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The Lord Says, "You've Declared It and I've Established It" - Amanda Wells, Brisbane, Australia

I have just returned from a ministry trip to the UK and Germany, and while I was there I had an amazing encounter with God that has totally changed my life. For the past four years when I pray before I preach, I have sensed to say the same thing, "Your Kingdom come today, let Heaven be on earth in this building today and signs and wonders follow the Word." After declaring this in the first meeting, just 4 hours after a long 28-hour flight, I heard the Lord say,"You've declared it and I have now established it."

Suddenly God broke out in amazing healings, but also "wonders" that had everyone astounded. Some frozen in the one position for hours, older people in their late 70s-80s seeing and hearing the angelic realm, to name a few occurrences that happened. Then God gave me a word that has lain heavily on me for the few weeks, for the United Kingdom and for Australia. It came out of Isaiah 8:18, "Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwells in mount Zion."

United Kingdom

This is the time of wonders, outstanding signs and wonders. England, you are coming into a time of amazing wonders, or supernatural phenomena, and miracles.

This is going to manifest in an amazing release of glory breaking out all around you, everywhere you go. England, this is a year where God is measuring you, amending, changing, renovating, and turning you. God is releasing a new grace and favour to you, so as to turn around the persuading doubt that has come like a cloud over the nation; God is going to turn impossible situations around, and it will seem even in a day the nation will turn.


Australia, we are going to be activated as "releasers of glory" in this season in an all new way. It's the time that a love revolution will be sparked, and change will come to our world. Are we ready? This is the day where angelic activity is increasing in every domain. New doors are opening, fresh paths are being uncovered, revelation is exploding, new callings and mantles being released to us, and so much more. These are days of restoration, which includes recovering lost inheritances from natural and spiritual generations.

Ruth recognised her kinsman-redeemer as he was manifested in this dark hour, and the generational inheritance was restored in the darkest hour! It's a turnaround time! At the eleventh hour when you feel all is lost, God is about to turnaround the situation supernaturally.

Like Paul and Silas in prison, at the midnight hour (Acts 16:25), the chains fell off, they were released from the oppressor, and not only their situation but the whole jail was turned around. The earth is about to shake because the sons of God are manifesting His glory and presence! Don't be surprised by nature's surge in this hour – it's freedom hour! One prominent ongoing occurrence this year will be the increasing release of realms of glory.

Glory is the core of the brilliance of God's Presence. Glory releases the supernatural realm in our midst where healing, deliverance, miracles, signs and wonders break out. This generation is at a pivotal time. Things are shifting. The heavens are leaning in and angels are watching and showing up... God is moving and shifting things in ways we've never anticipated or expected. Are we ready? We cannot afford to stay in our old ways; Heaven is messing with the earthly realm. We declared, "Heaven on earth," and now God is establishing it!

"...Christ in us, the hope of glory" (Colossians1:27). Glory means as well as others "brightness" or as the thesaurus says, "intense illumination." The Church is a city set on a hill that can be seen for miles, so as Christ in us, the hope of glory, radiates through us after encounter after encounter, then we, the Church, are going to be seen as "intensely illuminated" from miles away.

We will begin to experience Mount of Transfiguration experiences, where, because of our encounter with Heaven, we will not only have found the thin place, the Church will be the thin place and people will see what looks like transfiguration as the transformed Church is intensely illuminated, manifesting His glory.

Our link to Heaven and our intimacy with the King is the hope for the world. How we connect with Jesus, and how through that connection we live THROUGH Him and not just for Him, will result in revival.


During this trip I saw a vision of myself in darkness yet ascending up a mountain and as I was on top, I saw God's glory in a cloud descending upon me. I saw many looking and following the brightness that was emanating from the top of the mountain.

Isaiah 60:2-3 "For behold, darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples; But the Lord will rise upon you, And His glory will appear upon you. And nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising."

The Lord then showed me how the glory, isn't for us to just enjoy but it is His invitation to marriage and the bedchamber. His glory appears for the intention of intimacy. Our link to Heaven and our intimacy with the King is the hope and the drawing quality and influence for the world.

Signs and wonders are released when we lean in and arise in this new, fresh outpouring when we press in and when we lay aside our best plans and rise up in all that He is through us. He's always been here, and He is leaning toward us today.

In Australia, there is a something happening; an attraction that is drawing a prophetic Church together who are about to release this fresh outpouring of glory. This Church will consist of many denominations, hungry hearts that long for the supernatural, and long for the signs and wonder to break out. Signs and wonders are about to break out on the street. Miracles will be commonplace in cities and towns, and these will override and foil the plans of the enemy.

Intercessors are sharpening their seer gift. They will know the enemies plans weeks in advance and pray into it. The enemy has lost ground, and he knows it. God's Church is arising; some from the ashes and mourning, but the Lion is roaring and dread is coming into the heart of the enemy!


Prophetic word to America: "America, I am awakening you! Shakings are coming in nature and attacks, but know that righteousness is rising and is in the wings. I am turning the political and legal system and watch for the righteous ones who are rising up. Their voice will be heard.

"Intercessors who have declared righteousness... it is now being established! Ha ha... Hollywood had sin 'coming out' but now you will see one after the other 'come out' and stand for righteousness.

"For America, you will be called a righteous nation once more and will lead with truth and virtue again. The Church is about to have an outpouring of supernatural signs and wonders, which will create such a hunger as never seen in generations before.

"This is the year and decade of your turn around! I am raising up champions who are brave enough to stand and live in freedom, who have an insatiable need to live in prayer, presence and worship leading to a constant encounter!"

The world is at a shifting point, we are the alignment the world needs, and we are the conduits that Heaven uses to download into the earth. This is a pivotal time and all of Heaven stands waiting.

Amanda Wells
Amanda Wells Ministries

Amanda Wells is a prophetic teacher and revivalist. Amanda lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband Roger. She is ordained in Glory City Church, Brisbane. After an encounter with Heaven that totally transformed her, while on the operating table for transplant surgery, Amanda is passionate for every Believer to encounter and engage Heaven and the supernatural and to fulfill their destiny here on earth. As an International speaker for 25 years in 63 Nations she has spoken on many platforms, has written five books, and is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council. As well as ministry, she is heavily involved in the marketplace, has her own company as a business coach to businesses and companies around the globe.

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