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"When the King Says, "What Is Your Request?" - Ben R. Peters, South Beloit, IL

What if the king became your friend and he asked you what he could do for you – even to the proverbial half of his kingdom?

There are a number of examples in Scripture where human kings made very generous offers to people who had found favor in their sight. One not-so-pleasant example was when King Herod was impressed by the dancing of a young woman, the daughter of Herodias, and offered her whatever she desired. He gave her a wish, and at the advice of her mother, she asked for the head of John the Baptist. I guess when people have everything that money can buy, they ask for things that money can't buy, things that only kings can provide. Other offers from kings produced a happier result.

When the king is also the Emperor, the offer becomes even more exciting. Daniel was offered "gifts, rewards, and great honor" if he could reveal and interpret Nebuchadnezzar's dream. After revealing and interpreting the dream, he was given "many great gifts" and made "ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief administrator over all the wise men of Babylon." Others who were given offers by emperors included Nehemiah and Esther. We will highlight Nehemiah below. Esther and Mordecai were given authority to write any decree regarding their enemies and he would sign it into law.

However, when the King is not just an Emperor, but the Creator of the universe and the One who made each of us individually in His own image, the possibilities are unlimited. Do you remember when God visited young King Solomon and asked him what he would like from the King of Heaven? That was a very life-changing offer that Solomon responded to.

Many Christians believe that God only made that offer to one or two super important people in Bible times and that He would never make that offer to them. Well, do I have good news for them and for everyone who loves the King of kings! You see, Jesus made a similar offer to His disciples in a number of places in Scripture, especially in the Book of John. One example is found in John 16:23: "...Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you."

Jesus spoke these words in a context of His teaching on the coming of the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Who would lead them, teach them, and empower them with spiritual gifts and fruit. He was speaking to His disciples, who would become apostles and lead the Church into uncharted territory. So, was perhaps this promise only for them? Let me show you how you can ensure that the promise Jesus made to His twelve disciples is a promise that can also apply to you.

The Special Keys to Getting What You Ask From God

Sorry, friends, this is not a name it/claim it, or blab it/grab it, concept. Nor is it a case of working hard to earn the right to have your requests fulfilled. Please read on with me, because God will not withhold this opportunity from anyone who applies these special keys.

This revelation has come down to me in bits and pieces over many decades of ministry, but what God downloaded during some recent ministry times in this brand new year has given me a fresh, new understanding of these keys that I am sharing for the first time for others to read.

The passage that was the catalyst for this revelatory word from the Lord was Nehemiah 2:4:"Then the king said to me, 'What do you request?' So I prayed to the God of Heaven."

Prophetic Word for the Church

Before revealing some important keys, I want to share what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me. God is releasing a "NOW" word to the Body of Christ. He is speaking these words, "What do you request?" He is inviting us to draw closer to Him and incline our ears to hear His voice. He wants us to hear Him when He speaks softly in this season of wooing His Bride. He lowers His voice so that only those who are truly listening can hear and understand.

I believe today that He is speaking that He is renewing and releasing a new anointing on the words of Jesus concerning asking and receiving from the Father in His name. Many have quoted the words of Jesus in the past, but lacked standing without true faith or intimacy with the Father. As more and more of His children are drawing near Him in intimacy, the time has come to empower them to cause these words to become alive for their ministry to build His Kingdom.

This year, 2015, will be a year in which many begin to move into partnering with the Lord to accomplish His purposes on the earth. They will pray Holy Spirit inspired prayers that will be answered quickly and miraculously.Many others will be drawn to them. They will mentor them to do what they are doing. Mantles will be multiplied. Impartations will truly impart gifts and anointings. Great grace will release pure spiritual fruit, and love, joy, and peace will flow like a river. Many will say that they have never seen anything like this in their lifetimes. And Jesus will just continue to ask His disciples, "What do you request?" And they will continue to ask for more.

It's time to get excited and it's time to draw near to God, incline our ears, and listen for His still small voice. It's time to ask Him for the faith that comes through hearing the "rhema" voice of God. Miracles are coming our way. Signs and wonders are the portion of the true lovers of Jesus in this season of awakening and harvest. Great breakthroughs will be followed by greater breakthroughs.

God will reach out to many who don't know Him and will appear to them, like He did for Saul of Tarsus and others. But those who know Him intimately, who are listening for His still small voice, will go out in the power of His Spirit and do great exploits for Him. The time is now! We are in the season for miracles. This will be, for many, the best year of their lives.

Three Keys to Receiving the King's Offer

The context in the story of Nehemiah and the context of Jesus' promise in John 16 are very important in understanding the keys to receiving whatever we ask.

Key #1: You Have a Godly Burden or Passion That Drives You to Intercession

Nehemiah had a great job in the palace, but when he heard about the condition of the city of his fathers, which had been the capital city of His people before their 70 years of bondage, his heart was broken and he mourned and prayed for many days with fasting. He was not content with his own good fortune. His heart was broken over the plight of others and the land of His fathers that had been given to them by God. His sorrow of heart caught the attention of the king, since it was not legal to be sad in his presence. Instead of having Nehemiah killed, the king asked him what was wrong and then asked him what he requested.

Jesus' twelve disciples didn't have this burden for His Kingdom until after their failure at the Cross and Jesus' act of forgiveness following the resurrection. But, in the upper room, and after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, they were filled with passion and then experienced His awesome power. Everyone they prayed for in the first five chapters of the Book of Acts was healed or delivered.

Acts 4 documents their persecution and passionate intercessory prayer for God to bring glory to His name through signs, wonders, and miracles. Acts 5 documents instant divine judgment on Ananias and Sapphira, and the greatest healing crusade on the streets of Jerusalem as Peter walked by, leaving no one in the same physical or spiritual condition as they had been before he passed by them.

If we are living primarily for this life and have little or no passion for building God's Kingdom, we will have little faith when we pray. But if we seek first His Kingdom, He will ask us what He can do for us. Our response will be to ask for something that will bless His Kingdom. A wonderful example was when God asked Solomon what he wanted. Solomon's heart was humble and he responded with the perfect answer. He told God how big a challenge it was to bring justice to God's own people. He asked for wisdom and understanding, so he could be a good steward of the people of God. His request was not for himself, but for God and His people.

Key #2: You Are Willing to Become a Kingdom Builder

Both the apostles and Nehemiah went from being primarily intercessors to becoming Kingdom builders. The apostles had a mandate from Jesus to build the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. Jesus had taught them to pray, "on earth, as it is in Heaven." Jesus told them to ask the Father in His name, giving them the authority to speak to His Father on His behalf. When He gave them this promise, He was also telling them that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide them and give them the right thoughts and desires. This indeed happened in the early Church, and everything they asked the Father for, the Father gave them, because their hearts had been changed from self-centered motives to Kingdom-centered motives.

Nehemiah, on the other hand, went from being an intercessor to being a builder and restorer. He lived in the time of the restoration of Israel after seventy years of bondage. We are also in a period of restoration of what the early Church had lost. The times of restoration (see Acts 3:21) began with the Reformation and have continued until the present day. When the emperor asked Nehemiah what his request would be, it was that he be able to become a rebuilder of that which was torn down and destroyed by their enemies. God is looking for hearts like Nehemiah's, whose passion is to rebuild the Church that the enemy has destroyed over the centuries, especially throughout the dark ages.

When God hears the cry of our hearts to rebuild what belongs to Him, He will ask us the same question, "What is your request?" Our answer will be, "Lord, I want to be used to restore Your glory in Your Body, the Church, and build Your Kingdom." Then our King of kings will send and empower us to restore what was destroyed and lost. We will find fulfillment in building and restoring. We will truly understand the importance of our purpose and destiny that we were created to fulfill.

Key #3: You Know That You Have No Other Source But God

There were at least two specific cases in the New Testament where Jesus asked people what they wanted from Him, without them necessarily fulfilling the requirements of the first two keys. This third key relates to a humility and desperation for a change in the status quo. It relates to having no possible way to bring change to one's situation without a miracle from God.

The first case that comes to mind is Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, who cried out continuously, "Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me" (Mark 10:46-52). Jesus responded, "What do you want Me to do for you?" This blind man had a better grip of the facts than many religious people. He knew he was blind. The Pharisees of Jesus' day were spiritually blind, but didn't know it. Modern-day Pharisees have the same problem. But blind Bartimaeus cried out, "Rabboni, that I might receive my sight." Jesus heard and answered his cry.

The second case is the story of the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda. Jesus also asked him if he would like to be healed (see John 5:1-9). He said he would, but couldn't get into the pool fast enough when the angel troubled the waters. Even though he didn't get the answer right, and even though he had little or no faith in Jesus, Jesus had mercy on him and healed him. What this lame man had that gave him favor, was that he wanted to be healed, but couldn't do anything to help himself. He had tried and tried, and failed and failed. He had no other source on earth, and although he was not aware of Jesus' power, Jesus had mercy on him. But when Jesus spoke to him and told him to "Rise, take up your bed and walk," his faith came by hearing the rhema word from Jesus.

The point is that Jesus is full of grace and mercy. In some people, He sees hearts with passion just like His, who want to help build His Kingdom for His glory. In others, He sees hearts with potential to bring Him glory – hearts that are desperately needy and humble, knowing they have no other source except a miracle.

It's Your Turn to Hear the King Say, "What Is Your Request?"

When the King of kings asks you the question, what will your response be? I trust you hold the right keys that will open the doors to your opportunity for incredible blessings. If your heart is burdened by injustice, the suffering of others, the lack of power in the Church, souls going to Hell, moral perversion, abortion, etc., and you are crying out to God and are willing to do your part to bring change, expect to hear the voice of the King saying, "What is your request?"

If you are hurting and desperate and know that God is your only source, draw near to Him, cry out to Him and listen for the sound of His voice. He will call for you and ask you, "What do you want Me to do for you?"

It's your time, your season, your moment with the King. Are you ready?

Lord Jesus, please help us to be ready for that moment and to listen attentively for Your sweet voice.

Ben R. Peters
Kingdom Sending Center


Ben and Brenda Peters have said, "YES" to the call of God to challenge, equip and send dedicated lovers of Jesus into the harvest fields of the earth, including the seven mountains of society. Together they have ministered to tens of thousands of individuals in several countries of the world. After establishing churches and Christian schools for almost thirty years, they began a traveling ministry in 1999, under the name, Open Heart Ministries, speaking, teaching and prophesying in conferences, camps, churches, ministry schools (including Wagner Leadership Institute) and homes. More recently, they also founded an Illinois-based ministry, called, Kingdom Sending Center, after hearing from God during a Heidi Baker meeting in Chicago. Ben began writing revelatory books in 2000, and has published 22 of them since then, and his newest book is HOLY HOW? Holiness, the Sabbath, Communion and Baptism. Ben and Brenda have five children and 12 grandchildren.

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