Friday, September 19, 2014

Keith Luker: A National Awakening - The Time is Now!

Word from Keith Luker given August 31, 2014:

I would like to go on record today as I fly through the air toward Phoenix, AZ to prophesy what I believe will be a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Arizona in the next month during the Feast of Fire Arizona meetings.

Since I am a revivalist who travels all over America, I am privileged to see extreme hunger in the people of God and in the marketplace everywhere. Because of this hunger and an absolute passion in the heart of the Father to pour out His presence and power on everyone, I have been declaring publicly since 2012 that: we are in the beginning stages of a national awakening in America!

I am NOT prophesying or predicting this awakening, I am declaring what I have SEEN with my own eyes in the last few years. God is currently pouring out His Spirit in an unprecedented manner all across the USA.

The question is NOT, "Will God come?" He WILL most certainly come with fire and mega power! The questions are, "What will our response be? Who will host the presence and power of God when it gets uncomfortable? Who will pay the price and sacrifice everything to have the living Holy Spirit in our midst?"

Revival IS the sustained presence and power of God in a location. It is not a conference, not a series of meetings, or even a lot of people being saved. Revival is a person.

Shifting Lifestyle and Culture

God is coming in His mighty power and manifesting His glory on a person or group. When God comes like this, He does not come to make our meetings better. He comes to take over.

We have a powerful encounter with Holy Spirit, and then we seek the Lord for more. We have many power encounters in a row and it becomes a habit. We continue the habit of seeking and experiencing "more" of God and it eventually becomes a lifestyle.

When a bunch of people start living that lifestyle together for years it becomes a culture. When that culture is lived out in a city or region for a long time, the ultimate result is transformation of that region into the Kingdom of God. Every part of society is impacted and people are changed forever.

Outpouring in Arizona

I am going on record today to say that I believe that a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit is beginning in Maricopa, Arizona and will spread to the greater Phoenix area and all across Arizona by the end of this year. Thousands will be touched with unprecedented power in this outpouring in a measure we have not seen in our lifetime. Even the Toronto outpouring very quickly began to predict larger waves of the Spirit that would be coming... and this is THAT!

We are all going to experience manifestations of the Holy Spirit that are new to us, and we will be stretched and tested to receive everything God is doing during this season. People will come from all across America and some foreign countries to "taste and see that the Lord is good." God will begin to download strategies for long-term stability and sustainability in this revival.

Revival intercessory prayer and a high level of prophetic ministry will be key in building up the Church and activating Believers to go out into the marketplace with signs and wonders and miracles following them.

This is a media revival, and the live nightly broadcasts will be seen all over the world as the power of God sweeps around the globe in homes and churches everywhere. The prophetic words have been released and believed and prayed in over Arizona, and leaders all across this great state are saying, "Yes, the time is now!"Dozens of churches will be significantly impacted as the Feast of Fire continues to burn throughout September and beyond.

By the end of 2015 this fire will be breaking out in a hundred different places just in America. "Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is near" (Isaiah 55:6).

The Lord is near! Let's embrace all that Holy Spirit wants to do NOW. America is coming back to God! Let the lovers of God arise. Your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

Keith Luker
Keith and Sanna Luker Worship


Keith and Sanna Luker are prophetic worship revivalists who are chasing God as hard as they can and are completely desperate for the Presence and Power of God at all costs! They are the founders of Outpouring Ministries, a prophetic worship and revival ministry dedicated to seeing the tabernacle of David restored in this generation and the fire of revival spread to every corner of the globe. Since 1981 they have been teaching and leading congregations and worship teams around the world to listen for the sounds and songs of Heaven, encouraging worshippers to join them in intimate musical communion with God.

The Lukers have been in the ministry as worship leaders, missionaries, church planters, pastors and revivalists for more than 30 years. Keith and Sanna have a deep love for the Holy Spirit and His beautiful ministry of power that comes through worship, preaching, and the laying on of hands. Since 1989 they have recorded 9 albums of their music and have produced more than a dozen projects for other artists. They live in Redding, California with their son John Samuel and their daughters, MaCasilyn Rose and Anna Justice, who they are trying to raise in the ways of the Spirit. Their spiritual father is Jack Taylor.

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