tell them about how grace is sufficient. Tell them I want to empower and bless them. Tell them that there is no condemnation in Christ. Tell them that I have need of them."

By then, I was in tears and not being a very good listener, but I had a great understanding of what the commanding voice was saying.

As an ordained minister of the Lord for thirty years, I have taught and ministered marketplace evangelism diligently. The Holy Spirit is such a gentleman that He knew exactly where I was spiritually. I am not an evangelist, but have a heart for marketplace ministry and the lost.Marketplace ministry is simply ministering in the workplace using what you have wherever you may be. It's you being you. Using what we have to spread the Word comes through our believing in the finished work of Christ. For more information on this, get Dr. Sandie Freed's book,Letting Go of Your Limitations: Experiencing God's Transforming Power.

Let me conclude this article by using the words of the Holy Spirit: "MY MONDAY MORNING MIRACLES." This was a direct word of the Lord from the Holy Spirit to all who work in the marketplace. His Monday morning miracles are those faithful Believers who carry the Word of God from their local churches, as well as from their own personal relationship with Christ, with them into the marketplace.

It's more than simply being a vessel that is full of the Word of God. It's more than being a church member for years. It's more than teaching a Sunday School class. This word from the Holy Spirit was more than knowing that you are born again and Heaven awaits our destiny. This was a word from the Lord to alert you and me that we are vessels filled with the anointing of God, called to be more than a pew sitter. We must realize who we are and what we carry inside.

To have a Monday morning miracle, we must toss aside the shame and fear of rejection from others, and, when the opportunity is provided, we must open up our hearts and reach out to those around us. Will we get rejected? Probably. But, did Jesus get rejected? Did the disciples have to dust off their feet and move forward from those that did not receive them?

Saints, we carry this incredible anointing that breaks yokes and burdens (see Isaiah 10:27). Please understand I am not talking about leaving your church and evangelizing the world. I am saying this because we are committed to our local churches. I am saying this because we are faithful and serve in our local assemblies. But what good is our dedication and faithfulness to our church if we are not faithful to our calling outside the four walls? I praise the Lord for those business people who pray daily that the Holy Spirit will order their day to open up an opportunity to minister Christ while at work. We, too, must do the same.

I want to encourage you to not only pray every day, but to ask the Lord to order your day that you might be a light to someone in darkness. Monday morning miracles can only occur if we step out on our faith in God and listen to those around us; watch and be aware of what is going on in and around our environment; and focus and have an alertness of what the Holy Spirit is doing in the midst of our daily walk.

You may already know this, but every Believer can be a Monday morning miracle. But, we cannot allow what we have to only be used on Mondays. Monday is only the beginning of the work week for most of us. So, this week, allow the Holy Spirit to use you wherever you may be. Lift your head high. Walk with the joy of the Lord. Meet those with whom God has linked you at work with a smile of confidence. You're a Monday Morning Miracle!

Let me pray for and with you: Father, I ask that You would touch those in the workplace right now with Your love and Your amazing wisdom and knowledge. We walk with You and talk with You daily, but, Father, we have a desire to touch others around us. Lord, I desire to tell others about Your wonderful grace, that "unmerited favor," that we didn't deserve but accepted. Thank You, Lord, for stirring our hearts for those around us. This walk is not about us, but about You. Father, let me be a Monday morning miracle. I will be quick to give You all the glory and honor. Amen.

Apostle Mickey Freed
Lifegate Church International


Apostle Mickey Freed is Senior Pastor of Lifegate Church International and has been an ordained minister with Christian International for over twenty-six years. Mickey and his wife Dr. Sandie Freed have just recently planted Lifegate Church International in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. They also were successful in the marketplace as a custom home builder for over thirty years. Mickey presently serves on Dr. Bill Hamon's Board of Governors. Mickey has traveled nationally and internationally ministering the Word of God. He brings stability to an environment of change, and works with pastors and leaders to establish a solid foundation for Church growth. Apostle Mickey's teaching on "Church growth," along with his new teaching manual, is equipping Church leaders to build their Church in the 21st century.

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