Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"The Power of Winds and Wildfire" - Brian Britton, Williamsburg, VA

A Vision of the Flame

Recently I was ministering in a local church in Campinas, Brazil, with my good friend Mel Tari. While there, the pastor asked us if we saw anything in the Spirit regarding his church or if either of us had a word for the church. As we began to pray for the pastor and his church, I began to see an open vision. After returning home and further prayer, I believe what I saw is a word for the greater Body of Christ during this season. It is for this reason that I felt led to share this with you today.

I saw a beautiful, young lady walking along a path, leaving the confines of a building, and passing through a gate. As she walked, I noticed that she was holding in her right hand a small stick and that at the end of the stick was a fire. I became aware that the young lady represented the Bride of Christ or the Church of this generation. This was not a torch she was carrying by any means, but rather a simple stick. Although the fire was small on the end of the stick, it was made known to me that it was the very fire of God.

I could sense a hint of fear in the young lady as she was seeing the greatness of the land before her that she was venturing into. She felt as if the fire she carried was way too insignificant to be used to make much of a difference in the dark and thickly forested terrain before her. Beyond the forest were great cities and all she had was this simple little flame with which to fulfill her purpose and complete her given task.

...Add the Power of the Wind

Then I looked with eyes of the Spirit and I saw the wind begin to blow. I was not just seeing the effects of the wind blowing, but I could actually see the wind itself. It was the winds of Heaven, and I felt that it was the breath of God. I felt that God was showing me that He was breathing into the situation and the life of the young lady – into the life of the Bride. The wind of the Spirit caught the flame of her little fire and proceeded to spread that flame with great speed. From this seemingly small source there was soon a mighty wildfire raging throughout the land. It began in the thick forest and spread into the cities beyond. With the power of the wind behind it, there was no stopping the spreading of what became a great and all-consuming holy fire.

I believe that sometimes the Church and many individuals often feel overwhelmed by the task of our generation and the callings on our lives. Maybe you too have felt that the challenges and obstacles before you seem too great? God speaks and gives us hope! I feel that God was showing us that no matter how small the fire which you carry may seem, it is still the fire of God Himself, and in this generation and hour He is breathing on the fire of the Bride. When the winds of Heaven catch the fire we carry, there is nothing that can contain or stop the ensuing burn.

His love is the flame, and it is indeed the most powerful force in the Universe. It brings life to the people and things of God and destruction to the forces of darkness. As a carrier of His Holy Fire, be encouraged in this windy season! This is the season of the wildfire of revival and renewal that will cover the earth and continue to usher in this great harvest among our families, communities, and the nations.

As we leave the confines of church buildings and institutions and go with the good news of the Kingdom, He is faithful to bring increase. The winds are blowing and will continue to blow...run with your flame and trust His Spirit to ignite the blaze!

Brian Britton
Senior Leader and Pastor, The Dwelling Place

Email: brittoneagle72@gmail.com
Website: dwellingplacewilliamsburg.com | dwellingplacerichmond.com |crossworksinternational.com

Since 2002, Brian Britton has been taking the love and power of Jesus to the nations and the local church. He serves as the Senior Leader and Pastor of The Dwelling Place Churches in Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia, and has planted churches in Pakistan. His life's message is one marrying extreme intimacy and the Father's love with the fire and glory of revival. Brian ministers the love and power of God with strong prophetic and healing gifts and has ministered as a revivalist, evangelist, pastor, and teacher in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. He and his wife Valerie reside in Williamsburg, Virginia, with their daughter Anastasia. Brian, Valerie, and The Dwelling Place are affiliates of Iris Global and consider Rolland and Heidi Baker their spiritual parents.

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