Monday, April 13, 2015

A Global Move of the Spirit! "I'm Going to Turn Things Around!" - Kim Clement, Camarillo, CA

Prophesied on March 7th, 2015 – From The Den:

All through this nation, there's been a spirit of deception. This deception has blinded the minds of so many. But God said, "I have spoken and because I have spoken, I will preserve and I will protect this nation."

Therefore, make that proclamation today! Deception, you've gotta go today!

Prophetic Song:

I'm gathering you from the nations
Gathering you from the north and the south
I'm gathering you from the east and the west
I'm gathering you with My holy breath
Though they hate you, try to kill you,
You will live
And though they hate you, try to kill you,
You will live
I'm gathering together a holy people
They will stand together as one and breathe My Words
Don't ask Me to take it away
For the power of My Word shall endure
And the power of My Word shall endure
The sound of children will be heard throughout the Middle East
They will sing Yeshua, Yeshua, holy light
There will be choirs of kids that will bring the light
My Word will last forever

Prophetic Word: "I'm Going to Turn Things Around"

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Do you hear what I can hear?" God says, "Can you hear springing from the earth spilt with blood, crying out to Me, 'Avenge us, O Lord.'? I'm taking the children, and the song cannot be stopped. The light cannot be contained, for it shall spread through the Middle East and My Son, Yeshua, shall shine in Israel as well.

"Streets will be filled with joy. And though they send rockets and bombs, My glory shall survive and I will bring to you My light. America, this prophet has stood in your towns and your cities prophesying life. I will listen to these words; for if you prophesy today what is next, I shall carry it by My Spirit and bring to life that which the enemy has spoken death over," says the Lord.

In other words, there is another prophet standing today, and there are many proclaiming this is what is next instead of people constantly saying, "America is destroyed, America's over with" – I say, "Nay!" I said, "I say nay!" A global move of the Spirit is about to break loose throughout the Middle East, throughout the earth, even in Asia. Even Asia will begin to support Israel. Even Asia, China, will begin to support Israel.

It'll be a crazy thing. And they will begin to support Christians, and God said, "I'm going to turn things around. I'm going to turn things around." Is anybody with me today?

That's why he's attacking the news media. That's why he's attacking Christian TV, so that the light wouldn't come forth. God's going to turn that around so quickly. God has already kept people aside that are in the world, in the secular field, that are going to put out millions and tens of millions of dollars so that Christian television can grow into what it's supposed to be – a voice that will breathe on the nation, a voice that'll carry the prophetic. That's what God's going to do!

I've labored since 1981 on this territory. Therefore, I feel that God has qualified me to prophesy what He has planned for this nation. And even though there's great evil, there is a tremendous amount of grace and light that He is imparting now and going to impart into this nation and many other nations.

Kim Clement
Kim Clement Center


Kim Clement: The life of Kim Clement is an expression that has defined "the prophet" for the modern era. This has made his journey unique; a journey that has taken his inspired message to schools and colleges, churches and synagogues, alleyways and prison cells. Kim's prophetic gift is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience, as he has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners; his path through life continues to be an exciting adventure. His diverse and extemporaneous perspective has gained him notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion, placing him onto a world platform. He has performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, Times Square in New York City, Mt. Carmel in Israel, and even the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

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