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Kent Simpson: God's Mysterious Ways #3 - "Oklahoma City Tornadoes and the One I Missed"

On Monday, May 20th (2013), my wife, Debbie, my teenage daughter, Savannah, and I headed toward Edmond, Oklahoma from our home in Gainesville, Texas. The night before we had heard on the news that the conditions were to be prime for birthing tornados; however, these comments are made often during the season of twisters.
Just a few days prior to our departure there were 17 tornados spotted over a 100 mile area south of our home, which had taken the lives of 7 people and damaged property in a number of counties. After a week of watching tornados tear hundreds of homes and businesses apart, we were ready to get out of Texas. My wife had a long-standing appointment north of Oklahoma City, and we were going a day early to stay in a hotel and visit with the fellow travelers. Our plans were to leave early and catch a meal in OKC (Oklahoma City) before going on up the road to our hotel.

As we were loading our vehicle, I started feeling rundown, so I told the girls I was going to rest before we leave. Knowing this would put us behind schedule. I had planned on just taking a 15-minute power nap, but it turned into a 45-minute snooze. The weather was good as we left our home going North on I-35 for OKC. Enjoying the drive, Debbie decided to send a text message to a couple of our children who live in Oklahoma to let them know that we were headed for Edmond.

"There Are Tornados Right Where You're Going"

In just a few short minutes Debbie's phone rings and it's one of our daughters calling. She was so loud I could hear her asking her mother, "Are y'all crazy? Don't you know there are tornados headed right where you are?" Then one of our other daughters was trying to get through as her Mom was still talking with the first daughter who had called. She gets off the phone only to hear our other daughter say, "Are you crazy? Turn around and go back, please! It's bad; there are tornados right where you're going." (Photo: AP/Alonzo Adams)

Well, I have been through a couple of tornados in my lifetime, so I kept driving. Now my wife and teenage daughter are starting to drop hints that we might need to take the girls' advice.

We managed to get turned around and started the journey back home thinking it was all over, but we were in for another surprise. When we arrived we had neighbors waiting for us to see if they could get into our underground cellar, for now a tornado was headed toward our neighborhood in Gainesville, Texas. We could not seem to shake the twisters; they were like magnets being drawn to us. Our neighbors are prayer warriors, so we delved into a time of prayer together. Fortunately, the twister that was headed our way turned north and we were free of its gnarly threat. Thanks be to God.

Clean Up Begins...

The next morning we are back in the vehicle headed for Oklahoma to make my wife's appointment and see what we could do to help in Moore, where the big one hit and took so much away from their city.

When we drove through the town of Norman, Oklahoma, we knew that we only had about 15 miles before we would be at ground zero where the tornado had crossed in front of us the day before. Driving steady at about 65 miles per hour, I saw red brake lights begin to light up across four lanes of traffic headed north on I-35. For the next hour, we crawled along making 9 miles to the place where all the "Rubberneckers" were causing the major backup. To our surprise it looked 100 times worse than it had appeared on television.

Looking over the size of the damage and the long faces of people in shock, I knew then that if I had not laid down for that 45-minute nap we would have been right in the middle of this deadly twister. I cannot help but believe that the spirit of slumber was allowed by God to fall upon me, causing me, without any understanding, to rest before leaving. The reports from media sources indicated that the tornado was on the ground 40 minutes. By all indications it was my time of rest that saved us and allowed us to totally miss the rolling cloud of death and destruction.

As many of you have seen the images and news clips of the mass destruction that this deadly tornado left throwing cars, trucks and debris piled in front of us with junk being tossed for over a mile stretch, up and down the I-35. When you are looking at it, the people and mass destruction in real time, you realize that there is no way television can portray the depth of the real pain and suffering that has taken place. Everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion, stunned as if they were just doing their individual duties by memory without thinking.

It is our desire to single out a couple of families and begin to partner with them in rebuilding their lives, beginning with making Jesus Christ the center of their life.

Kent Simpson, Prophetic Pastor
Prophetic Ministries Today


Kent Simpson is the pastor of Prophetic Ministries Today located in Gainesville, Texas. He is a former conservative bank president who gave up his lifestyle to follow God's calling to be His prophet. Prophet Kent has been hearing God for others since 1989 and has provided over 120,000 personal prophecy tapes to people all around the world. Believers, unbelievers, investors, business people, Norwegian parliament, and the Pentagon are some of the people who have sought his counseling through the years.


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