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Sandie Freed: Quenching the Fiery Darts of the Enemy

Dear Believers,
I am writing to you today to encourage you once again concerning your identity in Christ. A few nights ago I had a dream that the enemy had a quiver which was full of arrows. As satan pulled arrows forth to target against the Church, he would speak words against the Body, and as he spoke opposite of what God said about each of us, the arrows would catch on fire. Yes, his negative words about us were the fuel that ignited the fire. In other words, as satan spoke contrary to our true identity in Christ, the arrow, also known Biblically as a fiery dart, would ignite with fire. Then, satan would carefully take aim and verbally hurl (shoot forth) these negative words from his bow, which always were contradictory to what God spoke concerning us.

In the dream, some of God's children were suffering from the attack. And when arrows were hurled at others, the flame would be quenched. I awoke from the dream with such a tremendous burden to alert the Body of Christ. Dear ones, we must fortify our shields of faith! And as we do, we will become strong in the Lord and our identity in Christ will prevail against any fiery darts planned by the enemy for our future!

During the dream it was very clear to me that satan had plans to target us with his fiery darts and flaming arrows. This is nothing new to most Believers, but a strategic, kairos assault by satan is what I am bringing forth to the Body, so please discern the difference.

Quiver Flaming Arrows by Linda Harris-IorioNow, before we go any further, I need to say again that my intent is for each of you to be encouraged. Notice the word "courage" in the word "encouraged"? Well, saint of God, it is our season to rise up in faith and courage. God desires that we realize our identity. We are not fearful warriors. No way! We are God's army, His mighty warriors, empowered by His Spirit. You're being led by His Spirit to shift from a fear-based mentality that is built upon a faulty foundation of "insignificance" to a firm foundation that is built upon the Rock! (More on insignificance in bit.) (Photo via The Elijah List Store by Linda Harris-Iorio)

Understand Your Identity

It's time that we, as Believers, fully realize who we are in Christ. The enemy seeks to challenge our identity, but God is speaking to us in this season about realizing our true identity. And we are like David who was challenged by the negative words from Goliath. If you recall, Goliath was a Philistine champion who challenged David in battle. On the battlefield, David was immediately defied by the negative words of Goliath.

The giant purposefully focused on what might have been considered a "weakness" in David. David and GoliathGoliath drew near to David and hurled accusations that indicated David was too young, too unskilled, and he also mocked David's physical appearance. Goliath did this intentionally. In fact, I believe it is safe to say that Goliath first used fiery darts against David (his words of negativity), believing that the negativity alone would cause David to cower down! Yes, Goliath's negative words were meant to be a "first-blow" against David to weaken him so that Goliath could move in quickly for the kill! Believers, maybe you can identify with what I am saying.

For us today, a Philistine spirit might sound like this:

• You're too young to be used of God.
• You haven't attended Bible college, so you're unqualified to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.
• You're not a good speaker.
• Your family was poor. How can you ever consider yourself blessed of God?
• You are not attractive, you're fat (skinny), or too short (tall).
• You are weak. Just take a good look at yourself. Is there anything about you of which you can really be proud?
• You failed. You sinned. God will never use you. God has abandoned you.
• Shame on you!

Did you notice that this spirit targets our significance? Let me be blunt – satan desires for each of us to get stuck in cycles of feeling "insignificant." The dictionary describes insignificance as being unimportant and having no purpose in life. On the other hand, God addresses His children always as being significant – meaning we are important to Him and that our lives are meaningful and have a purpose. However, when we don't know our full identity in Christ, we remain in a continual search for significance. This search will remain on our wilderness wandering map unless we begin to rebuke the words (fiery darts and arrows) and begin to agree with what God says about us.

Satan Speaks Religiously!

Destined To Reign by Joseph PrinceAnother heads up! Satan loves to speak "religiously." He will even quote Scripture to ensnare you. Just remember this key: satan's words bring doubt, fear, and unbelief. But, when God is speaking, His Word releases courage, faith, and life. (Photo via The Elijah List Store by Joseph Prince)

David was able to triumph against his enemy because he knew his God and that his God would give him victory. David did not have an identity crisis because he had an intimate relationship with God. David was a worshiper, and in this season we must also become like David – worshipers! Worship is a platform for a victorious life. Worship catapults us into victory. Yes, we've been in an identity crisis for way too long. It is our destiny to be victorious. If we are alerted now for any fiery darts, we can then preemptively prepare through worship, as well as fortify ourselves in the Word. The Word will quench every fiery dart!

The Antichrist Spirit Targets Your Belief System

Daniel 7:25 alerts us to the antichrist spirit that attempts to wear out the saints. Many times the enemy wears us out simply by unleashing words of negativity. Pessimism always weakens us. It's been said by some psychologists that it takes close to 100 words of affirmation to overpower just one negative word! Is it any wonder satan speaks negatively against our identity?

I have written an entire book about the antichrist spirit Conquering the Antichrist Spirit(Conquering the Antichrist Spirit: Discerning and Defeating the Seducer That Binds Believers Today. Please allow me to explain that it is my belief that this spirit is satan himself, and it has been actively seducing mankind and speaking lies concerning our identity since the Garden of Eden! This spirit has been around a is in operation now – targeting YOUR identity! Even more, as I explain in my book, the antichrist spirit is everything anti-Christ!

This spirit works alongside a Philistine stronghold. How? Well, if you notice, Goliath (a Philistine champion) targeted David's identity just as the antichrist spirit targets everything about us concerning Christ. In other words, it targets our identity as a Christian: a blood-bought Believer, a child of the King, a son and daughter of God. Both spirits shoot fiery darts attempting to destroy our relationship with God, our identity in Christ, and our significance.

These strongholds negate our righteousness solely due to the Cross and the shedding of the Blood of Jesus and emphasize religious works and religious performance. They also confront us to operate with religious perfectionism, focusing on works rather than relationship with God. I encourage you to purchase this book because I teach how the enemy infiltrates our belief systems. This is exactly what Goliath attempted to do with David...infiltrate his belief system concerning his identity and his relationship with God!

Saints of God, allow me to quote from one of my previous books concerning your completing your divine destiny:

Destiny Thieves"Do you know that you have a destiny? That you have an 'expected end' that God has planned? (Note: an expected end translates as a ground of hope) Do you have mountains in your life that seem insurmountable? Did you know that you also can possess the courage, strength, and determination of Caleb to possess your mountain?... The Bible is full of prophetic words (concerning your identity)...the Bible speaks the Word of God and His desire for good things in your life. His plans for you are just as they are for me – good and not evil! All through the Word of God are prophecies of life, healing, restoration and fulfillment." (Sandie Freed, Destiny Thieves: Defeat Seducing Spirits and Achieve Your Purpose in God, page 22, based upon Jeremiah 29:11.)

Let's begin to fortify ourselves so that we can begin to rule and reign as we are destined. We need not fear any plan of the enemy. In fact, 1 John 4:4 (ASV) reminds us that "...because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." Therefore, we need not be fearful, because when our lives are hidden in Christ we are greater than any weapon that targets our lives. Yet, though we know this in our hearts, it does not always deter those attacks from the enemy. And, if we allow challenges that test our faith to become testimonies of victory...well...we can maintain an attitude that will overcome all opposition from our enemy!

Fortify Your Shield of Faith

Earlier, I mentioned defeating this assault through worship and the Word. Let me expand this somewhat. It is necessary that we, as New Covenant Believers, remember that Jesus is our shield. And, as Christians, we are born into a battlefield against wickedness. We would rather not choose this conflict, but we have to remember that satan has declared war against us. It's better to be prepared than not, right? We can either be trampled by our enemies or be victorious. This is why I am encouraging you today; you are already victorious because of the Cross. Still we must possess our Promised Land as natural Israel was destined to do.

Victory Shield by Jennifer PageAgain, Jesus is our shield. At the Cross, He took our infirmities, our guilt, our poverty, and our curse (see Isaiah 53:6, Isaiah 53:4-5; 2 Corinthians 8:9; and Galatians 3:13-14). Jesus died to protect us, to shield us, from every fiery dart of the enemy. Ephesians 6:16 (NIV) says, "...take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." (Photo via The Elijah List Store by Jennifer Page)

Apostle Paul makes it clear to us that when we are in warfare and flaming arrows are sent our way that we must take up our shields of faith. The way we activate this shield is to speak God's Word! Yes! When the enemy challenges your true identity, just remind him of what God says! If you will do that, your shield goes up and quenches those fiery darts! We must always remember that Jesus, alone, is our shield. When we speak the Word, it activates our shield of faith. We are not responsible to shield ourselves from danger. Jesus did that work at the Cross! Yet satan targets our faith and the truth of the finished work of Christ.

Dear ones, it's time for breakthrough! Jesus paid the price for it – let's believe it and enter into it!

It's Time For Breakthrough

Our true identity has been on the line – what do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about God? The truth must become established for breakthrough to occur. I know I'm hammering this in, but I believe it is worthy of repetition – the fiery darts are targeting our identity. The identity thief has a plan – to steal, kill, and destroy your future.

Let's exalt the Lord and declare His identity as "The Breaker"! Yes, He is the Breaker – the one who breaks forth on our behalf (see Micah 2:13). God is breaking forth for us. Jesus broke forth and gave us life by the shedding of His precious Blood. It's time for faith to arise once more. Raise up your shield of faith today! Lift up the name of Jesus – your shield!

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Dr. Sandie and Apostle/Pastor Mickey are ordained with Christian International Ministries, serving on their Board of Governors. They have been married since 1973, and have one daughter, Kimberly.

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