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"The Importance of Entering Into Our Divine Inheritance as Kings and Priests" - Ella Onakoya, London, United Kingdom

I believe we are living in the days where the voice of the Lord is being made clearer to us. After all, Hebrews 1, verses 1 and 2, make it very clear to us that in these last days God is speaking to us through His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things. The Son has been made an heir of the Kingdom, but we have joint inheritance with Him. The heart-desire of Jesus is to remind us of the Kingdom He has made provision for us to inherit.

I hear in my spirit the Lord's desire for us to hear the voice of His Son in so many diverse ways, especially through dreams and visions. Joel 2, verse 28, talks about an outpouring of the Spirit of God in these last days that would bring about an increase in dreams and visions. Is it in any wonder, then, as we feel the Spirit of the Lord being poured out, that the Lord will open our spirit to receive dreams and visions from Him?

The spirit of stupor is being removed so our spirit can be fully awakened to hear Him through dreams and visions. The message of the Kingdom has never been more pivotal and necessary than in these days of deep darkness covering the earth. As we receive fresh revelation of the Kingdom, and as we walk in it, we cover the earth with the light of Heaven. This is the cry of God in Isaiah 60 to arise and shine, for our light has come.

He Has Made Us Kings with Him...

I am thankful for several visitations and appearances of the Lord Jesus I have had in dreams and visions, but I remember one particular visitation that I believe was very significant.

It was late October 2013. I laid on my couch in my living room in London and fell asleep. As I started to wake up, I entered into a trancelike state while not fully awake. I looked up and saw Jesus.

What amazed me was what He was wearing. I will admit that at other times I had seen the Lord I had not often remembered or noticed what He wore. My focus would usually be on the words He spoke to me, but in this visitation, it seemed as if the Lord drew my eyes to notice what He was wearing.

It was a silk, purple robe. I looked down at myself and I saw I was wearing matching robes and colors. I was wearing the exact purple robe Jesus was wearing. I drifted out of the vision as I became fully awake, but I was left with such a tangible imprint of the presence of the Lord. The Lord spoke to me as He quoted Revelation 5:10:"And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth." He spoke to me reminding me of the authority in the Body of Christ which He has given to us.

Purple robes in the olden days often signified royalty. This was the color people of royal blood often wore. Jesus visiting me in a purple robe spoke to me of our royal nature. As He is, so are we on the earth. He spoke to me of the authority we have as kings. As royal kings purchased into the Kingdom by royal Blood, we have been given authority to act as Jesus would do on this earth.

...And Priests. Our Important Role.

Like Jesus, our Priest who ever lives to make intercession for us, we also have a priestly calling to offer up prayers and intercessions for mercy and grace to be released on the earth as we approach the throne of grace. Never has the world needed so much intervention of divine grace as we seem to see the increase of darkness in our nations. The Blood of Jesus speaks better things than the blood of Abel. Our High Priest is calling us to take our intercessory role as priests over our nations, our church, our families. Our prayer makes way for God's intervention on the earth.

I remember last year as I ministered at a conference in Norway in October, during the night the Lord woke me up to pray for London, specifically for protection from ISIS attacks. I prayed. As a priest I knew I had authority to legislate in the heavenlies on behalf of my nation, the UK. The UK might not be a totally righteous nation, but the Lord's mercy can be invoked on a nation by a priest who is standing in the gap.

In my role as a priest and king, I prayed for protection, simultaneously taking authority against the spirit of terrorism and asking the Lord to release His angelic beings. The very same day, I read an article in the news that an attack from four ISIS militants, who were about to butcher and behead members of the public that day, was foiled. They were caught and arrested. This incident reinforced in my heart what Jesus told His disciples when He taught them how to pray – that we must pray for His Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven. When the Father releases His knowledge of His will into our hearts in a particular situation, we then arise in our priestly and kingly role to intercede and issue decrees that will release His will on Earth as is in Heaven.

When God talked of us reigning on earth in Revelation 5, verse 10, I believe He was talking about a Body of Believers who will release the justice, power, and righteousness of God on earth as representatives of Christ on earth. Releasing His Kingdom will oftentimes be challenged by satan and his cohorts who will not want His Kingdom released. So, what do we do when we face extreme difficulty in walking the path we know God has called us to? I believe walking by faith, trusting in the Lord, an attitude of thanksgiving, and purposing in our heart to follow through against all odds will bring us to the place of breakthrough.

As royal ambassadors of Jesus on earth, we are mandated by God to reign on the earth as righteous kings and priests simply by acting as Jesus would if He was the one in our situation. Often, oppositions and challenges will arise as we pursue living as Kingdom people.

You Have Full Power and Authority to See God's Will and Kingdom Released in Your Family, Your Cities, Your Work Place...

Several years ago I was with a team in Mali. We felt called to bring in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom. Many were Muslims and people of other faiths. The Lord will often give a word of direction about how He seeks to bring His Kingdom through us. So, on the first night I arrived in Mali at the hotel, I waited on the Lord asking for a word for how He would bring out His purpose though us in Mali. As I waited to hear Him, the Lord spoke to my heart a single word: "Lazarus." I asked what He meant. He said, "In this place the dead will be raised." As He released that word to me, it was as if He breathed resurrection life into me. I understood that His strategy for bringing His Kingdom into that region was for the team to walk in resurrection power even when we faced situations that seemed dead.

At the beginning of the trip we had several testimonies by many members of the team of seeing many healed and saved at the crusades they spoke at. It seemed so effortless, like we had no challenges at all. I have found, however, when the Lord gives a word, it is to impart to us divine power to deal with challenges we might face in the future.

Soon I was asked to take a team to a remote village where we drove for hours before we arrived. I was to hold a crusade where we were expecting many to be attending. We arrived with anticipation but were shocked to see there were no villagers at the crusade save for a few pastors. These pastors told us the villagers had simply decided not to attend the meeting. They later told us that that would be the first time the Gospel of Jesus would actually be preached there and that many pastors who had attempted to hold crusades in the past had not had breakthrough and had been unable to hold any meetings, perhaps because the villagers had always been reluctant to hear about Jesus.

Suddenly I remembered the word Jesus breathed into my spirit about Lazarus and resurrection. I understood He was talking about this particular situation where we were going to meet those dead in their trespasses and sins and who would be reluctant to turn to Jesus. According to Ephesians 2:1-7, the heart of Jesus is to quicken those to life.

Filled with faith and boldness, our team decided we were not going back to our hotel, that we would pray and believe for God's intervention. As we faced the opposition from the demonic world which was seeking to hold the souls of those precious people bound, we began to pray some key principles from the Bible. We remembered the wisdom of Jesus in Matthew 12:29 as He talked about binding the strongman in order to release his goods. We took authority and bound the strongman holding the souls bound, commanding souls to be released. We prayed with violent faith as in Matthew 11:12, understanding that we were in a situation where we had to take the Kingdom by force.

s we prayed, we began to feel a shift in the atmosphere. The heavy atmosphere of darkness shifted and we began to feel light breaking in. We looked ahead of us and suddenly we saw many men, women, and children coming to the crusade ground. The power of prayer had broken through the resistance, and the veil from their heart was lifted away. As they gathered and sat, I praised Jesus in awe in my heart. After preaching the Gospel, I gave an altar call. Everyone who attended from that village raised their hands to Jesus and received Him as Lord and Savior. Convicted by His love and power, many dropped their amulets and occult charms, repenting as they came to the Lord. Many healings and miracles took place as the team prayed for the sick.

As we saw this great breakthrough, we gave thanks to Jesus, feeling privileged to be used by God where many saw a hard ground that had never heard the Gospel and had rejected any opportunity to hear it. We rejoiced as we remembered the word of the Lord in Isaiah 66, verse 8: "...Shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."

What a beautiful moment of Heaven releasing Jesus' Kingdom on earth.

As you read this, I want to encourage you that you have been given His royal robes to wear. You have been called a kingdom of priests and kings to reign on the earth. You have full power and authority to see God's will and Kingdom released in your family, your cities, your work place, in your business world and ministry. Wherever you are, remember you are mantled to wear His royal robes for such a time as this. I believe the Lord is raising up an army of kings and priests filled with humility, and yet bold because they know who they are in Christ. Victory is assured you, my friends, as you press on in faith, trust, and obedience.

Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is a full-time itinerant minister and author based in the UK who has been travelling for several years to preach a message of revival and awakening to Believers in churches, and she also preaches the Gospel to the lost and unsaved in many parts of the world. The ministry also aims to equip, activate, and disciple Believers in their calling to do the works that Jesus did.

As an evangelist and prophetic revivalist, Ella Onakoya travels and ministers extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK, and in America with God fulfilling His words with signs and wonders as she speaks at crusades, conferences, church revival meetings, and equipping schools. Various moves of God have happened where she had ministered in the nations. Many have also experienced personal breakthroughs, salvations, and healings in these meetings. It is her vision to see the mandate of Jesus fulfilled in every nation, in every life.

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