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"This is a Fullness of Time Juncture: A Year of Skill, Wisdom, Instruction and Understanding" - Jeff Jansen, Murfreesboro, TN

This is a transcription from Jeff Jansen's recorded audio word given on September 22, 2015, on "Yom Kippur" – Day of Atonement:

This is Jeff Jansen – and I am over here currently (in Indonesia), as I am speaking to you it is Yom Kippur, September 22nd, and the Lord has been speaking with me about this coming season. Yom Kippur as you know is when Bob Jones received his Shepherd's Rod, Bobby Connor does, there are others that do – it is the day that the Lord really speaks and gives instruction. So what I am doing is, actually, I am just creating something because I really would like to be able to get this word out.

I am currently in Kupang, Indonesia, and we had an amazing outpouring here. I am getting ready to be with Mel Tari. So we are in Indonesia with about 30,000 people, doing a crusade there with Mel in the next couple of days and that is on the 50th anniversary of the "Like a Mighty Wind" outpouring that took place when people walked on water... was absolutely amazing, the dead were raised, where the glory of God invaded West Timor, Indonesia, and even the birds and things like that – testimonies of birds preaching the Gospel telling, "Listen, there is a visitation that's coming... that's here to the island." Appearing to witch doctors... birds appearing to witch doctors and telling them, "You need to repent. The Kingdom of God is here. You need to go to church and you need to find the Christians because this is a season of visitation for the island."

We're here on the island on the 50-year anniversary. 1965 was the outpouring with Mel Tari, "Like a Mighty Wind". And we are here asking God to do it again on this Jubilee. So I really believe that this is a word that needs to get out to the Elijah List... So there's some symmetry and I guess I just lay it out point by point.

A Jubilee Year

#1: This is the year 5776. I am sending this to you on Yom Kippur, which is September 22nd of the year 5776 and this is what the Lord has shown me. First of all, you know, again I am on the island on a 50-year anniversary in a Jubilee year. I'm not sure what other prophets have said. What's been said about Rosh Hashanah, honestly, I have not read any of those words and I hope that this is all confirmation with some of the other prophets have said. But here it is:

This is a Jubilee Year. This year is a Jubilee Year. It is a year of Jubilee, and so that's a key year where God sets His people free. And the Lord is obviously doing that again and it's a year of freedom.

It is also this: It is the 70th Jubilee since Joshua crossed the Promised Land with the Ark of the Covenant to dispossess the giants. He crossed the Jordan River. This is the 70th jubilee or the 70th, 50-year which goes back 3500 years when Joshua crossed into dispossess the nations. So that is this year as well. So this is a Year of Jubilee, but it is also the 70th Jubilee since Joshua went in to dispossess the giants and the children of Israel moved into their Promised Land. That's key! That's massive!

But it is also this year, as I said: It is a Jubilee Year, so there's massive symmetry here. And the Lord spoke with me this morning, and I'm a little bit ahead of you guys in the US, so I'm in full on Yom Kippurtoday. The Lord said it was significant because 70 is representative of this... and I am gathering my thoughts as I'm going, but 70 is this: the Lord showed me that it's just like when the children of Israel came out of Babylon. Daniel was reading; in Daniel chapter 9 he was reading:

"n the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the books the number of years which, according to the word of the Lord to Jeremiah the prophet, must pass by before the desolations [which had been] pronounced on Jerusalem should end; and it was seventy years." Daniel 9:2

So after 70 years the children of Israel were released, and he was reading out of the book of Jeremiah chapter 29. We all know verse 11: "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans of peace to prosper you that you might have an expected end," but everybody neglects to see Daniel chapter 29, verse 10, where it says after 70 years you will be released to go back and to rebuild... For I know the plans that I have for you, says the Lord...(paraphrased).

So 70 is the year of release. And this being the 70th Jubilee, it's a release of freedom and it's the time where Joshua went in 70 Jubilees ago, and he dispossessed the giants and possessed the promises of God. That's massively key – on a Jubilee Year itself.

"My People Will Rebuild"

So the Lord said, "Jeff, this year marks a year where I'm releasing My people to go back into and to rebuild, like to rebuild the tabernacle of David, or to rebuild some of what was destroyed at Solomon's temple that Nebuchadnezzar did and brought them into Babylonian exile. I am releasing My people."

They will come out with... like Haggai. Haggai was one of those. Daniel was one of those prophets. Ezra was one of those prophets. Jeremiah was one of those prophets. Out of the book of Zechariah it was Joshua, the high priest, and Zerubbabel – they were there. So they saw that this whole thing was about the rebuilding of the temple. But Haggai was part of that and the whole book of Haggai is all about the rebuilding of the temple, the rebuilding of Solomon's temple after they were released by King Cyrus whom the Lord loved.
And if you read Haggai chapter 2, the Lord actually rebuked the children of Israel because it was 18 years and they still had only done a little bit of work on the house of the Lord, but they were paneling their own houses so the favor of God came off of them. And the Lord said, "No, no, no, no, no – you need to be building My house, not your house." The Lord said, "Now be strong."

If you look at Haggai chapter 2: "Be strong now Zerubbabel; be strong now, Joshua high priest..." and I am just paraphrasing now not reading it: "Be strong now all you people! And remember I'm going to be with you just like I was when you came out of Egypt. As one more time I'm going to shake the starry heavens and I'm going to shake the earth. And I'm going to shake the nations and everything is going to happen, for the gold is Mine, the silver is Mine and the glory of the latter house, this latter house that you're building will be greater than the glory" (of the former house).

And the Lord said, "Jeff, here we are at the 70 year junction – I, just like the children of Israel, released to go back and to rebuild and to bring the glory of God back into Jerusalem," He said, "I'm releasing My people. It's a year of freedom, and I will pay for it – the gold is Mine, the silver is Mine and the glory of the latter house will be greater – to establish and to bring the glory of God back into the nations in revival."

Just like Joshua went into 70 Jubilees ago from this very Jubilee, he went into to dispossess the nations; he went in with the glory of God before him – the pillar of cloud by day, the pillow of fire by night and dispossessed the giants. The glory of God is going to dispossess nations and the glory of God is going to fall in nations on this Jubilee year. 70 jubilees ago that's what Joshua did.

A Season of Angelic Visitation, Wisdom and Instruction

Not only that... but today is Yom Kippur 9/22, and the Lord said, "Jeff, 9/22 is also the book of Daniel." Now Daniel chapter 9, verse 22 says that Daniel was confessing the sins of his people (Daniel 9) and he was making intercession and Gabriel came in this season. It's a season of angelic visitation. It's a season where God is bringing instruction and Daniel chapter 9, verse 22 says this:

"He instructed me and he made me understand, he talked with me and he said, 'I've now come to give you skill, wisdom, and understanding.'" On 9/22 today, today is 9/22 Yom Kippur, which is actually 70 Yom Kippurs ago, is was when Joshua went in as well. Today is Yom Kippur 9/22, September 22nd, and the Lord said:

"Jeff, I'm giving skill, I'm giving wisdom, I'm giving instruction, I'm giving understanding just like Gabriel came, and I'm giving that instruction, I'm giving that wisdom, I'm giving the skill, I'm giving the understanding for people, keys into the supernatural – keys for breakthrough in this season, Yom Kippur."

And it's a season of angelic visitation. It's a season where these keys are coming that will unlock doors, destiny doors, it will unlock nations, it will unlock the glory of God in places globally. So, it doesn't matter what it looks like, like the children of Israel, you know... when Daniel was reading the book in Daniel chapter 9, they were in captivity 68 years at that point. And he's reading the book, "Oh my goodness, according to the word of the Lord by Jeremiah in 70 years we are going to be released." So immediately he set his face to pray.

...Here we are praying... I'm praying on Yom Kippur 9/22 – on this day 9/22, September 22nd, and the Lord said, "Jeff, it's time to pray. Tell My people it's time to pray because I'm releasing in this 70th Jubilee, on this 70th Jubilee in this Jubilee Year, I'm releasing heavenly instruction, heavenly blueprints, heavenly skill and wisdom and understanding and knowledge – how to bring the glory of God back into the nations. Just like the children of Israel did when they were released from 70 years of Babylonian captivity."

...Here we are on Yom Kippur, and it's a really, really key time! So I wanted to be able to get this to's God. God is written all over this. You can't make these junctures up – this is a fullness of time juncture. The year 5776, Yom Kippur, a year of instruction, wisdom, skill, and understanding to dispossess and take nations.
We're here on the island on the 50-year anniversary where God literally invaded a nation with His glory with Mel Tari, and I'm going to be with Mel preaching to 30,000... literally invaded a nation with His glory, where creation actually preached the Gospel, birds preached the Gospel to witch doctors and people. We're talking about that kind of glory. That happened in 1965; that's 50 years ago this year on 9/24 – that's in two days. It's actually very, very amazing; this symmetry is amazing.

Joshua did it 70 Jubilees ago, it happened one Jubilee ago this year with Mel Tari 50 years ago. That's actually quite amazing and today it's 9/22 – Daniel 9/22 – and God is again giving wisdom, skill, understanding, and knowledge to take nations and to bring the glory of God back into the nations. And that's what the children of Israel were released for after 70 years by Cyrus. He gave them the gold, Cyrus gave them the silver, and sent them back to Jerusalem to rebuild the glory, the tabernacle. But they got busy – the warning is: they got busy doing their own thing. The Lord says, "No, no, no, no – it's My house first. Build My house."

There's something about the glory of God going into the nations and rebuilding the house of the Lord to take nations. What happened 50 years ago here in West Timor with Mel Tari... we're believing God is going to do it again.

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