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"A Dove For The Church" - Dr. Theresa Phillips, Saint Charles, IL

It was a rainy-day feeling, like it was time for a rest, so I went to my room to take a nap. Little did I know what was about to take place...

I was trying to sleep, but could not. I just kept lying there praying, "GOD help me, our nation, our Church... THE Church, YOUR Church! Help us turn around all the evil. Help us! Help us." I just kept praying. Over and over I was compelled to say, "I love You, Jesus. I won't leave You. I won't leave You. I won't leave You."

I was screaming it inside of me. I was even starting to repent. Did you ever do that? Repent just in case? Then I heard myself saying, "Don't leave us. Don't leave us. Don't leave us."

Then I remembered this Scripture: "I will never leave you or forsake you" (Deuteronomy 31:6;Hebrews 13:5). Now I was calmed by this beautiful word. Then I fell asleep...

A Dream of Significance: What Was That Sound?

I had a dream. I was a watcher in this dream and it was as if I was watching a film before me. There was a man looking for a place to stay and someone had given him their home to stay in. While this man, who appeared to be dressed like a businessman, was in the house he kept hearing sounds that were unfamiliar to him.

After a while, this man began to become unnerved by the foreign sounds. He became afraid. Then he became angry. He began to search the house looking to see where the sound was coming from. He could not, and the sound was still there. Consistent. Tap, tap, tap... click, click, click.

What was that sound??? He shouted at the sound. He made louder sounds. He was angry with the owner. He wanted out! He was screaming, "Why did I come here? Why am I here? Why was I given this house?" He was even comparing this house to other houses and wishing he could be there instead.

He was ANGRY, wanting to leave, run... and he didn't care. The house was beautiful, very beautiful, warm, and filled with every need. Yet he was not happy because of that "annoying" sound.

Finally, since he was unable to find the sound within the house, he stepped outside, confident that he would find what he is looking for outside the house. As he was walking to the back of the house, I was somehow standing there alongside him, pointing my finger up toward the top of the house – the very house he wanted to leave. "Look up," I said.

As he looked up, he saw that the chimney stack of the house was huge! The chimney was remarkable, beautiful, and you could see something like feathers come out of it. I gasped, even to myself. He was looking up. He began to listen.

He began to recognize the sound that was bothering him inside the house... It was a familiar sound now. "I'm going to fix that sound NOW. I'll show that sound what to do!" he yelled. Then he climbed up to the chimney and he just stopped. Something had changed... He started to change. I watched his spirit change from anger to softness. His countenance changed.

Inside the chimney was that "annoying" sound of a bird. A white and gray dove (a turtledove) was inside the chimney making a nest. The man now was ashamed of his fear. "I cannot fear this dove," he said. "How foolish it is of me to be sore afraid."

He went inside the house and decided it was his duty to keep the dove safe and protect the nest. He was at peace and no longer afraid and no longer alone, either. He had something to care for: the dove, her nest, and the yet to come.

I awoke from the dream as the phone was ringing Christmas Church Bells. (Yes, my ringer has been Christmas Carols for years!) I knew I had been given a dream of significance.

What Does the Dream Mean For You and Me?

The man in the dream represents us, the Body of Christ, about Kingdom business, who keep looking for bigger, better, and... For some, we find, that what we have been given is annoying and mundane. Anyone feel like this?

Here are some interpretations I received:

• The owner of the house represented God, who has provided for us."Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds!" (Luke 12:24).

• The perpetual sound represented God speaking to get our attention."For God does speak – now one way, now another – though no one perceives it" (Job 33:14).

• The stepping outside the house represented the desperate need to seek out. "The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing" (Psalm 34:10).

• The looking up and seeing represented Luke 21:28: "But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand."

The dove represented the Lord who was offered for us as a burnt offering. IN THE CHIMNEY = Fire. White = Purity. Gray = To Be Discovered.

Leviticus 1:14 But if his offering to the LORD is a burnt offering of birds, then he shall bring his offering from the turtledoves or from young pigeons.

• Going back inside with a purpose represented Ecclesiastes 10:4: "If a ruler's anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great offenses to rest."

Those Scriptures poured through my spirit in prayer after I awoke from the dream. I began to cry out for those who are called leaders or hold positions, those who have been given a place to sow their gifts, to not leave their post, to remember the sacrifice of HIM, and to see the softness in protecting even the one as unto HIM... because the ONE will have heirs and joint heirs, and the ONE is worth it all!

I cried tears of intercession for you, this reader, for the Church worldwide. DON'T LEAVE YOUR POST! TAKE CARE OF WHAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU! IT'S OK! Don't compete with what you see. It's all about what He sees.

I was weeping hard. Even now, as I write, I'm shouting, "God loves us all... all together, separately and alone, and in crowds. He loves us! Leave not your posts. He needs you to protect the upcoming. The upcoming..."

Please pray, Church! Please pray! I cried that we would be as one as Jesus and the Father are one, in John 17:21-26. That we would protect the small and the large. That we would seek and find HIM in the remote places! Oh dear friends, pray like never before, for He has need of you!

In Jesus' name, I cry:

O Lord, make me to have ears to hear what I cannot hear,
Eyes to see what I cannot see,
Heart to be brave so not to judge the goodness of GOD,
And a spirit to cradle the blessings of GOD in the form of the Dove...

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Dr. Theresa Phillips
Chicago Prophetic Voice


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