Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Unlocking Restoration: Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins Together" - Joey LeTourneau, Redding, CA

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated... Isaiah 61:4 NIV

To see ancient ruins rebuilt, and devastated parts of the world restored, we are going to need to see restoration become something that not only invades our lives, but multiplies through us as well. Many around the world have believed God (and continue to believe) for restoration over all they've endured this past season. Some have already seen this start to come about in their lives, and some still hold onto that hope.

Truly, we are believing God for a restoration that goes far beyond our lives, a restoration that multiplies, spreads, and turns into transformation and reformation in all areas of the world. We can all be part of this wave of restoration together.

We may find restoration for us, and for others, in unlikely places where the opportunity resides hidden beneath the surface. Also, the restoration we experience can unlock a similar but unique testimony for someone else. The restoration we seek after is not one that simply happens to us and our lives, it's something that can and will be much bigger as we unlock its greater potential together.

Finding Zacchaeus

Now behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus who was a chief tax collector, and he was rich. And he sought to see who Jesus was... Luke 19:2-3

As a chief tax collector, Zacchaeus was wealthy, but an outcast by both worldly and religious measures. He may not have fit the times' social systems, but he was drawn to Jesus enough to climb a sycamore tree and try to peer in from the outside. And Jesus was drawn to him.

Jesus didn't call Zacchaeus to come to His house like many of us might with those out in the world, but instead Jesus insisted that He go to Zacchaeus' house. There, together, they dove into great restoration. Zacchaeus was restored, and he had a heart and plan to multiply such forward to others as he gave half his possessions to the poor! Those who are restored will carry a testimony to restore many others with the treasures that are hidden inside them. By going to them, you can help unlock a wave of multiplication.

There are those in the world around us like Zacchaeus who we might have once avoided, who we now need to seek out the way Jesus did. We need "Zacchaeuses" to help see the ancient ruins rebuilt and devastation restored. The world saw Zacchaeus in a very negative light, but do you know what the name Zacchaeus actually means? Its root definition means "pure." Jesus saw an opportunity that others had missed. Zacchaeus is a paramount figure in the subject of restoration, a figure we need to recognize in this season.

When we go to those "outcasts" like Zacchaeus and love them where they are at, not only can we bring restoration to them but they also hold a key to the restoration we hope to see spread to the world around us. Zacchaeus has something special to offer, and we must learn to recognize him. Finding Zacchaeus with Jesus will help unlock a multiplication of restoration in the world, and for us all.

Multiplication Through Your Restoration

The second aspect we can join Him in to unlock restoration together is to remember that our restoration, no matter how seemingly big or small, holds a special key. We invite you to participate in this word with us. Restoration has already been arriving, and many of us have such a restoration testimony to share. I've met many in the past month that are starting to experience this, and we believe you will too! We can't keep these to ourselves.

Personally, we have experienced these restorations:

1. We have seen amazing restoration in the area of finances. We had many areas being affected by financial struggles, but over the past two months we have seen God begin to restore, and re-launch each area – each in different ways.

2. One of our older daughters who was adopted from Ethiopia and has long struggled with deep wounds from her past got a fresh revelation from God that has just started to launch a new and needed restoration. God gave us three steps for her to "complete her story" under His wing of healing, but felt we weren't supposed to share these with her but trust God to lead the next steps. Within 24 hours, He gave her the same three restorative steps personally.

How about you? It's time we begin to multiply together through the testimonies. That's why we are writing you, because your testimony of restoration matters and must be shared with others around you. They'll be impacted by what you share.

We ask that you share this word of restoration, but please share it with a couple lines of personal testimony about restoration that you have begun to see or experience.Hopefully, others will be touched and share theirs as well. Restoration isn't just coming, it's here, and it provides a new foundation from which we can launch with God into our own unique purpose and calling for this special season we are in.

Ask for Jesus' eyes to see, and be expectant!

Joey LeTourneau
Imagi-Nations LLC


Joey LeTourneau, along with his wife Destiny and their five kids, live in Redding, California, and work across the nations to see the Father's heart and blessings revealed, and want to see God's children empowered to live out their unique purpose and calling. Joey has authored six books, and together with his wife they have founded Imagi-Nations LLC, a movement to "Imagine nations changed because you lived your purpose and dream."

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