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Barbie Breathitt: "Hearing His Voice - God Beckons Us..."

Barbie BreathittWhat is imagination? Can our imagination be used for good and for evil? What is the difference between a self-centered, vain imagination, and a positive, productive, renewed or sanctified, godly imagination? Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Imagination is the visionary power of the mind to form mental images or concepts of something that is not really present at that particular time. It is the ability to think, imagine, or create something new that has never been seen or done before. The imagination joined with the power of God's creative words through prayer, dream interpretation, and prophecy has the ability to create things that are not yet visible.

The renewed imagination also has the power to change negative things that are, by creating a new positive alternative. Things, events, object's and ideas that are seen in the imagination can be formed and brought into reality through prayer. Speaking and decreeing the Word of God alerts angels to the spiritual gateways that have been opened to the natural realm. These entry points funnel God's increase and creativity into its rightful place in one's life.

Imagination is Godlike in that it is the bold voice of daring enterprise. God dreamed the world and imagined everything that is in it before He released His creative powers through the spoken Word. Imagination rules humanity whether it is an evil, vain, fanciful imagination or imaginations inspired by a loving, all-knowing God.

Fear in the Imagination

Jacob allowed his unchecked imagination to arouse great fear and run away with his emotions. Like Chicken Little clucking around the barnyard screaming, "The sky is falling," he began to believe the most dreadful outcome. The frightening news of his Brother Esau's approach brought concern for the possible loss of his life, and the demise of his family. (Photo via Freeimages)

Fear causes us to imagine the worst possible scenario while also forgetting the promises God has given us. In contrast, faith empowers us to please God by focusing on the potential and not the problems. When we focus on God's perfect love, we learn to trust in His provision, and all fear is cast away.

Then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed... Genesis 32:7

In the above passage the Hebrew word for afraid is yare' (yaw-ray' [OT:3372]); which means to morally fear, to reverence another, or see someone as frightening, to allow the imagination to run wild with dread, to terribly fear a circumstance, action, or situation that has not taken place yet.

Distressed is the Hebrew word yatsar (yaw-tsar'); meaning a vexation that causes one to be straightened out, pressed into shape, squeezed through a frame, to be molded by a potter in a narrow place that reforms you into someone else, to make a resolve to change, to be determined to accomplish your purpose, or be fashioned to reach ones' destiny in life. A similar Hebrew wordyetser, (yay'-tsar) means to become distressed because the imagination has formed a negative concept in the mind.

God Beckons Us...

The choices we make in life determine our destiny. God sets choices of life and good, death and evil, before us. Each choice we make, whether it is big or little, either draws us closer to fulfilling our God-given destiny or to aborting the call God has reserved for us. If we are not sure what choice is the right choice, God will give us the wisdom that is needed to choose correctly. Wisdom is the ability to create the perfect conclusion in the perfect way. God's wisdom sees everything in focus from the foundational beginning to the end with flawless precision.

God beckons us to love Him so the fear of the Lord will keep us clean, enduring forever. God is love, but it is only one of His many attributes, so it doesn't limit or completely define Him. God is also holy, just, faithful, truthful, kind, immutable. God's love will cover a multitude of sin, until we are able to recognize it as sin and repent.

God is infinite, sovereign, and self-existent, eternal, and incomprehensible. His love for us disposes Him to desire our best. God's dominion empowers Him to secure the utmost and highest for us. If we keep God's pure commandments, our eyes will be enlightened. His statutes and true judgments enable us to walk in righteous, godly ways, even in our imagination.

The principles of the Lord are right, producing a heart full of joy. The laws of God are perfect; so they have the power to restore the psyche. In keeping God's way, there is great reward. When we are obedient, we live in abundance and multiply in every direction. The blessings of God cause us to possess the promises. The authentication of the Lord is sure. By conducting one's life by His example, the simple are made wise.

Jesus is the Living Word. He is our example. The Word was made flesh and came to walk and talk with man. Now the Living Word continues to dwell in the hearts of those who love Him. We can find God in the secret place and lean on our Beloved.

Knowing the Word and Hearing His Voice

The Word of God is not mysterious or far off. It is not concealed in Heaven so one has to ascend into the heights to bring it down to hear or do it. Neither is the Word buried as a treasure, hidden in the depths of the sea. The Word of God is so near. It is in the mouths of earthen vessels, hidden in our hearts, that we can perform it and prosper. The power of a prosperous life or the barrenness of death is within the words we speak.

Our life is formed from the scenarios we paint in our imagination. When a seed of thought is conceived, it is impregnated with life. The more we water that thought, the more that thought grows. When that thought reaches maturity, it is birthed and becomes a reality. This is why it is paramount that our thoughts remain focused upon the pure, beautiful, and positive.

My prayer is, "Lord, let the words of my mouth be few and the meditations of my heart be pure and acceptable in Your sight. Help me to discern my errors and exonerate me of hidden faults. Keep me from being presumptuous and do not let sin rule over me. Remove indiscretion far from me, so I am unblemished in Your sight. Rid me of impurities until I am holy and without contaminates. Remove my sin so their ink does not stain the fabric of my being. Then pour me out as a jar of pure refreshing water. Be my rock, my defender and my knight in shining armor."

God's plan is always abundance, to exceedingly bless and prosper us. To obtain the innovative increased levels of prosperity, we must be willing to let go of the old comfortable ways and familiar relationships in order to add the new. Encouragement and hope comes from God and following His plans and purposes. Hearing God's voice clearly, knowing the Word, and then walking in obedience will bring a greater wisdom and ability to discern the thoughts, intents, and motives of people's hearts.

A Prayer in this Ayin Season

Dear Lord, I ask for the blessing of the open door to form in this season of Ayin Dalet; that every door that is before me both in Heaven and on earth will swing wide open. Doors that were closed to me in the past preventing my promises from coming forth will no longer be barriers, but they open now as double doors of provision, so that I am able to enter in and go through to regain the time that was stolen. Circumstances can no longer hold me hostage. Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing unto You, O Lord, so that they may birth the promise You have given to me years ago.

I pray that every obstacle, hindrance, or any form of opposition will fall at my feet. I ask for God Himself to grant me wisdom and divine revelation to solve every mystery and train my hands to worship and war in a new way.

Deliver me from the wilderness. Lead me out of limitations into new territories. Walk with me along the still waters and green pastures so I may prosper and taste Your sweet honey. Let me commune with You so that I behold You in a new and unusual way (see Luke 24; John 20).Remove every thing and person that tries to bring limitation.

Give me eyes that see beyond the natural into the divine supernatural (see Zechariah 14:7). Enlighten the path of purpose that leads me to fulfill my destiny in Christ.

Let me see a new door of hope and the expanse of every divine possibility that lies before me.Let me apprehend the power of love and a strong mind that is renewed by the Living Word.

Open the door of my tent so that I may both see and hear the voice of my Shepherd. Open my eyes to see the angelic realm (see Daniel 8-9) that watches over and protects me. Help me receive and understand the revelation of how to walk in the fulfillment of my promises.

Grant me a sound mind and steadfast emotions so that I may conquer all fear and doubt. Let the strength of my body be renewed so I can run as in the days of my youth. Give me a new realm of power and authority (see Acts 28). Sickness and disease have no place in me. Refresh and renew me throughout the watches of the night that I may awake with the expectations of miracles (see Mark 14; Psalm 90).

Jesus, I ask that You enable me to stay steadfast upon the path You have designed, give me clarity for my future (see Matthew 16:2). Let me grow in grace and the knowledge of You as my Lord and Savior so that I may apprehend the largeness of the future that You have reserved for me. Amen.

The greatest power in the universe is love,

Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt
President, Breath of the Spirit Ministries


Barbie Breathitt is the author of Dream Encounters, Seeing Your Destiny From God's Perspective, and her new book Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural. She is an ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God. Barbie's dynamic teaching skills, intelligence, and quick wit keep her a favorite with audiences everywhere. Barbie has become a recognized leader in dream interpretation, traveling to more than forty nations. Her prophetic gifting and deep spiritual insight have helped thousands of people understand the supernatural ways God speaks to us today.

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