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Jane Hamon: Strength For Spiritual Progress! At Pentecost Time, Understand the Dunamis You've Received!

Tom and Jane HamonHabakkuk 3:19 (AMP) The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds' feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!

Those of you who have been following our exciting journey this past month know that we received a prophetic Word that indicated we would be thrust into a new season of renovation at our church. Three weeks later we had massive flooding, and we began to see the fulfillment of that Word. Ready or not, here it comes! (Read more on The Elijah List about What "The Process" of "The Fulfillment Of Your Promises" Might Look Like.)

The Word basically said, "The Spirit of Delay has been broken, the curses have been destroyed, and a new time of fulfillment has come!" As you will see by these pictures, we are walking out the manifestation of that Word. Man, is it ever messy and faith-stretching! But there is such a sense of joy and expectation as we are moving into this new thing.

This is not just physical progress, it is spiritual progress! Walking in and working with the Word of the Lord catapults us forward to embrace all He has for us in this new day. Mixing the Word with faith and warring a warfare with the prophecies that have been given to us position us for every breakthrough God has for us.

Jehovah Chayil - Our Strength

So, in the midst of this "quantum leap" into our future, we look to the Lord to be our strength, our personal bravery, and our invincible army. The word "strength" is the Hebrew word chayil. This is a powerful word that means "the force, strength and might of an army; a force of men, means, and resources. Efficiency, ability, and wealth." Oftentimes in Scripture this term is used to describe mighty men of valor. Proverbs 31:10 also uses this word to describe virtuous/valiant women.

Our God is Jehovah Chayil...The Lord our Strength! He has everything we need for victory upon our high places (battlefields) and enables us to make progress in our assignments or in the fulfillment of His promises to us.Whatever you need to overcome the obstacles you face is found in Him.

If you need physical or spiritual strength, it is found in Jehovah Chayil. If you need courage to overcome fear and uncertainty along this faith journey, Jehovah Chayil will breathe boldness into you.

If you feel stuck...He will give you the feet of a deer so you can leap with strength and agility through the challenging places. If you are struggling with lack of finances or resources and feel challenged to move into the new because the supply lines seem to be crimped, remember, when a water hose is crimped, the water builds up, and when the crimp is released an abundance of water gushes out!

This is how it is with Jehovah Chayil. Jesus manifested this supernatural strength at every point of His earthly, spiritual journey. He knew the strength to finish His assignment did not come from His human abilities, but modeled for each of us how we were to draw on the Father for all we need. After He was raised from the dead, He ascended to Heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to indwell us: "You shall receive power (dunamis) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you..."(Acts 1:8).

Day of Pentecost and His Dunamis

As we are approaching the Day of Pentecost on the calendar, it is important to understand the fullness of what we have received when we were filled with the Holy Spirit. This Greek word "dunamis" is similar to chayil, meaning "force, miraculous power, a miracle itself, ability, abundance, mighty deed, a worker of miracles, power, wealth, strength, mighty, wonderful work." Here again we see God resourcing His people with a supernatural force, abilities, strength, resources, and miracle working power.

As we have recently faced unexpected challenges and expenses, we are learning more and more how to believe the Word of the Lord, draw on His strength and divine abilities, expect "double for our trouble" in our financial challenges, and how to leap with joy (like a deer) on all our high places of challenge. He has shown Himself to be so very gracious, so very generous, and so very glorious in all we have encountered.

Whatever you are facing, Jehovah Chayil will empower you for victory! The power of the Holy Spirit is as real today as it was 2,000 years ago on the original outpouring on the Day of Pentecost. His "dunamis" can resource you with all you need to experience the fullness of the Kingdom of God and the victory you desire. Press in to Him and you, too, will receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you!

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Tom and Jane Hamon are the senior pastors of Vision Church @ Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Their ministry together is an example to the Body of Christ of a husband and wife team working in tandem and unity to accomplish God's purposes. Their ministry is characterized by a rich deposit of God's wisdom to provide apostolic covering for the Church, prophetic teaching and ministry, and demonstration of Kingdom anointing and power. They travel as an apostolic/prophetic team to the nations, imparting both the spirit of wisdom and revelation to establish the Church and break open territories through spiritual warfare for the Kingdom of God to be experienced in a powerful and practical way.

Jane Hamon has been featured on Christian Television on TBN and through co-hosting with Gordon Robertson on the 700 Club. She has also written several books, including her very practical work on Dreams and Visions, her call to marketplace ministers called The Cyrus Decree, and her proclamation over women in the Church to arise and be The Deborah Company.

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