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Eileen Fisher: "Let Me Come and Turn Situations of Impossibility into the Miraculous"

Eileen FisherLet The Cross Have Its Work

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on April 15, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

It's the Cross, and it's on fire. And the Lord said, "When the Cross is working, it burns up the flesh. When the Cross is alive, it burns up the flesh. When the Cross is allowed to do what it was told to do, it burns up the flesh – dreams of the flesh, ambitions of the flesh – all of the flesh.

"All of the flesh it consumes. It consumed man's flesh beyond recognition, and so it is with My own. It is consuming the flesh beyond recognition. So when the Father looks down, He sees the reflection of His Son, and then there becomes recognition.

"Let the Cross have its work. Let the grave contain what is causing death, but let the Spirit quicken what is life.

"Thank Me for the Cross; for the work of the Cross. For you are a people of My Cross, and in turn, I am not cross with My people. For I carry your cross, as you are marked by My Cross.

"Cast not away the Blood of Jesus. Let the Blood consume. Let the Blood be the fuel for the fire of the Cross.

"Let the Spirit of the Living God consume the flesh, so that in My Spirit you will live and move and have your being, but first there must be the working of the Cross.

"And as My Cross becomes your cross, know I too have hidden you in My Cross. For your cross is within My Cross, and the enemy cannot beat you with your cross when you bow down and let the working of My Cross take precedence.

"Feel My Cross. Feel My Blood. It is real. It is truth. I am alive forevermore, and so are you. Your spirit is eternal. Let your spirit be free to mature through the working of the Cross. For, yes, there is death, but more importantly, there is the life of the Cross.

"Let My Cross consume you. Let My grave clothes transform you. Let My robes of righteousness transfuse you, through the Blood of the Cross," says the Lord your God, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Be Not Content To Linger And Wander In The Desert Of Brokenness And Disappointment

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on April 22, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

I hear the Lord say, "I have called you. And I'm calling My vessels, those that are even empty; I am calling them to come and drink of My Spirit, to come to be filled fresh, strong.

"For My wind will blow away the staleness, the familiar, the comfortable, but it will blow in a new thing. You will even find My own scratching their heads, wondering, 'Is this that?'

"You will know it by My peace that will be in the midst of it. You will know it by the instructions of truth from My Word that will establish it. You will know it by the presence of My Spirit that will hover and instill it – write it on your hearts. You will know it by the quickening of My Spirit to your spirit; for truth cries out to truth, just as deep cries out to deep.

"For there is a cry of My people, and it is 'Lord, we are thirsty.'

"And I would say: Come. Come. Come, for I am here. But you must choose to come. For I have given you the River of Life already. Now I would say, will you drink from the cup of salvation? Will you swim in the river of My glory? Will you bathe in the river of My cleansing stream?

"Will you allow My water to overrule your thinking, and wash away unclean thoughts, negative thoughts, thoughts of anger, rage, disappointment, and fear? Will you allow My water to come and to take down all that would cause your thoughts to come against My highest plan for you? For I am a pure and Holy God, and I am wanting a pure and holy people – filled, spilling over, with the river of God.

"Come. Do not despise thirst, but come, for thirst is a calling card of My Spirit to come. Be not content to linger and wander in the desert of brokenness and disappointment, but set your face like flint, and come to the River. For I will part the Red Sea for you, too; for the Blood of My Son has already won all that concerns you, but you must come."

"The Lord Has Parted My Red Sea"

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on May 6, 2014 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

And I hear the Lord saying to you back, as we worship, "My people, how pleasant it is to dwell in the praises of My Beloved. For as you sing, even out of pain, even out of fear, even out of joy, weakness and strength, it touches My heart. For I long to commune and to fellowship with you who are My own.

"I bid you to press through the thorns. I bid you to press through the fires of the enemy. And know that I will come, just like I did for My own, and open the Red Sea.

"Yes, I call it the 'Red Sea,' because My Son's Blood was red. And when you cross through My 'Red Sea,' you will see what My Son has done. And you will say, 'Truly, the Lord – the King of Kings – Jesus Christ, has parted my Red Sea.'

"You will understand, only the enemy was swallowed up. I am the same Living God who parts the seas of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

"Let Me part all that is contentious against you. And let Me come and fight your battle. Invite Me in as the Man of War. Allow Me to bring My battle-axe, and let Me go forth and bring up to the top truth, so that you can rest on the truth of My Word.

"Trust in My goodness afresh tonight. Trust in My faithfulness tonight. For as you sang out to be used for My glory, I say back to you, I too long to be used for your glory. For you alone are My glory. For have I not decreed, and have I not declared, 'The glory of the Lord is the lifter of your heads'? And there is no turning of darkness, but there is a turning away of darkness.

"Let Me come, the King of Glory, and turn situations of impossibility into the miraculous, for the King of Glory has entered in," says the Lord of lords.

Eileen Fisher
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Eileen Fisher speaks and ministers before many groups and has a desire to fulfill the commission that Jesus gave us all. Eileen is available for retreats, workshops, meetings, banquets, or other special events. Eileen is also the author of two books titled Embraced by the Holy Spirit and Embracing the Prophetic. She travels, is a frequent TV guest, and teaches Schools of Prophecy and Healing. Her husband Fred oversees the ministry and is the ministry administrator. Fred and Eileen are active overseers and members of the board of directors for Freedom Christian Fellowship Church. They have one married daughter, Theresa, their son Michael went home to be with our Lord in 1993, and they have four grandchildren.

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