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Eileen Fisher: Are You Ready to Graduate to a New Level of Glory?

Eileen Fisher"How Awesome I Am In Your Place"

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on May 27, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

This was the song that we sang before the Lord gave the word:

"Awesome In This Place"
Lyrics by Dave Billington

As I come into Your presence
Past the gates of praise
Into Your sanctuary
'Til we're standing face to face
I look upon Your countenance
I see the fullness of Your grace
And I can only bow down and say

You are awesome in this place
Mighty God
You are awesome in this place
Abba Father
You are worthy of all praise
To You our lives we raise
You are awesome in this place
Mighty God

I heard the Lord say, "Get ready for Me to bring you new understanding of the knowledge, 'I am awesome in this place.' For My Spirit would desire that you would call out, you would decree that, you would claim, and then revelation will come – with knowledge. And then with knowledge will come understanding; after understanding will be manifestation, because you will mix that with faith, hope, and love. I long for you to understand more fully.

"Understand how awesome I am in your place, and know that wherever you go so do I. You place Me. And wherever I lead you, I go before you, and I go behind you.

"Know that you cannot escape My presence but you carry My presence. Ask for knowledge of this revelation, for I want you not only transformed, but I want you to be performing the good works that I have set before you, and it will be through the power of the Gospel coming through you. And as you let the power of the Gospel come through you, then you will be the Gospel spilling out, good news spilled, for it will come spilling out of you; for it has been placed in you, not only for yourself but for others.

"Ask for revelation, for I cry back to you, 'Give Me a platform for manifestation, for I choose to declare My own glory.' And in this, a hungry, dying world will come to the revelation that not only am I alive and well, but that they are Mine, and I too long to be theirs," says the Lord your God.

"Draw Me Into the Situation That Is Trying To Draw You Into the Valley of Fear"

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on June 3, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The Lord would say, "I would pour strength on you tonight. I would say those who are faint in their heart, be of good cheer, for I have overcome all that surrounds you. Be of good cheer. For over and over I said, 'Fear not, for, lo, I am with you always, even until the end of time.'

"Draw Me into the situation that is trying to draw you into the valley of fear. Draw Me in, and as My faith within you rises up, fear will bow down and diminish.

"Let the faith that I have given you, let that gift be opened to a greater degree. Release the faith that is within you. Allow Me to take that faith, even that tiny mustard seed, and speak multiplication, for I have not come to judge your unbelief. I have come this night to celebrate your mustard seed. I have come tonight to say how pleased I am with your fragrance of praise and of worship; for I know that you came in obedience. For I know deep in your heart you came and you said, 'But Lord, when? When? When?'

"Call Me in as the One who brings the breakthrough.Call Me in as the One who holds time in His hand. Call Me in as the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega. Call Me in to be the One who stands as the Good Shepherd, and takes His staff and hits the ground, and takes His rod and beats back all that would come to oppose you.

"Let My Word rise up, mixed with faith. Let praise be the crown that you would send on the wings of an angel back to Me," says the Lord.

"And as you bring forth honor and glory to My name, I will turn the tide that wants to drown you and rob you of your faith, for I have come tonight as the Multiplier. I have come to multiply faith, to multiply hope, to take My hand and take your broken hearts, and to hold them in My hands and bring healing and wholeness.

"Command the waves to be still. Command the storms to cease. Command the Peace of Understanding to penetrate the situations, to where you are not driven by the storms but that you stand in the center of peace. I am going to bring to your understanding revelation knowledge, for I would crown you this night with favor.

"I would celebrate your faith, and celebrate with you, for as you cried out My name, you began to have your eyes opened to the largeness of your Mighty God.

"I want to celebrate you, as you celebrate Me. Was it not My idea to come to the wedding? Come to the Wedding of the Lamb. Seek the wedding. Seek the Groom. Become the Bride, full of authority; knowing who she is on the Wedding Day of the Feast. Wait not until that day, for have I not spoken in My Word? Have I not decreed and declared, 'All power on Heaven and earth is given to you?' Walk in it well.

"Use the authority of My name. Cease to tremble. Let the demons flee. Let the demons tremble. Practice My name. Use My name, and watch the game change, because the Player has come in. And I am not the God who toys with the hearts of His people, but I am the God of placement. And for such a time as this, I am lifting up a people who will decree, and who will declare, that Jesus is not only Lord, but that they will say also in one accord, 'It is Finished. It is Written.' Thus says the Lord your God."

"Draw Out the Well of Salvation..."

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on June 10, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

I heard the Lord say, "Be ready, My people, to be blanketed with My love, to be blanketed fresh with My Blood, to be blanketed in the blessedness of the Lord your God. For I am looking for a people who will be planted by the River of Life, rooted in the River of Life, and out of My people will come healing in their leaves, and then they become plantings of their Lord.

"Know that, yes, you are in Me, the branches; and the life that I will deposit in you, you then will deposit into withered trees, to those who are dry, and say, 'Lord, where are You?' The water that will be drawn up out of the root of their pain, you will merely pump it into the vein of their hopelessness; My hope will be a new deposit in the hearts of My people.

"I am aware of despondency in those that are drawing closer and closer and closer, while waiting upon me. Be not afraid of weariness, but see it as a season of wateriness; to where I will water you, and water you, and water you, and water you.

"I am training up a militant army that will have been taught well, by the Spirit, how to draw out of the well of salvation. And when they run, they will carry the Rivers of Life to and fro, but they will also have learned well how to swim upstream, against adversity. But they will know and recognize the current of My Spirit, and they will learn, and they will recognize, how to flow with the flowing of My Spirit. And yes, they will swim against the drowning currents and find Me as their personal life guard. But you will understand, the current from under will cause you to rise up, to walk on the water, with the faith that I have been grooming in you for years.

"I say to you great is your faithfulness. How pleased and how pleasant is your faithfulness. I do not come to condemn unbelief, but to kiss faith, for it brings Me great pleasure," says the Lord your God, in Jesus' name. Amen.

You Are a Victorious Bride In the Making

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on June 17, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

I keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying, "Get ready for the new wind; and in the wind, there will be many, many facets of packages. And in those packages will be a download of a quickening of answered prayer, for I have seen the struggles of My people.

"Just as I heard the cries of My own in Egypt, so now I hear the cries of My own on the earth.And I'm going to start to break out, and break loose, over the lives of My people – those who have been cast down, and pressed down, and pushed down with oppression.

"There is a tilting that is coming right now. You will even hear people reporting on the new circumstances, even in the weather, where they will say, 'There's been a tilting of the wind. There's been a tilting of the rain. There's been a tilting of the drought.' You will hear them say, 'We do not understand.'"

And the Lord will say, "You will know that it is My hand that is tilting the evil down and the good to rise up.

"Keep in a place of expectancy. Seek My face, knowing the goodness in My heart toward you. Do not come with a heart expecting the wrath of an angry God, or the disappointment of a God who's disappointed with His people, for I am not disappointed with My people. I own My own, cherish, and love them.

"I have a victorious Bride in the making. And if you were to walk in and see a bride being prepared hours before the service, she would not look at the peak of her beauty, as she would when she was presented to her beloved. You are going to see the bride fine-tuned now, and in this fine-tuning there will be a quickening of a quick work, for I am bringing My own out of a season of loss.

"Many are going through transfers right now, and the transferring from one place to another place; one position to another position. Some have been transferred even by their health reasons. But it's been My Spirit using what is meant for evil. Some are being transferred because of financial situations; even in that be not concerned, for I promised you the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous.

"I want a Bride who is thirsty, so that I, Myself, can have her drink of the Cup of Salvation. So be not concerned of thirst, but see it as a gift, and a drawing of My Spirit to come to the Well of Salvation.

"When you're in isolation, do not see it as a season of abandonment, but see it as the season of being prepared, behind closed doors, for presentation. This may not mean a platform in this world, but it will be a platform higher in the heavenlies, for I have promised you in My Word I am taking My own from glory to glory in Christ Jesus.

"Are you ready to graduate to a new level of glory? In graduation, that which you thought you could hold onto may not make the cut, because I am going to have a glorious Bride. And even the glory that man would try to put upon you will not mix with Heaven-sent glory, because Heaven-sent glory is a holy, pure glory paid for by the Blood of My Son. Remember the price of the Blood of My Son. Know it is costly, it is priceless, and it is eternal," says the Lord Your God.

Let's Pray: Father, I claim this, in Jesus' precious, powerful name, to bring to my remembrance the costly price paid for by Jesus, so I can know all that Jesus paid for with His Blood and death, so I can live like He planned. To bring all glory unto Him, amen.

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


Eileen Fisher speaks and ministers before many groups and has a desire to fulfill the commission that Jesus gave us all. Eileen is available for retreats, workshops, meetings, banquets, or other special events. Eileen is also the author of two books titled Embraced by the Holy Spirit and Embracing the Prophetic. She travels, is a frequent TV guest, and teaches Schools of Prophecy and Healing. Her husband Fred oversees the ministry and is the ministry administrator. Fred and Eileen are active overseers and members of the board of directors for Freedom Christian Fellowship Church. They have one married daughter, Theresa, their son Michael went home to be with our Lord in 1993, and they have four grandchildren.

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