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A Presence-Based Life Will Restore Cities and Is the Ultimate Purpose of the Anointing - by Robin McMillan

The first recorded sermon Jesus spoke originated from Isaiah 61, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor" (verse 1).

In subsequent verses Jesus articulates the other benefits of that anointing: healing for the brokenhearted, freedom for captives, an experiential "jail-break" for prisoners, the year of our being delightfully accepted by God based on His vengeance having been fully satisfied, comfort for all mourners, and the divine exchange: beauty for ashes, joy for the mourning ones, and the garment of praise for all who are depressed.

The recipients become oaks of righteousness as God's special planting that the great God might receive glory. The prophet Isaiah identified the ultimate goal of this anointing.

The newly anointed ones would be ones who "rebuild the old ruins", "raise up the former desolations", "repair the ruined cities", which were the "desolations of many generations".

Presence-Based Life

Isaiah also made a radical statement about the priesthood. In his day only those born from the tribe of Levi could be a priest, yet Isaiah prophesied, "You shall be named priests of the Lord" (Isaiah 61:6).

Fathers name children at birth. Isaiah promised that those who were fully restored by the anointing became authorized to establish a brand new priesthood based on having received a new spiritual vitality characterized by a restoration that only true fathers of a new order possessed, namely "fathering" a new high order of priests!

Those people would create a new order of spirituality characterized by a "presence-based lifestyle". Jesus modeled "presence-based" life and declared it when He said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me," – and so it would be for those who received the fullness of His ministry.

Those of us who see this truth, believe for it, and qualify become those who can establish a presence-based community of people who have the potential to restore whole cities.

We must set our sights higher than we have in the past. The anointing is not something we have to simply have great meetings or see people supernaturally healed and delivered. Its ultimate goal is to transform societies. We must not settle for less than that. If we do we have denigrated our spiritual currency. 

There is an ongoing experience of "glory" and encountering God that has a much greater potential than we have ever imagined. Its purpose is to create a national awakening that transforms the United States. Perhaps we are not a post-Christian nation. We may, in fact, be a pre-Christian one. Don't settle for less. Our best days lie just ahead!

Robin McMillan
Senior Pastor, Queen City Church

Robin McMillan is the Senior Pastor of Queen City Church in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, planted on Father's Day of 2010. He previously served MorningStar Fellowship Church as director of the Fellowship of Ministries and Fellowship of Churches for three years, then as Senior Pastor of the Fort Mill, South Carolina, congregation for more than a decade.

He believes our nation is on the verge of the next great spiritual awakening. His passion is to awaken the Church to the power of the Spirit and enable Believers to discover how they can access the realm of the Heavens, enjoy the presence and power of God, and be empowered to live a supernatural life. Outpourings of the Holy Spirit, outbreaks of joy, and demonstrations of power and healing often accompany his ministry. Many are being impacted by Robin's unique preaching style and prophetic gifts. He is the author of Mystic MooseTales: Redefining Wildlife, a supernatural allegory written to inspire love for Jesus and the supernatural God of the Bible. He and his wife Donna have been married 35 years and have four children and four grandchildren.

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