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Chuck D. Pierce: "I Speak to You Asia - This New Apostolic Move Will Penetrate!" And "Each Nation Will Arise!" (reblogged)

Chuck D. PierceNewsletter from Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dear Pentecost Celebrants:

This morning's 5:15 Movement Prayer Meeting was just amazing! On this Pentecost morning, the voice of Holy Spirit was so clear and powerful.

When we began, we heard the Lord say:, "This is a day of diffusing My Spirit into My people." To diffuse means to move outward, to spread through or over a wide area, or cause to become widely known. I saw the fathoms of the deep speaking to the deep within us, diffusing times, words, sounds and seasons. The fathoms are speaking of the diffusing coming up and out of us in this season.

On Pentecost, the sound from Heaven came and diffused. THE THIRD PERSON OF THE TRINITY came into one place and fanned out all over. I see that what we decree here will move over the continents. Holy Spirit will go even to Antarctica and Alaska where ice formed during the ice age. What comes in during this age will refresh and go out again. San Marcos, Texas will have a visitation.

Here is a portion of other prophetic revelation that came forward:

One New Man - This is the Time of the Greater Works

"I am coming down from Heaven, and I am pulling My rivers together. My rivers within My people will become one mighty rushing water that begins to spread out into places that they have not touched before. This is a day of collecting the waters again that I might pour out upon places of the earth that are dry. These waters will begin to overwhelm that which has been so depleted and overwhelmed, and that which has been so separated. These waters will begin to draw together.

"Where there has been many, they will now become one. Where things need to be drawn together, they will now be drawn together into one place. This is a pulling together of My people that the earth has not seen. Within the movement of the pulling together, I will begin to demonstrate the power of My being that will flood through the doors around the earth, and cause a ground that has been dry, and a people that have been weary, and a people depleted and divided to come into a One New Man.

"Fiery trials will make One New Man for the times ahead and the new things I will send you into. You will carry a new message of greater works into the nations. This takes the One New Man! You will come into agreements that generations before could not form. This is the time of the greater works.

"At creation My Spirit hovered, and when I spoke, all of the earth shifted. At Pentecost My Spirit hovered, and when I released My voice, the whole earth shifted. I am hovering again, and the earth will shift at the sound of My voice. There is a whirlwind coming to places in the earth. In this whirlwind is fire! You will be like the three friends of Daniel in the fiery furnace. Where the whirlwind of fire comes, I will visit!

"The Poles are shifting and My people are being reoriented. My people will no longer be oriented by what the world says is up and down, but will have a third Heaven orientation. I am ready to draw in people that have yet to been drawn in. I will cause many around to be confused.

"My glory will fall on those who have not known My glory. Because you have tasted My goodness, you will be tasted by others. Even words that have fallen in crevices throughout the earth will now begin to rise up and manifest – just as Joel prophesied. And in this day of diffusion, that which was prophesied thousands of days before began to manifest."

"I Speak to You, Asia..."

"When I enter Asia, the fire of the seven-headed dragon that is ready to blow will be stopped and cooled by the power of My Spirit. The dragon's breath now will grow hot in the earth, but My people will be like a cool drink of water, and those who have never experienced My joy will now be filled with My joy.

"In China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, I will fall. I will come toKazakhstan. And Russia will be awakened because I will fall on the people of Asian descent. I am hovering in ways that you have never seen.Singapore now will be realigned in My Spirit. Thailand will have divisions broken down. A Oneness of My Spirit will arise upon the island of Taiwan. The West Coast will know that I am alive. That which has been divided over the centuries will now become one again. I began One New Man and now One New Man will be seen.

"I speak to you, Asia. For in the early days you closed the door on My first apostolic move toward you. But this time in this day, this new apostolic move will penetrate! I am standing at the door, and will cause My fire to circle you. I am coming in strength and fire this time!

"Only the nations who rise above their religion to embrace the One New Man that I am arising in the earth will be the nations that begin to follow Me and that I bless in new ways.  What has been divided, I will heal. Where the power of fornication and adultery has caused My presence to retract from the earth, even there I will heal the breach where you have scattered your seed. 

Seeds will come back into the rows that I have prepared, through the plowing of My people. Many people have scattered seeds through their division, but now a preparation has come through the plowing of My people, and those seeds will be brought back and My people who have been scattered and divided will become one.

"Each Nation Will Arise"

"I am beginning to give revelation over ley lines and power lines over nations and continents. I am releasing angels to war along with you and bring revelation over power sources and strong men. You will release decrees, and you will see giants coming down and My glory rising. The world is Mine, and today I am hovering and holding the earth and its nations in My hands. The Father has given them to Me and I am giving them to you as your inheritance. Call out and come into One New Man for the earth is Mine."

"My dancing hand is coming over the seven continents. My breath is upon the waters. I am gathering together what will pull the end time portion into place. Watch My breath on the waters. South America, watch the domain of Heaven invading your portion. I am coming into the caves of South America.

"Malaysia, now arise with the fullness of the Godhead, in the remnant. The seeds that have been strewn are now blossoming up, for such a time as this. The demonstration of My power will cause the Oneness of the cry of Jesus, My Son, to manifest. Each nation will arise, and the ends of the continents will be the diffusers, activated to move us across. Watch My breath and whirlwinds on the waters. Rivers will be rearranged. Waters will flow differently. Many on paths who are headed in one direction will be knocked down and rise up with scales removed from their eyes."

Declarative Prayer:

We decree the diffusing power of Holy Spirit today. We invite You to have access to those who profess the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, make us one, diffused with Your power. We invite that which will cause those who have sat at the Gate Beautiful to rise up in a new way. (Photo via clashdaily.com)

Many have begged, but today there is an interacting of the Spirit of God in the earth with those that are crying out in one accord, that will cause the doors and gates of Your present synagogues and churches to change greatly. The doors of the Church and the gates will change in such a way that the government will take notice. In nations, in cities, in America, we ask and cry out for a change in the door of your Church. From this movement let the doors and the Gate Beautiful that leads into Your present places of worship, become demonstrations.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org
Website: glory-of-zion.org

Charles D. "Chuck" Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI) in Corinth, Texas. This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry that is being used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve throughout the world. GSI facilitates other ministries as well, and participates in regional and national gatherings to develop new Kingdom paradigms. Chuck also serves as President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile. He is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps direct nations, cities, churches, and individuals in understanding the times and seasons in which we live. Chuck and his wife, Pam, have six children and seven grandchildren. He has authored over 20 books, including the best-sellers Possessing Your Inheritance, The Future War of the Church, The Worship Warrior, God's Unfolding Battle Plan, Interpreting the Times,Redeeming the Time, and Time to Defeat the Devil.

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