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"This is Again the Hour of Reformation" - Brian and Valerie Britton, Williamsburg, VA

The Coming of Love Reformation

Earlier this year, the Lord took my wife Valerie into a vision where she saw a long hallway along which were many massive and ancient doors standing all in a line. All of the doors were standing wide open, one in front of the other, and she began to walk through each one of them. As she walked through the final door in the hall, she found herself standing in what appeared to be a town square very long ago.

All around her there was a great deal of commotion, screaming, and talking. Ahead and to the right, she saw a man nailing something to the doors of a large church. Everything seemed to be in a state of upheaval. The Lord let her know that this was Germany in the time of the Reformation and that the man was Martin Luther.

Then the Lord said, "Just as in your vision, this is again the hour of reformation. This will be a reformation of My love, of My presence, and one where people, cities, and churches will come back to life and awaken from their slumber." He said that this is also to be a time of great renewal, refreshing, and restoration. "I have opened every door, and it is now up to you to walk through every one of them.

"I am changing things in this hour to make everything more organic and simple for My children. In the days ahead, there will be more and more safe places where they can love Me extravagantly and be loved by Me and each other."

When looking at the word reformation, we see that it means to re-form and re-shape, to change something to a better state or form, to improve by alteration, to cause a person to abandon wrong or evil ways of life or conduct. God is using testings, fire, trials, and pressure to reshape us. The Father, through His great love, is reshaping and molding us into something new and beautiful.

As He works on us, it is important to submit to His will and to His touch. As we receive His unconditional love and become aware of how we can then in turn love and share it with others, this reformation will change the way the world views the Church and draw the masses into the Kingdom. Love is the answer.

In every season of the Church, God seems to bring a dominant message that He wants to convey and that is needed to be conveyed to reach that generation of His children with the Gospel. For instance, one of the great messages of the Reformation was "saved by grace," and then we have the message of Jonathan Edwards in the Great Awakening of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Today, we believe that the message of God's unconditional love (marked by His amazingly great grace) is the message that must be conveyed to the world through His Bride as we live and preach the Gospel.

The doors are open to embrace this Love Reformation, and this is the generation where the Church of Jesus Christ will be known no longer for judgment nor condemnation but for His great love and light that will pour forth effortlessly through her.

So...what does that love look like? It looks like the love that forgives like Christ forgave the woman at the well, the criminal dying beside Him on the Cross, the roman soldiers and religious zealots who murdered Him. It also looks like the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount where He says radical things like "love your enemies."

It looks like the love that will touch and hug those whom society says are untouchable and will see the Church once again called, like Christ, a "friend of sinners." It looks like bringing soup for a neighbor who is sick and sitting with a family member in a hospital. It looks like helping your children with their homework and your spouse with their housework.

This reformation sets God's great love back in its place as the defining characteristic of any follower of Jesus. For far too long, the Church has been seen by the rest of the world as "judgers" rather than as "lovers."

We believe this coming Love Reformation will bring about a restoration of true Christian community and fuel a renaissance in every area of culture as the sons and daughters of God walk in the fullness of what God meant them to be. We will see a confident and set-free generation of sons. So, let's walk through the doors together and embrace this Love Reformation that will usher in a great harvest in these days ahead and bring unprecedented glory to God.

Brian and Valerie Britton
Senior Leader and Pastor, The Dwelling Place

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Since 2002, Brian and Valerie Britton have been taking the love and power of Jesus to the nations and the local Church. They serve as the Senior Leaders and Pastors of The Dwelling Place Churches in Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia. Their life's message is one marrying extreme intimacy and the Father's love with the fire and glory of revival. Brian and Valerie minister the love and power of God with strong prophetic and healing gifts, and both received their Master's degrees in Theology from Regent University. They currently reside in Williamsburg, Virginia, with their daughter Anastasia. Brian, Valerie, and The Dwelling Place are affiliates of Iris Global and they consider Rolland and Heidi Baker their spiritual parents.

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