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Kathie Walters: God's Mysterious Ways #6: God Talks Through Money

Kathie WaltersA few years ago I looked at my itinerary and realized I had a week to myself. I thought it would be great to go see my friend Joy Strang in Orlando, Florida. I emailed her and she said it was fine to come down.

But, I did say to the Lord, "Is there anywhere You want me go this week?" I wasn't really expecting an answer as I had already decided where to go. To my surprise, He said, "Yes, I want you to go to Israel."

"I was actually going to Florida," I replied. I had only asked about it to be polite, really.

"Israel," He said again.

Well, I couldn't just say, "No," so I ended up going to Israel to see my friend Juinnine. She was living in Jerusalem at the time.

So, for a week I just hung out with Juinnine who had a great ministry, especially in the Arab villages.

I just followed her around and didn't do anything much myself.

But before I had left Georgia for Israel, people kept sending me money for my trip, even though I told them I didn't really need it because someone had already paid for my ticket to Israel for me. As it turned out, though, Juinnine needed it – though to pay the rent on her apartment.

That's Good...But Was That It?

However, it came to the day before I was to leave, and we were walking around the Old City of Jerusalem; I had kind of complained to God, because apart from seeing a friend, the entire trip seemed a bit pointless to me. My being there was pretty unnecessary when I could have gone to Florida instead, which was only a six-hour drive.

That's when we passed a jewelry store there in the Old City. Many of you remember that I've said I love jewelry, especially antique jewelry – "rose gold" in particular. Well, this store we were about to pass had Michal Negrin jewelry, which I also love. Michal Negrin is an Israeli designer.

"I have to check this out," I said and grabbed Juinnine. We went inside the store and were met by a very neat looking couple who looked like beautiful "Israeli Barbie dolls."

I started looking at the neat bracelets and necklaces, along with Juinnine. The neat looking couple who owned the store walked away to the other side of the shop. I realized that they ceased to be interested in me when they heard my English accent. In a lot of places where people depend on tourism for a living they don't care too much for people from the U.K. because they have a reputation for "just looking."

I loved the jewelry – this was nice costume jewelry, not diamonds and emeralds, or anything, but not cheap either.

Not to waste this opportunity to get a piece of Michal Negrin jewelry, I said to Juinnine, "I think I will buy a bracelet." But the Lord said to me, "Buy four, and buy something for Juinnine."

"They aren't cheap, You know," I replied, but God repeated it.

So, I found myself choosing four bracelets, and I told Juinnine to pick whatever she liked best. (Photo courtesy: Michal Negrin)

Well, the couple who owned the store heard me saying, "I think I will get this one, and this one..." and they heard Juinnine saying, "Oh, I think I will get this necklace." They suddenly got very interested in me and came back around to where we were standing.

We purchased the four bracelets and a pretty necklace for Juinnine. Juinnine said, "Praise the Lord!" The nice looking man looked up and said, "Oh, are you those born-again people?" We said, "Yes," of course.

He explained, "A missionary lady from Sweden came into the store a few months ago and she told us about the Messiah, Jesus. And she emails us every week to tell us more about Him. She emailed us this morning and said some people would come in here today and tell us about the Messiah. It must be you."

Juinnine prayed with them.

He's Looking for Vessels...

Before we left, they told us this: "The reason we did not accept Jesus before is because we thought if we did, He would take away our business and make us poor, and we want to be successful."

They had picked up a wrong concept about God from Christians and missionaries, so when I bought the four bracelets and something for Juinnine, it squashed that idea they had about Jesus, the Messiah and money, and our purchase got that idea out of their way.

The last I heard, they were very successful and had another couple of stores.

God talks through His Word, His prophets and minsters. He speaks through signs, and wonders, and aromas, and all kinds of demonstrations. He also talks to people through money. So be open, He is looking for some vessels to flow through.

Kathie and David Walters
Good News Ministries


Kathie Walters is an international speaker who brings freedom to those who feel they have to "qualify." She also ministers in the supernatural and believes that the supernatural realm is for everyone.


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