Friday, April 10, 2015

"It's Your Coming Out Season and Your Turnaround Year" - Nellie Elaine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Just recently I have been hearing the word "Turnaround." I looked up the definition and it says:an abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favorable situation: "it was a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes."

Then I saw a huge wave. In this wave many things were being taken from God's people, and many of God's people were actually in this wave being drawn away from the shore into the deep, deep waters. They did not understand what was happening to them. Situations and circumstances were bringing them further and further into deep waters. It was in these deep waters that God was hiding these people and taking those things from them "to shape and position them" – ONLY TO bring them back to shore to display them.

It has been a time of an intense wilderness experience. Not everyone has been in this wave. Many have already experienced this in times past, and those have been the ones to forerun and carry the glory and deliver the Word.But there is a new wave of people who are being delivered via this wave coming out of the deep places and out of the wilderness leaning on their beloved. For these people there is a turnaround.

On Display... A Coming Out...

You actually know who you are and where you have been, and have been wondering, "How did I ever get here?" You know in your heart that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. The door is opening for you, the deep waters are changing currents below, and there is a shifting.

I see a "coming out" and not just an ordinary coming out. It is a celebration of "Coming Out." There is a global coming out for those of you who were hidden in this last season. Age has no bearing on this coming out because you have been groomed to begin to work the supernatural workings of God.

"You have thought that in that place you would have died, however, I say to you," says the Lord, "that from this place, your life has been expanded and your years increased to be the exact number of years I have determined for you and not earlier as would have been the case."

Your garments have changed to those of deep revelation and you are clothed with Wisdom and Knowledge. You have learned that in that place of preparation of new realms and new levels and promotions that it had to be just you and God. That it was imperative that you KNOW your God, and I mean really KNOW your God. The Word tells us inDaniel 11:32, "THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG, AND CARRY OUT GREAT EXPLOITS."

There was a forging in the deep waters, a trust being developed in the corridor of that journey, where a boy becomes a man and girl becomes a woman; where there is a rite of passage that tests and develops fruit and perseverance and fortitude! There is a knowing that your God is with you no matter what you see, feel or hear.

This is your season. Get ready, for you are about to be displayed! It is your turnaround! Expect the unexpected that results in a more favorable situation because your eyes are about to see that which was prophesied over you, and your ears are about to hear the sound of an abundance of God's grace.

It's time. It's time to smile, it's time to dance, it's time to rise up with wings as eagles, as you are about to take the flight of your life!

Nellie Elaine
Nellie Elaine Ministries / Itinerant, XP Ministries

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Nellie Elaine is an Associate Itinerant Minister and Webpastor with XP Ministries and has interned under Patricia King and has been endorsed by Patricia. Nellie was an ordained pastor for 4 years in Burlington, Ontario with Eagle Worldwide Ministries and mentored by Dr. Russ Moyer. Nellie has the heart of a revivalist to see the Church come into her fullness according to the Word of God. Moving strongly in the gifts of a seer and the prophetic, accompanied by a strong healing ministry... she has a love for the Bride to see her raised up, equipped, and walking in the gifts and teaching the Body how to overcome by walking in unity and sharing personal powerful testimonies on the path of Restoration. Nellie teaches on the Prophetic Realms, Dreams and Visions and Interpretation, the Cross, the Glory of God, prayer and much more. She has been asked to speak at Bible Schools, tent meetings and other conferences and churches throughout the Toronto area. Nellie presently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.