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Gale Sheehan: 2014 - A Year of Double 7s... Double Portions... and Double Blessings

2014 is a key year for expecting great things from the Lord. It is a year of "Double 7s," with a base number of double 7s (7+7=14) and the Hebrew year double 7 (5774). The number 7 is a special number to the Lord, one of completion, fulfillment, and destiny. I have experienced the miraculous power of the number 7 in great ways with the Lord.

This year will also be one of "Double Portion" mantles being released to those that have past the recent years of testing times. If you feel that you have been one of those with great tests over the last few years, this year you can expect great rewards, breakthroughs, and health and financial miracles.

Angels will be released on assignment this year to co-labor with us to get victories we never would have been able to get by ourselves. This year will also be a year of "Double Blessings." To be blessed is to be empowered by the Lord to be fruitful and have dominion, wherein 2014, supernatural advancement in the "7 Mountains" of society will be possible. This includes supernatural favor in business, government, media, and other realms of societal influence, including ministry.

We are moving toward the time when the "kingdoms of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord" as revealed in the book of Revelation. We corporately as the Church are becoming a "Kingdom and Priests to our God." We will be a demonstration of Jesus, the true "Light of the World," at a time when darkness, as well, will be experienced in the earth.

2014: A Year of "Double 7s"

The number 7 has always had a very significant impact on our family in both the natural and spiritual realms:

When I was born in the natural realm, in 1955, the time was 7:07 A.M. When I was "born again" in the Spirit, in 1981, it was when I read Matthew 7:7. The Lord spoke to me while I was in a crisis situation as an unbeliever ensnared in a drug culture. I was all alone on a farm in Central Illinois when it happened. My brother's wife, Linda, along with John Schlitt's (of the Christian rock band Petra) wife, Dorla, were prayer partners and were praying for me that night and pushing back the forces of darkness. This prayer effort enabled me to make a willful choice to serve the Lord that eventful night.

The Lord heard my heart's cry when I said, "I am asking for help," asking if He was real. I had remembered hearing somewhere the verse, "Ask and you shall receive," and I was sincerely asking for help from this God of the Universe. The next thing that happened was the Lord spoke to me to go get an old Bible that I had buried away with my old college books. This was a giant print Bible my mom had given to me many years prior. I jokingly say that she thought if the words were big enough they would work on me some day. College degrees in chemistry and psychology along with agnostic views had helped to blind my mind to the possibility of the true supernatural realm.

When the Lord inspired me to get this Bible out and read from it, very supernaturally, the Scripture I turned to was Matthew 7:7...double 7s again. This passage of Scripture states "Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened."

When reading this Scripture God revealed Himself to me and I said, "It is true," meaning this Bible and its Author were real to me. I was "Born Again" that night before ever knowing what that terminology meant. "It is True" got me into the Kingdom. As I believed in my heart and spoke with my mouth, I was transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the "Kingdom of Light."

Hearing the Voice of the Lord can change your world. This experience opened a new door into a realm I never knew existed. Through this door was a prophetic destiny to be fulfilled. This upcoming year of 2014 and ongoing years will offer opportunities for Double 7 "Prophetic Breakthroughs" as we pursue them in faith. The number 7 represents completion, fulfillment, and success. Many of your prophetic words of past years will be fulfilled this year. God will shine His light on your prophetic destiny steps this year.

After this time of being "Born Again", the next year the Lord stirred marriage in my heart. He again used the number 7 in a unique way. When I found Shelly, her birthday was on July 7th, another 7/7 day. I thought this fits well in the overall plan of Gods direction and His use of the number 7 for our destiny.

Over the years the number 7 has had additional special meanings. Our daughter's wedding was 7/7/7 and her son, our only grandson (thus far), Landon, came into this world right on time on June 7th. Our son's wedding was also on a "Double 7" day, the 14th of September 2013. This was also Yom Kippur another special day to the Lord. These have been some of the examples where the Lord has humorously and purposefully used 7's to confirm his will for us.

2014 will be a time for great expectation of the power of "Double 7" fulfillment. God is releasing His "Seven Spirits" to direct us this year. As we hear His Voice and partner with Him, all things are possible. 

2014: A Year of "Double Portions"

The relationship of Elijah and Elisha represents one of the best demonstrations of how to effectively move into a "Double Portion" time in your life. Elijah had been the model prophetic visionary for many years prior to his ascension to Heaven. He was known as the "go to guy" to get your miracle. He had many victories of light against darkness during his life validating the Lordship of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

When the time of his departure was growing near, he asked Elisha what he wanted prior to his leaving. Elisha was bold and asked for a "Double Portion" of Elijah's spirit (see 2 Kings 2). Elijah said that it was a hard thing but that it was possible if Elisha was diligent to be with him and see the time of his departure. Elisha was determined to see it happen and it did.

Elisha pursued Elijah when it was not easy and followed when there appeared to be no plan. Elisha did this because he believed the prophetic word of the Lord. Elisha got the "Double Portion" when Elijah left because of his tenacity. We as well this year can receive mantles of "Double Portions." We can then spiritually strike the waters and cry out for the God of Miracles and He will show up.

Double Portion of Fortunes:

Some of you reading this have experienced the year of 2013 to be a great year of testing. This testing time of the Lord will cause us to focus on the key elements of fulfilling His Destiny. If you have been one of these, you can know that the good news is: test times result in a "Double Portion" if we pass the test of the Lord.

Job was one of the greatest examples of one who experienced great testing times but came through focused on the fact that God is a good God in every situation. As he was able to live his life accordingly, even though seemingly losing everything, he received a "Double Portion" in the end. Job 42:10, "The Lord restored Job's fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before." 2014 will be a year of double for those that pass the testing times of previous years.

Double Portion of Destiny:

One of the crucial keys of 2014 will be that the Lord is enabling Believers to be Destiny Fulfillers. There will be a "Double Portion" of His grace and anointing to cause destinies to be fulfilled. There will also be a release on Angels (Ministering Spirits) to help us to fulfill Destiny. As Angels were the keys of many Biblical battles recorded in the Bible, Angels will make up the victorious army of the Lord in the supernatural realm today. They will team with us, an earthly army, to enable victories.

The harvest of souls is imperative in this day and hour. The darkness in the earth is increasing to cause individuals to look for answers in life. The answer is Jesus. God is pouring out His Spirit today on all flesh – both Believers and unbelievers. The Church will arise in this hour to proclaim with power the name of Jesus and see many transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light.

Elisha became a great destiny fulfiller after receiving Elijah's mantle. He struck the water looking for the God of Elijah, the God of miracles. God parted the waters and Elisha went on to demonstrate even more miracles than Elijah. We need to be those that are striking the waters today with "Double Portion" mantles looking for the God of miracles. As we do, we are in for great times of signs, wonders, and miracles that we have not yet seen.

2014 A Year of "Double Blessings"

Double Blessing of Fruitfulness:

The first usage of the Hebrew root "to bless" is in Genesis 1:22, the 5th day of creation, when upon creating the creatures of the earth, sea, and sky, God blessed them and empowered them to be fruitful (the ability to reproduce) and also have dominion. This word "bless" denotes to endue with power for success, prosperity, longevity, etc.

This Hebrew word also conveys the idea of being supernaturally strengthened, and of our weakness being compensated with God's strength. It also means to kneel and acknowledge God as supreme. Therefore, a blessing from God is being empowered to do what is not within our natural capabilities. This will be a year where we will see impossible situations turned into supernatural victories.

Double Blessing of Advancing the Kingdom:

This "Double Portion" year will be a time when we can make great advancements in our destiny as we trust the Lord for strength to do things that we are incapable of doing alone. Even though there will be progressions in the world toward greater darkness we can also expect that God will strengthen us to be greater light during this same time period. When we are weak, we can say that we are strong by the power of the Lord.

A key verse of Scripture for this year will be the one that the Lord charged many leaders with "Be Strong and Courageous, Fear Not Nor be Dismayed, for the Lord thy God will be with you wherever you go" (Joshua 1:9).

A "Double Portion" of destiny fulfillment will be attainable this year of 2014. As Elisha received the mantle of Elijah it equipped him to impact lives for the Lord in a greater way than he ever had. He was empowered to be fruitful in Kingdom business and see the signs, wonders, and miracles of the Lord in abundance. We are already seeing physical miracles, emotional healings, supernatural debt reduction, and supernatural favor being released in this year of 2014.

We, like Elisha, will be empowered this year to be fruitful in Kingdom business. The Kingdom of God is being established in the earth today even in the midst of the darkness of the world. The time is approaching where the kingdoms of the world will become the Kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. When that day happens, we will begin to rule and reign with Christ on the earth in a way that we have never seen before.

May you be "Strong and Courageous" as we move forward in Destiny in this 2014 year of "Double 7s, Double Portions, and Double Blessings."

Gale and Shelly Sheehan
Directors, CI Apostolic Network

Gale Sheehan is the Director of Christian International Apostolic Network, a network of over 850 ministers in the US under the vision of founder Dr. Bill Hamon. CI also has a global arm of ministry with over 3500 ministers around the world representing all continents of the earth. Gale travels both Nationally and Internationally as a conference speaker. Gale is also the author of several books including Miracles Now, a book that equips Believers to activate miracles, along with numerous prophetic audio and video products. Christian International is one of the foremost leaders of the Prophetic Movement over the last 25 years. Gale also conducts equipping conferences that focus on releasing and receiving miracles through the simplicity of knowing that "Christ within You the Hope of Glory" is the reason for every miracle. Gale and his wife, Shelly, and family reside in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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