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"A Time For Radical Generosity" - Joey LeTourneau, Redding, CA

But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matthew 6:20

Recently, I had consecutive visions/dreams from the Lord about gold. Since these two experiences, God has continued to impress upon my heart the need to explore them further.

The first vision came seemingly out of nowhere one night in our living room while spending time as a family. Suddenly, I saw the image of a person, however the figure of the body was made out of ore, the rocky/coal substance that often encapsulates gold. It has to be mined or broken through to retrieve the gold. This "person" was fully made of ore on the outside, but on their right shoulder there was a "breakthrough" of sorts and their internal "gold" was starting to show.

The next day I had a dream. I held what I can only describe as a book, which again was made out of ore. Each page had been mined and revealed more gold. However, none of the pages had what we might classify as the appearance of gold in color or typical substance. Every page of the book offered gold in different, brilliant, shining forms. It was clear to me that the "gold" that is being revealed is coming forth in many different forms and for us to be ready to recognize each, and be generous in each.

Are We Ready?

Therefore I thought it necessary to exhort the brethren to go to you ahead of time, and prepare your generous gift beforehand, which you had previously promised, that it may be ready as a matter of generosity and not as a grudging obligation. 2 Corinthians 9:5

Your gold is starting to show, but are we ready? There have been many awesome words and prophecies about the transference of wealth into the Kingdom. The gold is here! But I believe the real question is: Are we prepared to steward it forward generously, without fear of lack, understanding that it's natural for Heaven's abundance to live in us but it must have a way through us first?

Adam and Eve were given a mandate to take dominion over the earth and be fruitful and multiply. But after the fall, their vision changed, so stewarding their purpose changed as well. Now, they couldn't fully move forward to give life while being so mindful of gathering fig leaves to protect their own lives. They became double-minded in vision and purpose because they hit a point where they had to decide which one to serve. I have to imagine they still wanted to live their purpose, but a new version of stewardship crept in – the stewardship of protecting self.(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

If we will be ready for the gold of the Kingdom that is coming forth in our lives, we must take back that which Jesus has already given back: a single-minded vision and purpose that trusts God to protect and sustain while we multiply.

Your Promised Land Now

This reminds me of a vision I had several years back, shared in the first chapter of my book,The Life Giver. In the vision I was caught up to my "Promised Land" that I was to live and give from while still on earth. I wasn't being called to live and give by what I had in my hands, but to live and give by what I already owned or possessed in Heaven through Jesus Christ. In this particular section I was met and instructed by Adam:

"As I believe you are somewhat understanding, this is your promised land. This is a piece of Heaven that God has passed down to you through Jesus. However, this is not only the place for your heavenly dwelling; it is the place you are to operate, live, and give from for the rest of your time on earth. Your heavenly inheritance, though eternal, must first be used to bring fruit to earth. This land, just as the Lord gave me in Eden, is a land of promise that you are to take dominion over. I lost sight of that. I let self and worldly deceptions creep in to steal my God-given vision and purpose. I had everything I needed in the land the Lord gave me, but I acted as if it wasn't enough to sustain self, let alone pass on fruit and the taste of Heaven to others. I had the opportunity of Heaven on earth in my very own hands, but I missed it. I was given a land like this but did not understand how to use it, how to own it for the benefit of all, or how to harvest it and pass its free and powerful blessing on to others." (Photo via Wikipedia)

But this I say: he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. 2 Corinthians 9:6

The key here isn't trying to figure out how to get or receive heavenly abundance here on earth; Jesus already made a way for that part. But we have to make a way as well; we have to create abundant avenues and strategies that are already set up so that the given "gold" of the Kingdom has a way to multiply out through us to others. Bill Johnson has a quote that speaks to this incredibly well in his book, Dreaming With God: "What comes into the house must have a way out of the house, or it will die in the house."

Generosity in Spirit, and Strategy

Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Inasmuch as God has shown you all this, there is no one as discerning and wise as you. You shall be over my house, and all my people shall be ruled according to your word..." Genesis 41:39-40

The Kingdom is grown through generous offerings of love. Before we can discover or create a strategy, we must start by bringing ourselves into alignment with the spirit of generosity. That is where multiplication comes to life, when we give of self in an intentional and generous way. It might be your time, your treasures, your talents, or all three!

Generosity is a spirit we operate in that creates tangible, earthly abundance—not because of what we have, but through how it is given. At the same time, wisdom is necessary. Our generosity can't just be aimless or else we waste its abundance.

Joseph received an output strategy from God before the riches of the Kingdom were actually entrusted to him; it was that discussion with Pharaoh what triggered the transference of wealth from Egypt to Joseph and the Kingdom. When power and riches were entrusted, they already had a plan in place for everything that came in to be ready to multiply out. This is how Joseph became such a vessel of multiplication to the nations—because he had a spirit and a strategy of generosity.

Live it & Give it!

I've long grabbed onto the mantle of my distant uncle, R.G. LeTourneau, a famous inventor of earth-moving equipment often referred to as "God's businessman." His biography, "Mover of Men and Mountains," tells stories not only of his innovative ideas but also his extraordinary giving. They actually reached a point in their business/missions where they were giving 90% of their income away. He had a vision of generosity I am still learning to pick up.

When we lived in Ethiopia working to empower youth to live their purpose and calling, I recall one of our most abundant seasons of growth, beyond what we could contain, was when we were giving away 80-90% of what came in on a daily basis. Our ability to give in that fashion didn't come from any ministry growth or an expanding budget; rather our growth as a movement came following the set-up of our plan to steward generously what we already had, sometimes even beyond our means.

We must be diligent, ready, and realize the moment upon us. If the gold is coming forth, as many have said, we need pipelines of strategic generosity in place through each of us so that the wealth of the Kingdom never has to hit a kink or blockage in our lives again. May it be said about each of us:

As it is written: "He has dispersed abroad, He has given to the poor; His righteousness endures forever." 2 Corinthians 9:9

Joey LeTourneau
Imagi-Nations LLC

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Joey LeTourneau, along with his wife Destiny and their five kids, live in Redding, California, and work across the nations to see the Father's heart revealed, and want to see God's children empowered to live out every purpose they've been created for – that no purpose would fall to the ground. Joey has authored six books and recently created a revolutionary new board game that helps people dream into their potential purpose – especially for youth around the world. Together, he and his wife founded Imagi-Nations LLC, a movement to "Imagine nations changed because you lived your purpose and dream."

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